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  1. [lubuntu] Apple BT Keyboard Fn Key ModMap
  2. [ubuntu] The Tricky Business of Installing Linux on a Mac... (sound +external video)
  3. [ubuntu] Installed ubuntu on imac g5 error
  4. [PPC] iMac g3 with Rage 128 gives frame buffer error (2011)
  5. [ubuntu] G5 Install error
  6. [PPC] Power on automatically after power outage iBook
  7. [ubuntu] VMWare Fusion + "Bootcamped" Ubuntu
  8. [kubuntu] mactel-support dkms modules missing for 11.10
  9. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.10 - Slow and hot
  10. [SOLVED] No wireless or wired network connectivity.
  11. [ubuntu] No keyboard support in GRUB
  12. [kubuntu] Kubuntu 11.10 on late 2010 MacBook Air, any good?
  13. [ubuntu] Has Ubuntu replaced OSX as your Macs main OS??
  14. [ubuntu] Cannot start X server on Oneiric
  15. [kubuntu] Macbook Air (late 2010) wont wake from sleep, Kubuntu 11.10.
  16. [ubuntu] help, i want to put OSX back on G4- can't see HD
  17. [ubuntu] Troubleshooting Ubuntu 11.10 installation with Mac OS 10.7 on MacBookPro 7.1
  18. [ubuntu] Trying to play a password protected program from cd with wine
  19. [ubuntu] File sharing
  20. [ubuntu] MacBook 1,1 brightness issues
  21. [ubuntu] Portable, Bootable Ubuntu on USB Drive for All Operating Systems
  22. [ubuntu] AMD unsupported hardware watermark
  23. [ubuntu] Apple G5 blank harddrive
  24. [PPC] Gnash-plugin not working on Firefox 8
  25. [ubuntu] Apple Powerpc install problem
  26. [other] Spaces freezes!
  27. [gnome] Spotlight equivalent in Ubuntu ?
  28. [ubuntu] Macbook crash
  29. [PPC] PPC Dropbox?
  30. [ubuntu] headset with mic on MacBookAir4,1
  31. [ubuntu] Install issues
  32. [ubuntu] Macbook air question, recovery partition.
  33. [ubuntu] Earlier releases, notes, 64-bit filename
  34. [ubuntu] Shared file systems for Mac and Linux?
  35. [ubuntu] To make Virtual Box shared folder accessible to user in Ubuntu 11.10
  36. [ubuntu] 11.10 install hangs at splash-screen
  37. [SOLVED] Macbook keyboard not working
  38. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Flash Drive Created for Mac Is "Raw File System" On Windows
  39. [ubuntu] Disable 3.5mm on MacBook Pro
  40. [ubuntu] Macbook 11.10 install
  41. [ubuntu] 1st Installation of Ubuntu on MacBook, Need Help Please !
  42. [ubuntu] Problem booting from LiveCD on Mac Pro
  43. [ubuntu] Frustration encoding Audio CD's
  44. [ubuntu] Ubuntu - iMac - Thoughts?
  45. [ubuntu] I can't access my Mac recovered partion
  46. [other] help iphone dev with shell
  47. [ubuntu] initramfs error
  48. [ubuntu] Windows is unable to detect NTFS partion created by GParted
  49. [ubuntu] Hiding HFS+ Partitions from Ubuntu (and EXT from OSX)
  50. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 8,1 Late 2011 + Ubuntu 11.10 - can't boot OSX Lion
  51. [ubuntu] Control + Click for Right Click
  52. [ubuntu] Mac os 10.5.8 ppc
  53. [ubuntu] Frustrated and Sad
  54. [ubuntu] Mounting HFS+ drive
  55. [ubuntu] Can't seem to run ubuntu 10.04LTS
  56. [ubuntu] Getting # symbol with Macbook Pro: 11.10 in VMARE
  57. Using arecord or something similar on a Mac
  58. [PPC] GoogleEarth
  59. [ubuntu] Apple keyboard FN keys configuration problem
  60. [ubuntu] Enabling number keypad ( ten-key)
  61. [ubuntu] How do I "see" my Mac hard drive?
