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  1. [PPC] Black Screen After Boot (eMac, 8.04)
  2. [PPC] PPC blackscreen
  3. [PPC] is nouveau+compiz coming to 10.10 for powerpc?
  4. [ubuntu] Newbie needs help with Powerbook G4 500 Titanium
  5. [PPC] fsck pauses bootup
  6. [ubuntu] Are these install instructions (Ubuntu on Mac) still valid?
  7. [SOLVED] iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen
  8. [PPC] music CDs and movies won't play Lucid ppc
  9. [ubuntu] Installing ubuntu on a partition next to mac
  10. [PPC] Codecs for My Powerbook G4
  11. [ubuntu] can't link to an ISP
  12. [ubuntu] Permissions for Mac Drives
  13. [PPC] Video Playback Problems
  14. [all variants] Best Practices? Anybody?
  15. [ubuntu] Adding pics and videos to iPhone?
  16. [ubuntu] Suspend and hibernate not working on MBP 6,2
  17. [ubuntu] Imac 8,1 which version of ubuntu to download and install?
  18. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4/500 Low Sound and no battery meter
  19. [all variants] [Updated] How to create a live USB with or without persistence for mac and pc
  20. [ubuntu] Lucid on Intel MacBook Pro 5,5: isight, suspend, hibernate missing after restart
  21. [PPC] 10.04 & MythTV Frontend on iBook G4 - no sound and video on playback
  22. [SOLVED] quiet audio- Mac G4 mirror door- 10.04 lucid lynx
  23. [PPC] Flatbed scans poor on a PPC, good on an i686 (Xsane, Epson 1260)
  24. [ubuntu] Mac Pro booting misery!
  25. [ubuntu] how do I boot from the live CD?
  26. [ubuntu] funny behaviour of synaptics driver
  27. [ubuntu] Installing Qcad
  28. [ubuntu] How do you re-download Leopard after downloading Ubuntu?
  29. [ubuntu] macbook 5,1 audio line-in issue
  30. [other] Macbook 5,1 grub2-efi
  31. [ubuntu] on Imac8,1 ubuntu 10 32-bit and 64-bit LIVECD NOT LOADING!! plz help
  32. [ubuntu] Update 9.10 -> 10.04 on iMac i5 27 inch
  33. [ubuntu] Installing on already partitioned HD - MacBook 4,1
  34. [ubuntu] on Imac8,1 ubuntu 10 32-bit and 64-bit LIVECD NOT LOADING!! plz help
  35. [ubuntu] Audio Not Working -- Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx on iMac
  36. [PPC] Is it possible to create USB boot directly from CD image for iBook G4?
  37. [ubuntu] Just some things more and its perfect!!!!
  38. [ubuntu] Rhythmbox doesn't detect my Ipod touch (G2)
  39. [PPC] Need Help Booting Install CD on G4 Quicksilver
  40. [ubuntu] How best to move files from an old Mac to a new Ubuntu box?
  41. [ubuntu] Macbook 1,1 Track Pad Not Responding
  42. [ubuntu] ubuntu on imac
  43. [ubuntu] Where find a Lightning version compatible with Thunderbird 3.0.4 ?
  44. [ubuntu] Just a heads up; Ubuntu Alternate CD really screwed my system up.
  45. [ubuntu] Wireless help (WPA)
  46. [SOLVED] Powerbook G4 Blank Screen after Rebooting Blues Again
  47. [ubuntu] Boot camp on 2010 Macbook?
  48. [ubuntu] Deleting Gedit back-up files - poor grammar saved the day
  49. [PPC] Please help - extreme newbie
  50. [ubuntu] MBP Core i7 - Anyone enabled intel gfx by pure EFI boot(grub2)?
  51. [ubuntu] setting up a 9.10 dual boot on os x 10.5,,,
  52. [ubuntu] Can't boot Mac after trying out the Ubuntu live cd!
  53. [ubuntu] Cant connect to internet.
