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  1. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 2,1 Radeon Mobility X1600
  2. [ubuntu] Ibook boots to a black screen...please help!
  3. "No root found" after dual installing Max OSX and Ubuntu
  4. [ubuntu] Macbook with Cinema Display Blank Video Issue.
  5. [ubuntu] Installing OS X 10.5 after Ubuntu
  6. [ubuntu] "isolinux: image checksum error, sorry..." but I know it's a good cd.
  7. [ubuntu] 10.04 64-bit install on MBP 5,5 bootcamp
  8. [PPC] Best OS for Powerbook G4?
  9. [ubuntu] Problems with running ubuntu via usb on macbook
  10. [SOLVED] Accessing osx partition from ubuntu
  11. [ubuntu] All VIDEO formats WON'T play on POWERPC computer?!?!
  12. [ubuntu] CD Rom won't mount
  13. [ubuntu] Kernel issues with macbook and ubuntu 9.1
  14. [ubuntu] 3G Dongle
  15. [PPC] Lightspark is coming to town!!
  16. MacBook Pro 5,5 10.04 Lucid....another sound issue
  17. [ubuntu] Use a MBP screen as an extended display
  18. [PPC] xorg.conf missing on G3?
  19. [ubuntu] Bootable usb issues Mac ubuntu 9.1
  20. [ubuntu] Magic Mouse on 10.04
  21. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on Apple iBook G4
  22. [SOLVED] NetATalk Not Working in Lucid
  23. [PPC] ibook g4 (problem with gnome/xfce)
  24. [SOLVED] Bluetooth keyboard pin entry?
  25. [ubuntu] No right click? Trackpad is pretty bad.
  26. [all variants] Apple (CMD) Key when VNCing to OS X
  27. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 and suspend bug
  28. [PPC] Lucid PPC64 + Apple Wireless Keyboard
  29. [ubuntu] No Disk Drives detected : New Mac Mini and 10.04 installation
  30. [ubuntu] keyboar and mouse not working after install on intel imac.
  31. [ubuntu] Apple Remote Issues
  32. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 10.4 on PowerMac G4 400 resolution problem
  33. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 4,1 Keyboard and mouse is sues with 10.04
  34. [ubuntu] Remove GRUB and just use rEFIt
  35. [ubuntu] Convince Me I Can Run Ubuntu on This iMac!
  36. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Macbook 7,1 Problems
  37. Macbook Pro
  38. [PPC] XServe G5 Windfarm issue
  39. [gnome] Is Entourage Evolution?
  40. [ubuntu] No internet on MacBook. Is Airport the problem?
  41. [ubuntu] Dual-boot 10.04 + OSX on i5 MacBook Pro
  42. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 - MacBookPro6-2 - Alternate CD Install
  43. [PPC] New User Mac PowerPC G4 dual 500 Install help
  44. [SOLVED] Create hfs+ with journaling disabled within Ubuntu
  45. [ubuntu] Macbook 7,1 Sound Help
  46. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,2 + Bootcamp + Ubuntu 10.04 = Blank Screen
  47. [ubuntu] File sharing
  48. [ubuntu] Macbook 7,1 Brightness Controls Help
  49. [ubuntu] Sound not working on MacBook Pro 5,5, Ubuntu 10.4
  50. [ubuntu] MacBook 4.1 Fail
  51. [ubuntu] Running Ubuntu 10.04 thru Virtualization (3D)
  52. [ubuntu] Macbook 4.1 Trackpad Issue
  53. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 7.1 - EFI Boot -Nvidia Drivers
  54. [ubuntu] ubuntu server and destop 10.04 how use 9400m?
  55. [ubuntu] Pairing iPhone 4 with 10.04 on MabBook Pro rev 5,5
  56. [PPC] Don't install 10.04 on an XServe G5!!
  57. [ubuntu] best raceing games for ubuntu
  58. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10/4 won't boot on Mac mini
  59. [ubuntu] Lucid on MacBook Pro - maps keys correctly
  60. [ubuntu] 3 and 4 finger gestures on Macbook Pro with 10.04
  61. [PPC] Windfarm issue and fan
  62. [PPC] Windfarm drivers (CPU fan)
  63. [ubuntu] Macbook Triboot with Ubuntu on Windows Partition
  64. [all variants] Apple users area, but no windows users area?