  62. [ubuntu] iMac 27in Aluminium Keyboard not working in grub2
  63. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - no sound on G4 powerbook
  64. [ubuntu] Macs can't use Ubuntu CUPS server
  65. [ubuntu] /etc/security/limits.conf: Permission denied
  66. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a white macbook boot issues
  67. [ubuntu] 10.04 LTS iBook - Gave up on waiting for root device.
  68. [ubuntu] New 11.10 Install on iMac 8,1: No Sound & Display May Not Be Optimal
  69. [ubuntu] Syncing iphone with ubuntu for documents
  70. [ubuntu] Can't sysnc music with Banshee and iPhone 4
  71. [PPC] ppc installation problems
  72. [ubuntu] emac with 10.4 LTS ppc install
  73. [ubuntu] 11.10 - need to mount 2 x internal HFS+ RAID 1 drives
  74. [ubuntu] i-Tunes on ubuntu?
  75. [lubuntu] Finally - Lubuntu for Powerpc!
  76. [ubuntu] Can't Boot From USB Drive
  77. [gnome] ipod nano 6th. Generation
  78. [PPC] Ubuntu 12.04 on iMac G3 : install guide
  79. [xubuntu] Issues with touchpad on MBP 4,1
  80. [ubuntu] MacbookAir 2,1 won't boot
  81. [ubuntu] Re Mactel 11.10 compatibility with MBP 4,1
  82. [PPC] Flash on PowerPC
  83. [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu 11.10 On iMac Using USB Stick
  84. [ubuntu] ubuntu 11.10 " help me plz :( "
  85. [ubuntu] Ipod touch mounts, then unmounts immediately with banshee open
  86. [ubuntu] Early 2011 dual-partition of Ubuntu on MacBook Pro
  87. [ubuntu] Ubuntu and Wireless Mouse
  88. [ubuntu] 2011 8,3 MacBook Pro Hangs on Shutdown
  89. [ubuntu] iMac 24", already made many fixes, NO LUCK
  90. [ubuntu] Bluetooth available and works, sort of
  91. [ubuntu] Booting from USB, but cannot boot into anything GUI
  92. [ubuntu] Belgian Apple keyboard
  93. [ubuntu] DNS Redirection on webpages
  94. [ubuntu] Installing 11.10 on a 2011 iMac
  95. [ubuntu] Magic Mouse and Multitouch on 11.10
  96. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Mac Edition?
  97. [PPC] MintPPC 11 vs 9.3 for 12 inch G4 Aluminum Powerbook?
  98. [ubuntu] can't browse ipad app files/data
  99. [SOLVED] USB Boot CD --> For booting Mac from Live USB
  100. [ubuntu] Windows XP: bluescreen crash and reboot after installing linux.
  101. [ubuntu] how do I get wireless to work on macbook 8.1 11.10 with kernel 3.2 rc7
  102. [all variants] What is the current status of libimobiledevice?
  103. [ubuntu] Macbook 4,1 trackpad moving SLOW Ubuntu 11.10
  104. [ubuntu] Fan has not stopped running since I installed 11.10
  105. OOOO boy somebody please enlight me about MacBook
  106. [xfce] Graphics glitch in Nautilus and XFCE Menu
  107. [ubuntu] Lexmark Optra S printer
  108. [ubuntu] [MacBook Pro 7,1] Wireless not working
  109. [ubuntu] Help install Ubuntu on iBook G3 dual USB
  110. [ubuntu] Looking to install on a 5.1 Macbook pro [Problems]
  111. [all variants] Oneiric support
  112. [ubuntu] MacbookPro3,1 Fails to Boot
  113. [ubuntu] How do I boot from CF card in PCMCIA slot on a powerbook
  114. [ubuntu] iSight works...but flipped!
  115. [ubuntu] Sharing files from Ubuntu to MBP via Public folder
  116. [ubuntu] No bluetooth support for Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad
  117. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on MBP6.2 w/OptiBay
  118. [ubuntu_studio] System optimization
  119. [ubuntu] How do you adjust the screen in an eMac
  120. [PPC] PowerPC FAQ Update
  121. [ubuntu] Mac-Ubuntu USB problems
  122. [ubuntu] Ubuntu LiveCD not booting to desktop
  123. [other] Let's make Time Machine
  124. [ubuntu] Getting files from a mac HD in Ubuntu.