  54. [all variants] power button & suspend on Mac Mini
  55. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,1 - Failed to initialize the Nvidia kernel module
  56. [PPC] MAC TIGER with ubuntu 10.04 PPC
  57. [ubuntu] grub rescue no such partition
  58. [ubuntu] EFI Booting Problem [2008 Mac Pro]
  59. [ubuntu] Battery performance on macbook 2,1
  60. [ubuntu] recovering ibook hard drive
  61. [other] Booting problems
  62. [ubuntu] DEFAULT CATCH! ... ? How do you install?
  63. [ubuntu] LCD dimming keys not working mbp 5,3
  64. [ubuntu] Trouble connecting to Internet on MacBook with Ubuntu 10
  65. [SOLVED] problem accessing mac HD Ubuntu dual-boot
  66. [PPC] Keep losing internet connection
  67. [ubuntu] CD won't boot on my Mac Mini
  68. [ubuntu] 10.04 Dual Boot - Grub Installation Issues
  69. [all variants] Macbook with bad cd drive, grub2 hangin
  70. [other] Mac Mini and MBR only - keyboard not working in GRUB
  71. [ubuntu] Drivers for ATI
  72. [ubuntu] Partitioning Ubuntu 10
  73. [ubuntu] What means the "@" after the file permissions?
  74. [ubuntu] Ubuntu resets itself on an iMac
  75. [ubuntu] Help with MacBook Pro 5,5
  76. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,1 Wireless Not Connecting
  77. [all variants] script to deal with pseudo-hardlinked directories in Time Machine backups
  78. [ubuntu] Formatted hard drive with Ubuntu
  79. [PPC] Grow Mac os X partition using Linux Ubuntu Gparted
  80. [ubuntu] No Backlight After Sleep Resume (Macbook Pro 4,1)
  81. [PPC] Video Not Working Properly
  82. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Single Boot on Macbook Pro
  83. [PPC] 10.04 Install Problem - No Display
  84. [PPC] 10.04 and Firewire on Mac
  85. [ubuntu] Newbie question
  86. [ubuntu] Installing ubuntu on Xserve3,1
  87. [other] Bootable Live CDs only work once
  88. [other] Ubuntu won't boot without super grub disk
  89. [ubuntu] Please help me with getting Ubuntu on my iMac
  90. [ubuntu] macbook pro 5,5 wireless drops out
  91. Making a bootable SD Card on a Macbook Pro 13"
  92. [PPC] ppc g4-All video is choppy/pixilated?
  93. [ubuntu] Driver Issue, Single boot mac ubuntu.
  94. [PPC] Blank yellow screen for Lucid on iMac G4 with Nvidia graphics, but livecd worsk fine?
  95. [PPC] Need help turning G4 into media center
  96. [PPC] No ISO9960 support in 10.04 PowerPC
  97. [ubuntu] 5,3 Keyboard does not work.
  98. [ubuntu] No Sound for Headphones MBP 2,1 [Lucid Lync 10.04]
  99. [ubuntu] Random crash & reboot MBP 2,1 [Lucid Lync 10.04]
  100. [ubuntu] Good Battery only lasts 1hr MBP 2,1 [Lucid Lynx 10.04]
  101. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on iPad
  102. [ubuntu] Eject / Unmount External FW hard drive
  103. [PPC] Power button on PowerPC (Mac Mini G4)?
  104. [PPC] New try, new AAAARGH!
  105. [PPC] How do I access the "eject" keybinding for the apple keyboard?
  106. [ubuntu] Constant Crashes
  107. [ubuntu] F-keys changing behavior with every update!
  108. [ubuntu] Mouse movement and zigzagging?
  109. [PPC] "sudo trackpad notap" on wake-up
  110. Coming back, with a Mac Book pro
  111. [ubuntu] MBP 5,3: Upgrade from Karmic to Lucid?
  112. [ubuntu] Ubuntu in MacBook Air without superdrive?
  113. [PPC] G4 Cube-ADC no signal
  114. [PPC] How to backup the entire system?
  115. [PPC] iMac G3 ubuntu stuck in low-graphics mode
  116. [ubuntu] removing ._DS_Store files during data migration
  117. [all variants] I hit a roadblock.. music recording (Ubuntu, Windows)
  118. [PPC] How do I install Ubuntu 10.04 (PPC)?