  65. [ubuntu] Can't get Airport recognized on a Mac Pro
  66. [ubuntu] can't boot ubuntu 10.04 on firewire hd
  67. [PPC] Yes/No Confirmation Before Installing in Ibook G4...
  68. [ubuntu] apple users
  69. [ubuntu] formatting an external hdd as HFS+
  70. [ubuntu] OSX and Ubuntu Clock Unsynced?
  71. [SOLVED] ububtu shares on OS X
  72. [PPC] Trying to install on Mac g4 - no joy
  73. [ubuntu] Ubuntu-10.04 & usb keyboard
  74. [ubuntu] Install ubuntu 10.4 on the Macbook pro 7.1
  75. [SOLVED] [os x server] SSH and RSA Key Pairs...
  76. [ubuntu] Loading Ubuntu disk from localhost:/ root#??
  77. [ubuntu] Lucid on iMac 21.5
  78. [all variants] another grub issue (karmic mbp-3.1)
  79. [PPC] Install problem ibook G4
  80. [ubuntu] Another PowerBook G4 with a blank screen
  81. [ubuntu] imac8,1 Headphone Jack and external monitor unsupported 10.04 ubuntu
  82. [kubuntu] Screenshot
  83. [PPC] help linux virgin set up wireless please
  84. [PPC] Apple G5 no Video
  85. [PPC] PPC G4 Dual booting... HELP! SOS!
  86. [ubuntu] macbook 5,2 I can't install any ubuntu plz help!
  87. [other] Can you install Ubuntu on Macs without cd or usb?
  88. [ubuntu] Password Pain - whay can't it remember?
  89. [SOLVED] Windows uses .exe, ubuntu .deb, what installer does mac use?
  90. [ubuntu] Rebooting issue - iMac
  91. [ubuntu] Unable to install Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on new Macbook no HDD found
  92. [other] Building a MacOS X compatible pc?
  93. [ubuntu] Wireless keyboard battery level indicator
  94. [PPC] Atheros Madwifi PPC Ubuntu 10.04
  95. [ubuntu] Wireless password not accepted
  96. [kubuntu] Macbook Pro 7.1
  97. [ubuntu] .dmg to .deb
  98. [ubuntu] error booting ubuntu 10.04 on PPC
  99. [kubuntu] Kubuntu not working on iMac G5 rev a
  100. [SOLVED] Refit Ubuntu AND Windows both boot to GRUB...HELP?
  101. [ubuntu] Bluetooth icon will not display
  102. [kubuntu] rEFIt doesn't work
  103. [other] Browser trouble
  104. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro GRUB Install Problem
  105. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 5,5
  106. [ubuntu] Overlapped Partition Tables, Bad MBR, won't boot
  107. [PPC] Ubuntu Cloud
  108. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04
  109. [ubuntu] imac7,1 low sound / slow boot, help?
  110. [all variants] Ubuntu on MacBook7,1
  111. [PPC] G3 iBookk assistance for newbie
  112. [ubuntu] fresh single-boot 10.04, gpt/mbr out of sync
  113. [ubuntu] setting up remote access for mac
  114. [PPC] Suspend Issues with iLampG4 + LXDE
  115. [ubuntu] Nvidai Power PC Drivers
  116. [ubuntu] Ubuntu natively on iMAC i5
  117. [PPC] Powerbook g4 installation problem.
  118. [PPC] PowerMac G5 Quad - CD eject problem
  119. power pc g3 display problem
  120. [SOLVED] Macbook Pro Disabled Keyboard
  121. power pc g3 display problem
  122. [SOLVED] Mac OSX 10.6 + Ubuntu 10.04 GRUB/Refit problems solved
  123. [ubuntu] No sound with latest Ubuntu 10.04 daily build - even after editing alsa-base.conf
  124. [ubuntu] strive for portability
  125. [ubuntu] Blue and White G3 Hard Disk Driver Issue
  126. [ubuntu] owner of ubuntu needs to make deal with apple over boot
  127. [SOLVED] iBook G3 WPA Original Airport - works!
