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  1. [ubuntu] Num lock locked after suspend
  2. [ubuntu] 8.04 ibook G3 600mhz no video driver problem.
  3. [ubuntu] Exclusive External Monitor on Macbook 2,1
  4. [ubuntu] Boot problems
  5. [ubuntu] Slow disk searching systems.
  6. [ubuntu] MBP rev.3 temperature and fan control
  7. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Access to Mac filesystem with only Ubuntu running
  8. [ubuntu] Boot Ubuntu on Firewire Drive?
  9. [ubuntu] No Disc Recognition
  10. [ubuntu] Booting into Ubuntu on Intel iMac
  11. [ubuntu] iBook G4 Problems and Questions
  12. [ubuntu] No Audio on new 17" MacBook Pro Elite
  13. [ubuntu] Bluetooth Mouse?
  14. [ubuntu] Booting circle ?
  15. [ubuntu] Running hot; surrendering to system graphics?
  16. [ubuntu] Can't boot - Intel Mac Mini Dual Boot
  17. [ubuntu] Add External Monitor Resolution
  18. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Confused about dual boot installation
  19. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Unable to unrar Broadcom Drivers
  20. [all variants] Remote Control Question
  21. [ubuntu] UnPartition my hdd
  22. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 7.04 compatible printers
  23. [ubuntu] Wireless problem
  24. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] G4 ubuntu installation won't boot
  25. [xubuntu] Java Problems.
  26. [ubuntu] Compatibility
  27. [ubuntu] Macbook 3d effects
  28. [ubuntu] How to "to natively boot EFI" (very long booting time)
  29. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a usb harddrive for a macbook
  30. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How to make changes in xorg.conf permanent?
  31. [ubuntu] Compile new kernel for ibook g3 no have problems
  32. [ubuntu] Need help installing Ubuntu 8.04 on new MacBook Pro
  33. [ubuntu] MacbookPro4(penryn) no backlight control
  34. [xubuntu] Booting 8.04 (or anything) on a G4 PowerPC
  35. [ubuntu] iMac G5 ignores Ubuntu installation
  36. [ubuntu] MacBook Problems.. With Everything.
  37. [all variants] Dual screen with different resolutions like in OS X (Without unused space)
  38. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] My CD doesn't work! (imac G3 and Hardy)
  39. [ubuntu] Editing xorg.conf - permission denied!
  40. [xubuntu] Problem with pppoeconf on a iMac G3
  41. [ubuntu] ubuntu runs pretty hot on Mac pro
  42. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro BootCamp Ubuntu 8.04
  43. [ubuntu] screen resolution messed up
  44. [ubuntu] Mactel - no boot with multiple Firewire drives connected
  45. [ubuntu] Help~~ Macbook Pro 4,1 no backlight control
  46. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro - Fixing incorrect refresh rate
  47. [ubuntu] G4 iBook wireless problem ubuntu 8
  48. [ubuntu] video driver help for mbp
  49. [ubuntu] G3 ubuntu ppc install
  50. [ubuntu] Macbook Ubuntu 8.04 upgrade- no boot
  51. [ubuntu] Some problems with sound and wifi
  52. [ubuntu] can be installed ubuntu in a Mini Mac?
  53. [ubuntu] vmware shared folder not showing
  54. [ubuntu] Mythtv - incompatible versions on hardy on PowerPC
  55. [all variants] HOW TO: Backup and clear MBR (uninstall GRUB)
  56. [other] Powerpc ports
  57. [ubuntu] MBP RAM Upgrade
  58. [ubuntu] Cell phone software
  59. [ubuntu] Failed triple boot.
  60. [xubuntu] [PPC] I can't boot Xubuntu! iMac G3 350
  61. [ubuntu] Black screen boot & repo AWOL on G5 single w/Hardy Heron.
  62. [ubuntu] Computer doesn't suspend when cover is closed
  63. [ubuntu] how do you run mac apps on ubuntu?