  119. [all variants] Install OS X after Kubuntu dual boot
  120. [ubuntu] Broadcom 4312 iMac 4,1 wireless not working.
  121. [PPC] best distribution for ibook g3?
  122. [PPC] Lightning Extension 1.0 for Linux PPC
  123. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 iPhone iOS 4 Support?
  124. [PPC] USB/IP on a PPC System
  125. [ubuntu] C library for the apple logo backlight on the laptop lid?
  126. [ubuntu] Macbook 3.1 And Ubuntu
  127. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 9.10 dual boot grub problems
  128. [ubuntu] iBook G4, Adobe Flash 10, does not associate
  129. [PPC] LDAP Server
  130. [kubuntu] "Minimal Bash-like editing is supported..." (MacBook, early 2008)
  131. [ubuntu] iMac 21.5 - installing ubuntu for dummies
  132. [ubuntu] Mac Mini 4.1
  133. [kubuntu] Black screen during install on iMac 27" late 2009
  134. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 without OS X
  135. [ubuntu] Mac Mini (2007) install Ubuntu - possible?
  136. [ubuntu] pommed adjusts backlight very slowly
  137. [ubuntu] Visual Effects on PowerBook G4
  138. [ubuntu] LFE in MacBook 5,1
  139. [ubuntu] Dual boot snow leopard and 10.04 on mini3,1
  140. [ubuntu] Mac mini G4 graphics
  141. [ubuntu] How do I install Mac OS X on Virtualbox
  142. [SOLVED] Ubuntu will not boot
  143. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on new MacBook Pro
  144. [ubuntu] Snow Leopard + Ubuntu on iMac: sound, boot logo, partitions
  145. [ubuntu] 10.04 on Macbook Air -- Grub and Xorg problems
  146. [ubuntu] Grub fails to boot OS X
  147. [ubuntu] Dual boot Snow Leopard & 10.04LTS, no more boot into Ubuntu
  148. [ubuntu] ubuntu on mac
  149. [PPC] Linsys Wireless Adapter problems
  150. [ubuntu] APPLE 13-inch MacBook (laptop)
  151. [ubuntu] Why doesn't "open" open photos in their default app?
  152. [PPC] RAID Array on a Power Mac G5
  153. [SOLVED] F Keys on Apple Keyboard wiht Ubuntu
  154. [PPC] Lucid on G5 single - is there a reason to install?
  155. [ubuntu] MBP 6,2 Firewire?
  156. [PPC] 2.6.34-xx for 10.04?
  157. [ubuntu] Macbook air and videoprojector
  158. [other] iMac Bondi Blue and dead cdrom
  159. [ubuntu] mac pro server
  160. [ubuntu] Sound on Intel iMac
  161. [ubuntu] Screen Backlight and Fan Control for AppleSMC
  162. [ubuntu] Enabling wifi macbook air 10.04
  163. [ubuntu] How do get wifi working on a macbook air
  164. [all variants] Increase touchpad sensitivity WITHOUT using gsynaptics
  165. [ubuntu] Microphone
  166. [SOLVED] imac G3
  167. [ubuntu] Screen problem iMac 27" ubuntu 10.04
  168. [PPC] Help to install Ubuntu 10.04 on eMac
  169. [SOLVED] eMac and Ubuntu 10.04
  170. [PPC] Mac Mini with Radeon, video help
  171. [ubuntu] ubuntu on mac
  172. [ubuntu] Small typo in mac 'create a usb drive' instructions
  173. [SOLVED] Image loading failed. Reload Image! Error on MacBook 4,1
  174. [xubuntu] Trying to install Xubuntu on my iMac G3, need some help
  175. [ubuntu] Can you burn an install boot cd from a Mac for a PC and it actually work?
  176. [PPC] airport extreme worked, now dosen't..network manager setting?
  177. [ubuntu] got wireless working, now not working
  178. [ubuntu] my imac g3 shuts off when trying to boot ubuntu 8.04
  179. [SOLVED] couple questions
  180. [SOLVED] Dual Booting Ubuntu and Windows XP on a Macbook Pro (no Mac partition)
  181. [all variants] Linux on iMac G3?