  125. [PPC] Deleting Mac OS from my PowerMac
  126. [xubuntu] ipod touch 2g backup
  127. [xubuntu] A couple of issues with syncing my iPhone in Xubuntu…
  128. [ubuntu] MacBookPro 8.2 + Oneiric
  129. [ubuntu] MacbookPro2,2 jumpy trackpad
  130. [ubuntu] No live file system found
  131. how to install Linux on ipod touch
  132. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on MAC as simple as installing on Windows?
  133. [ubuntu] Install 11.10 on MacBook
  134. [ubuntu] Access Files from Mac Backup
  135. [ubuntu] Dual-boot mac os 10.4.11 and ubuntu 11.10 on macbook 2.1
  136. [PPC] Dual boot Ubuntu + Mac Os 9.2 classic
  137. [ubuntu] Every file is read only
  138. [SOLVED] 11.10 aluminum iMac crashing...
  139. [all variants] MacbookPro7,1 Help
  140. [PPC] Auto boot
  141. [ubuntu] UBUNTU print server for ipad using network printer
  142. [wubi] Oneiric/G4 PPC Powerbook: Unlikely - is there an issue with User Accounts Settings?
  143. [ubuntu] Black Screen at Install
  144. [ubuntu] Trouble booting the Ubuntu install CD
  145. [SOLVED] Triple Boot MacbookPro (Lion, Win7, Ubuntu)
  146. [all variants] Running a linux outside of a VM on a modern Core-equipped Mac can quickly lead to...
  147. [ubuntu] Getting Windows on a Macbook through Ubuntu WITHOUT Mac OS.
  148. [edubuntu] LTSP Boot issues
  149. [ubuntu] Suspend/Resume trouble on MBA (3,2)
  150. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 10.4 on Powerbook G4: no internet
  151. [PPC] Dual-boot on two ppc HD's (Ubuntu/Ubuntu)
  152. [ubuntu] Triple boot Macbook Pro (Snow Leopard, Win7, Ubuntu)
  153. [ubuntu] Fan speed adjustment on mac book pro 3,1 ????
  154. [PPC] PowerBook G4 poor trackpad sensitivity
  155. [lubuntu] Are there thunderbolt drivers for Ubuntu
  156. [ubuntu] Installing ubuntu stuck in screen bluetooth issue??
  157. [ubuntu] Two-finger scrolling in Firefox too fast
  158. [all variants] Read access to hfsplus for regular users ( I do NOT want/need write access)
  159. [ubuntu] WLAN "failed to associate" with LiveCD
  160. [ubuntu] Accessing files on an iMac Ubuntu Server in Finder
  161. [ubuntu] How to use printer w/OSX
  162. [ubuntu] Flash 11 issue
  163. [all variants] iMac with broken screen, Ubuntu LiveCD, and external monitor
  164. [PPC] Imac G5 ppc - everything functioning normal installing from 18/01/2012 alternate cd
  165. [ubuntu] Songbird cross-platform streaming
  166. [ubuntu] Accessing USB hard drives over a network
  167. [ubuntu] Run fsck on journaled HFS
  168. [ubuntu] Backlight issues with nVidia-Aplle hardware
  169. [ubuntu] Need some help plz
  170. [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu On iMac 2008
  171. [SOLVED] Location of PPC mirrors
  172. [ubuntu] Blank screen after bootup
  173. [SOLVED] External HD - file system?
  174. [ubuntu] 2 years and isight still doesnt work on lucid?
  175. [SOLVED] White screen of death using 11.10
  176. [PPC] Install lubuntu from desktop (not alternate) cd without x?
  177. [ubuntu] Mount iphone apps document section wirelessly
  178. [PPC] i need an ubuntu live cd for powerpc that comes with gnash flash player
  179. ext4 support on lion?
  180. [ubuntu] macbook pro 8,2 oneirc sensor TCTD at 255degrees?