  128. [ubuntu] SIngle Boot to Ubuntu?
  129. [ubuntu] Need help setting up G4 Cube
  130. reinstalling os x
  131. [SOLVED] Making A Live USB Ubuntu on Mac
  132. [ubuntu] Flash Cookies (LSO files)
  133. [ubuntu] ATI Driver in Maveric Meerkat?
  134. [PPC] Powermac G4 + Radeon 9700 Pro issue
  135. Cannot get Ubuntu installed on MBP 5,4
  136. [ubuntu] Printer program
  137. [PPC] Headless Install
  138. [PPC] Ubuntu on G3 Powerbook with no KDE
  139. [ubuntu] ubuntu 10.04 on an external hard drive
  140. [SOLVED] How to solve the swapped keys (<> \|) in italian keyboards
  141. [PPC] Please help!! Mac os 10.4 ubuntu 8.04
  142. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Server 10.? // Mac OS X 10.5
  143. [ubuntu] Ubuntu dual-boot fails on MBP
  144. [ubuntu] iSight on Macbook Pro 5.3
  145. [ubuntu] External Display Issues
  146. [PPC] Frash: Open source Flash for PPC Linux?
  147. [PPC] no users set up... so I can't log in
  148. [ubuntu] Ubuntu, Mac, and Vista
  149. [ubuntu] Netatalk problem: Only one user can see the shares
  150. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04
  151. [ubuntu] Is the Ubuntu 10.4 for a Mac Mini PPC G4@1.42Ghz too slow?
  152. iMac G3 Recommended Linux Distros
  153. [ubuntu] setting up external monitor on macbook 5.1
  154. [ubuntu] Little annoyances (10.04, MBP 5,1)
  155. [ubuntu] HALP Powermac g4 install issues
  156. [ubuntu] Can't try Ubuntu
  157. [ubuntu] "unknown filesystem" GRUB problem on dual-booting MacBook Pro
  158. [ubuntu] Best C++ IDE for someone learning c++???
  159. MeeGO
  160. [PPC] install ubuntu in iLamp (imac G4)
  161. [SOLVED] iMac G4 Will Not Boot From Live CD
  162. [ubuntu] MacBook keyboard isn't working in grub! HELP!
  163. [ubuntu] Powermac G4 Yaboot halp!
  164. [PPC] Blank eMac; No OS; Which would be best?
  165. [ubuntu] Compiz on eMac G4 with NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX
  166. [ubuntu] how to add a partition to an existing one
  167. apple ibook g4 help can i upgrade the os to snow leopard???
  168. [PPC] ibook g4 power pc
  169. [ubuntu] Mac Mini G4: newbye doubt on graphics...
  170. [all variants] Can someone please explain what X11 is?
  171. [ubuntu] Flash Plugin for PPC
  172. [ubuntu] can i have a fine video card driver for powermac g4 radeon?
  173. [ubuntu] hfs+ disk, disable journal on lucid lynx
  174. [ubuntu] Help on installing Ubuntu on a eMac G4 Power PC
  175. [ubuntu] MBP Dual boot with Lucid, reformats as MBR partition scheme
  176. [ubuntu] Wanted: Athletic field scheduling app
  177. [ubuntu] FATAL: Error inserting windfarm (on startup) ???
  178. [ubuntu] New to macintel...questions
  179. [PPC] Installing Ubuntu Without an Optical Drive
  180. [PPC] openoffice g3 imac
  181. [SOLVED] refit Triple Boot
  182. [ubuntu] Help with rEFIt being slow, GRUB
  183. [SOLVED] Installation Hangs on a Black Screen
  184. [ubuntu] booting ubuntu 10.04 on imac w/ osx 10.6
  185. [SOLVED] Please run this command to improve out-of-the-box Linux support for all Mac models
  186. [SOLVED] Mac does not recognize new partition
  187. [ubuntu] Can't mount img file, no Mac Machine
  188. [ubuntu] wireless internet on iMac
  189. [PPC] How can i install ubuntu on ppc mac
  190. [other] light sensors on macbook pro 6.2 + lucid 64bits
  191. [SOLVED] reinstalling OSX
  192. [ubuntu] Mac 12" PB boots to Ubuntu 4 dots and then screen blanks
  193. Macbook Pro WiFi Problems
  194. [ubuntu] GimpShop for Ubuntu PPC
  195. [SOLVED] Firewire on iMac G3 no longer working
  196. how can I get a working system for mac pro?