  64. [ubuntu] Did Skype break my wireless? How to fix it?
  65. [xubuntu] G3 B&W with XUb 8.04 & OSX 10.4:: live partitioning how to
  66. [ubuntu] New video card for G4 Quicksilver
  67. [ubuntu] Upgrading Gutsy to Hardy to get MOL & trackpad
  68. [ubuntu] Cannot get wireless to work on my iBook G4
  69. [ubuntu] Dual boot issues
  70. [ubuntu] [PowerPc] Install KDE 4
  71. [other] Triple boot nightmare on macbook
  72. [ubuntu] Elgato Hybrid USB TV Tuner Freezes Boot Process
  73. [ubuntu] Randomly shuts off during install?
  74. [ubuntu] Installed hard on my Macbook, no bootable device?
  75. [xubuntu] Screen offset problem and Installing ZSNES
  76. [ubuntu] Problem loading Ubuntu from rEFIt
  77. [ubuntu] Odd Keyboard Key Mapping Issue through VNC
  78. [ubuntu] iMac G5 wireless does not see home network
  79. [ubuntu] wireless for macbook 4.1?
  80. [ubuntu] DRI in 8.04 ppc?
  81. [ubuntu] Macbook touchpad cursor moving "in steps"
  82. [ubuntu] iPhone and StarDict dictionaries from Hardy Heron PPC install.
  83. [ubuntu] Install 8.04 on MAC external USB hard drive
  84. [ubuntu] Pommed volume keys large increments!
  85. [ubuntu] install hardy on macbook without cd
  86. [all variants] First-gen MBP has no working sensors
  87. [all variants] Mpb keyboard lighting?
  88. [ubuntu] Anyone else install ubuntu on their AppleTV?
  89. [ubuntu] Linux dashboard
  90. [ubuntu] Sound issues: MacBook 1st gen/Hardy
  91. [xubuntu] Display Brightness
  92. [ubuntu] Backuping files from Mac HFS+ partition
  93. [ubuntu] Cannot boot from Live CD
  94. [other] Help with Ubuntu install on g4
  95. [ubuntu] Using New Aluminum Keyboard in Ubuntu Hardy
  96. [ubuntu] Which Ubuntu install in a g4 powerbook?
  97. [ubuntu] XP in Vmware? On a g4
  98. [ubuntu] How do I install dual boot ubuntu? G4 powerbook
  99. [ubuntu] switching function of Ctrl and Command keys?
  100. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Triple boot on a MacBook
  101. [ubuntu] Mac Mini - Ethernet port and wireless won't work
  102. [other] Non-mac-owner's question about macs
  103. [all variants] Console resolution
  104. [all variants] Hibernate on close macbook pro.
  105. [all variants] Power managment, fan & cpu speed.
  106. [xubuntu] Hardware
  107. [all variants] [SOLVED] Resize partition on iMac g3
  108. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Last hurdle to getting wireless in a macbook pro
  109. [ubuntu] Need Current PPC netboot image
  110. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 6.02.6 server on iMac G5
  111. [ubuntu] can't dual boot or format a G4 (lost OSX password)
  112. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 Ti Flickering Screen/Install Problem
  113. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] I just want to read a mac cd
  114. [all variants] Accessing Macbook's Status LED
  115. [xubuntu] I just added an IDE HD w/Mac OS 9. How to configure yaboot?
  116. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 5.10, GAIM keeps closing out
  117. [ubuntu] Rev. C iMac G5 (iSight) Problems
  118. [all variants] PowerPC Laptops Display, Suspend probs
  119. [ubuntu] G4 Mini ALSA sound problem
  120. [ubuntu] No WI-FI on G4 12" powerbook?