  182. [ubuntu] Wireless Speeds
  183. [PPC] /dev/input/wacom isn't built with packages or source
  184. [SOLVED] dual boot setup broken by update
  185. [ubuntu] 3D lot of slower on ubuntu than on mac os x on the same laptop
  186. [ubuntu] Mac Hd reformatted to fat32 problem
  187. grub confusion
  188. [xubuntu] Optimising and Selling iMac G3
  189. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 Installation on Macbook
  190. [PPC] Cannot Dual-Boot Ubuntu in Mac System
  191. [PPC] A MINTy Ubuntu PPC
  192. [all variants] nautilus/clock
  193. [ubuntu] Using Mac media keys with MPD?
  194. [PPC] Monitor problems
  195. [ubuntu] Need Help UNINSTALLING Ubuntu from MacBook Pro
  196. [SOLVED] MacBook 3,1 Can't get hibernate to work
  197. [all variants] iMac G4 wont recognize lunux based disk's
  198. [PPC] Lost Audio iMac Slot Loader
  199. [PPC] 16 Bit Color Depth Slot Loader iMac
  200. [all variants] Installing Ubuntu on iMac
  201. [PPC] Best Type of ubuntu for ppc
  202. [ubuntu] Installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS image on USB flash drive, it is now read-only.
  203. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 10.10 for PPC Mac **UNDER 700 MB**??
  204. [SOLVED] MBP 5,1 Drivers worked before, not anymore :'(
  205. [PPC] Is it safe to for PPC user to go back to Lucid?
  206. [ubuntu] Cant boot ubuntu from flash drive
  207. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.04 ppc install fails on software install
  208. [PPC] Low Display on G3 running Ubuntu 10.04
  209. [ubuntu] Cannot Activate Broadcom STA Wireless Driver.
  210. [ubuntu] formatting of external drive
  211. [PPC] 6.10 fail to install
  212. [PPC] Original Airport issues in 10.04LTS
  213. [ubuntu] Intel?
  214. [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu from FLASH DRIVE ????
  215. [SOLVED] Wow
  216. Intel MacBook doesn't boot USB
  217. [PPC] White Screen w/ Install media MAC G5 1.6
  218. [SOLVED] nearly black screen upon wake-up from sleep
  219. Can't boot OS9 from Triple boot system
  220. [ubuntu] rEFIt problems
  221. [ubuntu] Setting up Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on PPC G5 Mac ??
  222. [ubuntu] imac g4 eject cd in single user mode from osx
  223. [SOLVED] Dual boot won't load either os
  224. [other] How to install Win7 & Ubuntu on a Macbook WITHOUT OS X?
  225. [PPC] Installing Ubuntu 10.04 PPC on External Harddive
  226. [ubuntu] Black screen when dual booting.....
  227. [ubuntu] which version of linux for powermac 9500
  228. [ubuntu] Fash Player + PPC Mac + Firefox ???
  229. [other] Side-effects of reinstalling (Fedora) on Macbook 1,1
  230. [ubuntu] Ipod invisible + virtual windoz doesn't work either
  231. [ubuntu] Mac user files read permission?
  232. [xubuntu] Ubuntu on iMac G3
  233. [PPC] Ubuntu 10.04 stuck at install on PB G4
  234. [all variants] Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and New MacBook Pro = NO NETWORK
  235. [ubuntu] boot from the flash drive
  236. Ubuntu 10.04 on MacBookPro 13" 7.1
  237. [SOLVED] Sharing a partition
  238. [ubuntu] On a Mac Quicksilver2002 933mhz
  239. [PPC] Help with installing on partiton on hard drive
  240. [ubuntu] Tibook 550MhZ+10.04LTS=No Wireless
  241. [other] iphone issue
  242. [gnome] Compose map la OSX
  243. [ubuntu] macbook pro 7.1 sensors show +90.0C
  244. [ubuntu] Ubuntu permission problems when mounting an apple drive
  245. mac mini server 1Tb 4Gb
  246. [ubuntu] Trouble Installing Ubuntu
  247. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on MacBook Pro 6.2
  248. [all variants] pommed and keyboard backlight
  249. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 2,1 Radeon Mobility X1600
  250. [ubuntu] Ibook boots to a black screen...please help!