  197. [ubuntu] Volume/Function keys or system notifications exit fullscreen?
  198. [other] how do i upgrade from panther to TIGER os on the ibook g4?
  199. [SOLVED] Pipe Symbol with MacBook Keyboard
  200. [other] Fluxbox:?
  201. [SOLVED] No Sound MacBook Pro 6-2
  202. [ubuntu] MB Pro 6,2: no more login into the GUI
  203. [SOLVED] Security Update kept back?
  204. [PPC] Ubuntu 9.04 on eMac: No Display
  205. [all variants] Thinking of buying a macbook pro
  206. [ubuntu] TV on iMac with USB 1.X
  207. [ubuntu] rFIt partition tool not working
  208. [ubuntu] help in installing ubuntu 10.04 on Powerbook G4
  209. [PPC] Xorg.conf for GeForce FX5200
  210. [PPC] HOW TO Create a LiveUSB for PowerMacs
  211. [PPC] Ubuntu 10.04 Mac PPC
  212. [ubuntu] Manual partitioning fails on Mac Pro
  213. [PPC] Internal ATA driver in Yikes G4 absent in 10.04
  214. [ubuntu] Help with GRUB-EFI on MacBook Pro 5,1
  215. [ubuntu] OSX + Win7 + 10.04, 15" MBP
  216. [ubuntu] Macbook Po 6,2 questions
  217. [ubuntu] keyboard layout problem on an ibook g4 with ubuntu 10.04
  218. [ubuntu] Timecapsule times out
  219. [ubuntu] No Sound In Ubuntu 10.04 w/ Macbook Pro (3rd Gen)
  220. [SOLVED] Mac Memory Stick Recovery
  221. [PPC] Video problems with PowerPC Mac Mini
  222. [ubuntu] /dev/dsp + macbook + karmic - where is it?
  223. [ubuntu] New idea use hfs+ to make ubuntu work
  224. [ubuntu] Needs to be a mac installer for linux
  225. [ubuntu] Install ubuntu on MacBook via USB: failing to recognize bootable USB
  226. [ubuntu] Moving files
  227. [ubuntu] Applejack equivalent
  228. [ubuntu] imac g4 and my wacom tablet
  229. [ubuntu] Best way to use Ubuntu on a brand new Macbook Pro?
  230. [ubuntu] iPod shuffle not syncing into iTunes (wine)
  231. [ubuntu] LiveCD not showing/cant install on Macbook
  232. [PPC] Installing Ubuntu 10.04 on ppc w/out original OS
  233. [ubuntu] rsync via ssh has overwritten some files and I'm looking to restore them
  234. [all variants] MacPro TripleBOOT, ? using BootCamp Partitio w/ emulator
  235. [ubuntu] Trying to boot Lucid from GPT w/rEFIt (with / at 6th partition) on MBP 6,2
  236. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro keyboard Right Alt key
  237. [all variants] EFI update for mid2010 MacBooks
  238. [PPC] G4 PPC to play youtube and NickJr games
  239. [ubuntu] iPhone help!!
  240. [ubuntu] PowerPC g4 Drapper Drake issue.
  241. [other] Grub stuffed up.
  242. [ubuntu] 12" powerbook g4 1.33ghz Random Shutdown, heat, keyboard issues, new linux user
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  246. Triple booting a Macintosh
  247. [all variants] Testers wanted: Improved Backlight for 2010 MBPs
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  249. [ubuntu] MacBook2,1 Overheat
  250. [PPC] Teaching an old dog a new trick (iMac Bondi Triple Boot: Mac Os X, Mac Os 9, Ubuntu)