  121. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Doesn't Shut Down in Parallels
  122. [other] Change the Apple logo to Ubuntu on a Macbook
  123. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Install via firewire CD-ROM Drive
  124. [other] Ubuntu Studio and Q
  125. [kubuntu] boot (X) problem on mac g3
  126. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] new apple aluminium wired keyboard
  127. [ubuntu] Dapper Fails to install on my iMac G3
  128. [gnome] [SOLVED] [Macbook Pro gen2] Connecting to an external monitor in Ubuntu,
  129. [ubuntu] iMac G3 Dapper drake putting the screen to sleep
  130. [xubuntu] Help installing Xubuntu on a Mac G3 500 ibook...
  131. [ubuntu] resizing partition on macbook
  132. [all variants] Help! Can't boot
  133. [all variants] [SOLVED] Booting in GUI
  134. [ubuntu] low sound / wireless lan some probs
  135. [xubuntu] Autodimming
  136. [ubuntu] installing b43 drivers- 'Unknown symbol in module'?
  137. [ubuntu] Graphics help!
  138. [other] [SOLVED] Screen Resolution problem on MacBook
  139. [ubuntu] Mighty Mouse Bluetooth Hardy - horiz scroll
  140. [ubuntu] How do I get to boot setup on a Mac Mini
  141. [ubuntu] Sound issues - Hardy Macbook 3,1
  142. [gnome] Old-Style Screen & Resolution gui setup found in Hardy!
  143. [other] What's the point of PPC Linux?
  144. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Help booting X on iMAC G3 from live CD
  145. [ubuntu] utilising swap partition
  146. How to Install QT-x11
  147. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] yaboot.conf oops
  148. [ubuntu] encrypted pendrive (k)ubuntu for Macbook air
  149. [ubuntu] Install fails on MBP under VMWare Fusion
  150. [ubuntu] [PPC] G5 imac screen burn-in
  151. [ubuntu] G4 Mini not waking up from "Hibernate"
  152. [ubuntu] Runaway process (?) on a G4 Mini
  153. [ubuntu] MacBookPro 2.5MHz
  154. [other] locate.updatedb
  155. [ubuntu] G4 Sound problem...
  156. [ubuntu] Display Backlight - Keyboard Backlight
  157. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro Core Duo No Sound
  158. [ubuntu] Reinstalling Vista on Trippleboot Configuration
  159. [ubuntu] Imac g3, hardy heron
  160. [ubuntu] Macbook Sound Issue Hardy Heron
  161. [ubuntu] PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver) Audio Problem
  162. [kubuntu] Kubuntu Problems on a iBook G4
  163. [ubuntu] Hard drive access on XServe G5 LAMP - help :-)
  164. [ubuntu] Imac using Parrallels version 3
  165. [all variants] [PPC] Shell-scripts to relieve install issues
  166. [ubuntu] G3 Powerbook with dead CD drive install?
  167. [ubuntu] csh in Ubuntu?
  168. [gnome] Keyboard suddenly not mapped correctly, Macbook 4.1
  169. [other] [PPC] Powerbook and Ibook battery recall - exchange
  170. [ubuntu] Thinking of making the jump
  171. [ubuntu] booting into command prompt
  172. [all variants] [SOLVED] Question About Grub
  173. [all variants] xserver freezes iMac g3
  174. [ubuntu] apple g4 powerbook: net ok w/ livecd, no net after install
  175. [all variants] Macbook pro freezes with madwifi
  176. [xubuntu] Power Management - Suspend/Standby
  177. [ubuntu] PowerMac G4 733Mhz Sound Issue
  178. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Wubi on a mac
  179. [ubuntu] partitions on macbook for osx and linux
  180. [ubuntu] Filesystem inquiry
  181. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Apple Keyboard: numeric keypad doesn't work
  182. [ubuntu] Read/Write Issue booting from CD
  183. [ubuntu] Hardy & Skype on old G3
  184. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Questions About Bootcamp and Triple Booting
  185. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Copying the powerpc G3 version of ubuntu on the pc..?