  181. [SOLVED] Rescuing files from Macbook hard disk
  182. [ubuntu] SATA controller not recognized as AHCI
  183. [all variants] iLamp and Cinema Display Screen Brightness
  184. [ubuntu] MacBook 2.1 (obviously) EFI corrupted
  185. [PPC] distro for ibook g3
  186. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 7,1 + Oneiric
  187. [ubuntu] new precise pangolin kernel supports iMac suspend/resume
  188. [ubuntu] The amd64+mac iso and Trouble booting ubuntu/backtrack/actually any distro
  189. [ubuntu] Setting mouse sensitivity and acceleration to emulate a Mac
  190. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 8,1 No Wireless Network Connection
  191. [SOLVED] Daily Crashes: Netatalk, Time Machine & HFS+ HD's
  192. [ubuntu] How to avoid long EFI wait before GRUB without Mac OS X install disc?
  193. [ubuntu] Ubuntu not booting on my macbook pro
  194. [kubuntu] >5 Kb/s download speeds
  195. [PPC] Screen resolution and booting issues after trying to install on a second HD
  196. How many of you have used Mac OS 9..?
  197. [lubuntu] RTL8192CU PowerPC
  198. [PPC] Weird Colors - iMac G4 PPC Lamp Model Ubuntu 11.10
  199. [ubuntu] Turn Off Auto Getting Music CDes Names
  200. [ubuntu] Running Ubuttu on an external using a Mactel
  201. [ubuntu] Refit and Lion
  202. [ubuntu] YA HFS+ mounting problem
  203. [PPC] Testers needed for PowerPC 12.04
  204. [ubuntu] backlight support for mbp5,5 in 11.10
  205. [all variants] Recommendation of Linux OS on Macbook A1150
  206. [ubuntu] MacBook A1181 help needed
  207. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 6,1
  208. [xubuntu] Cannot Sleep
  209. [SOLVED] iMac G3 Doesn't recognize bootable media
  210. [ubuntu] TimeMachine Backup with ubuntu and smb share
  211. [ubuntu] Is it possible to install itunes without wine?
  212. [ubuntu] sound issue on G5 ppc
  213. [ubuntu] Why install Ubuntu on my macbook?
  214. [ubuntu] Which Ubuntu version for Macbook?
  215. [ubuntu] How can I Open, View Apple Disk Images and Move Them?
  216. [ubuntu] wifi on imac
  217. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit running very slow and hot!
  218. [ubuntu] Problem with Macbuntu
  219. [ubuntu] [Macbook Pro 5,5] cpuinfo shows a single slow core?
  220. [ubuntu] MBP 6,1 (17") and SD card reader
  221. [lubuntu] macbook pro help
  222. [ubuntu] Help update Ubuntu in Dual Boot in MacBook Pro 5.1
  223. [ubuntu] Can i format an external drive to HFS+ in Ubuntu?
  224. [ubuntu] No Wireless for my MacBookPro8,1
  225. [PPC] Can't listen to cd's
  226. [kubuntu] Help with multitouch support
  227. [ubuntu] Graphics issues and terminal appearing on unused screen?
  228. [ubuntu] Triple Boot WBM Failure
  229. [ubuntu] Macbook Air 3.2 Ubuntu 11.10
  230. [ubuntu] ipod wont sync with banshee
  231. [ubuntu] No Wired or Wireless MacBook7,1
  232. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on MacBook Pro Late 2011
  233. [ubuntu] Need to make refit launch linux, not windows
  234. [PPC] Ethernet/Wireless(B34) Driver Issues on Mac Mini G4
  235. [ubuntu] intel Imac ubuntu 10.04 grub menu problem
  236. [ubuntu] Best ways to increase battery life - MacBook Pro and Ubuntu (dual boot)
  237. [PPC] Problem shrinking an hfs+ partition with Parted
  238. [ubuntu] Unable to locate packages all rubygems!
  239. [ubuntu] Youtube on eMac (10.04)
  240. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on mac No Network adapters
  241. [ubuntu] HELP! macbook+ubuntu=DEATH
  242. [ubuntu] mdadm - how to list disks labelled as "removed"
  243. [ubuntu] Testers needed for improved multitouch + clickpad support testing
  244. [other] POSIX: no route to host
  245. [other] itunes lol
  246. [ubuntu] No Internet?
  247. [ubuntu] Boot Ubuntu from MBP 5,1 via USB flash drive
  248. [ubuntu] Monitor Issue prevents startup
  249. [all variants] Testers wanted for "clickpad" buttonless touchpad support in precise
  250. [ubuntu] importing banshee playlists to iphone