  186. [all variants] Few Qs about Paritioning and External HDs
  187. [ubuntu] Dell 2407wfp External monitor with MBP not working
  188. [ubuntu] BootCamp or Parallels?, Need help on screen resolution.
  189. [ubuntu] Penryn macbook pro and automatic backlight working
  190. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Wireless support in Ubuntu but not Kubuntu?
  191. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) on a Mac Mini
  192. [xubuntu] Should I upgrade Xubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 on an iMac G3?
  193. [ubuntu] Isight Control Brightness
  194. [ubuntu] I've erased the entire Hard Disk
  195. [all variants] 8-core Mac Pro
  196. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Linux counterpart to OS X's "Text Edit?"
  197. [all variants] Writing a startup script for enabling trackpad tap
  198. [ubuntu] Popping a cap on my processor.
  199. [ubuntu] g4 12" laptop screen brightness and trackpad
  200. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on an iBook
  201. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on dual quad-core xeon Mac Pros?
  202. [kubuntu] KDE on PPC
  203. [all variants] Why is the sound quality in Ubuntu so much worse than Mac OS X? (MBP 3rd gen)
  204. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Mac Mini?
  205. [other] Triple boot issue
  206. [all variants] fs of external hd?
  207. [ubuntu] Help with nVidia card on a g4 laptop
  208. [ubuntu] Resize ubuntu partition
  209. [ubuntu] Where is that "why continue on PPC" link?
  210. [ubuntu] Would an earlier version boost performance?
  211. [ubuntu] .toast files burned easily
  212. [ubuntu] using parallels on an IMac.
  213. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on iMac
  214. [ubuntu] Graphics problem in macbook
  215. [ubuntu] 6.04 LTS -> 8.04 LTS Getting upgrade prerequisites failed
  216. [ubuntu] Madwifi broken
  217. [ubuntu] Er, am I stupid, or is there something really wrong?
  218. [all variants] Terra Soft Launches Spiritual PowerMac G5 Successor
  219. [ubuntu] Mount problem with USB drive
  220. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] MacBook Pro freezes when using fglrx, 8.04
  221. [ubuntu] 8.04 Stability on G4 Laptop
  222. [ubuntu] Parallel desktop help
  223. [ubuntu] CPU-intensive move in Inkscape bogs computer
  224. [ubuntu] Blank screen after live CD boot 6.06
  225. [ubuntu] Macbook + external display issues
  226. [ubuntu] Mount FAT32 in OSX
  227. [ubuntu] Have any of you got Flash working?
  228. [ubuntu] Question about Paritioning
  229. [ubuntu] Help Mounting External HDD w/ext2 or HFS+
  230. [ubuntu] Setting up VirtualBox/Parallels
  231. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Sound stops working on MBP 4th gen (Penryn)
  232. [ubuntu] Can't get 8.04 on my pismo
  233. [ubuntu] Add Leopard to Grub
  234. [ubuntu] How to Add Leopard in Grub
  235. [ubuntu] Low resolution in macbook -- please help
  236. [xubuntu] No sound on iBook G3 500
  237. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Emerald on Hard Heron on a Macbook
  238. [ubuntu] (How do I?)Mount/Access other partitions
  239. [ubuntu] hardy xorg.conf on intel mac mini problems
  240. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro + rEFIt + Ubuntu -> No bootable device?
  241. [ubuntu] Parallels
  242. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Macbook Wifi
  243. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] mac hardware
  244. [gnome] ibook - dead battery/hibernate/suspend cause gnome failure on reboot
  245. [ubuntu] Code: Bad EIP Value upon suspending ubuntu
  246. [ubuntu] Ubuntu and Vista rEFIt and grub issue.
  247. [other] Boot Problem
  248. [xubuntu] xubuntu password problems
  249. [ubuntu] mount linux partition
  250. [kubuntu] No multimedia (brightness/sound) keys for KDE 4.1