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  1. [PPC] Power Mac G3 Blue and White video resolution
  2. [all variants] Cannot boot from disk or disc
  3. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 install on Mac5,1 hangs at black screen with blinking "_"
  4. [ubuntu] Formatting usb for mac
  5. [other] Boot Issues
  6. Ubuntu on a MacPro - GRUB2 problem
  7. [ubuntu] Windows XP partition is slow
  8. [ubuntu] Headphones on MBP 5.1 in Karmic
  9. [PPC] Airport Extreme and Ubuntu Question
  10. [kubuntu] switch to Kubuntu
  11. [ubuntu] Power Macintosh G3 Platinum 266
  12. [ubuntu] Triple Booting
  13. [PPC] 9.10 on G3/Blue and White Mac
  14. [ubuntu] ubuntu 9.10 live disc help needed
  15. [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu 9.10 on MBA (rev a)
  16. [ubuntu] Cannot boot from cd for Ubuntu install
  17. [PPC] Linux on flash drive
  18. [ubuntu] DVD burning not working
  19. [ubuntu] RecordMyDesktop
  20. [ubuntu] Undo partitioning/dual boot?
  21. [ubuntu] Grub refuses to install after parted
  22. [PPC] No font displays correctly
  23. How do I fix this Macbook getting a blue screen on bootup?
  24. [ubuntu] Might Be going Back to Linux.....
  25. [all variants] Bootable Installs: USB, SD, ExpressCard?
  26. [ubuntu] ubuntu on a Core i7 iMac
  27. [all variants] 24" iMac freezes after failed 1.4 EFI Firmware update
  28. [ubuntu] Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on iMac 10,1 and HID rules
  29. MacBookPro5,5 random loss of brightness control
  30. [xubuntu] original g3 blueberry clamshell
  31. [ubuntu] EFI booting without OSX disk -how?
  32. [PPC] PPC G3 Firmawre update
  33. [ubuntu] My Macbook lost its mind triple booting !! help Please !!
  34. [kubuntu] Apple Keyboard on VirtualBox Ubuntu Guest OS
  35. HELP: OSX doesn't start anymore
  36. [all variants] 9.10 switching from WEP restricted to open wireless network freezes system
  37. [ubuntu] 9.10 Macbook Pro 5.5 Broadcomm wireless broken
  38. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Camera in 9.10
  39. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 Server Kiosk
  40. [PPC] Powerbook g3 pismo wifi says connected but no connection
  41. [PPC] Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic locks up during login
  42. [SOLVED] Apple Remote
  43. [PPC] how to install new kernel with audio in ibook g4
  44. [ubuntu] apple bluetooth keyboard
  45. [ubuntu] Anyone try Bootcamp and Karmic?
  46. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,5 Fan Control in Karmic?
  47. [kubuntu] blank screen when booting from kubuntu partition on macbook
  48. [ubuntu] Live ubuntu thumbrive with iMac
  49. [ubuntu] Dual boot between Snow Leapord, Windows 7, and Ubuntu on iMac?
  50. [ubuntu] Triple Boot Startup Problems
  51. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 on iMac 27" i7: How to enable sound and scroll-multitouch on Magic Mouse?
  52. [ubuntu] External Monitor issues
  53. [ubuntu] Disable boot up sound / dong with no OS/X
  54. [ubuntu] Avoid pommed for keyboard backlight control
  55. [ubuntu] nvidia-bl-dkms install error
  56. [kubuntu] No bootable device after Kubuntu only install
  57. [ubuntu] Samba 9.10 Mac Issue
  58. 4GB Memory not full in use
  59. Installing Win7 to triple boot Mac Pro
  60. [ubuntu] iBook HDD heat
  61. [SOLVED] MacBook 2,1, Apple Remote, Ubuntu 9.10
  62. [ubuntu] MS Exchange
  63. [ubuntu] Ubuntu/Parallels v.5 compatibility
  64. [SOLVED] MacMini 2,1 Grub2 Boot Issues
  65. [ubuntu] "The destination is read-only"
  66. [ubuntu] urgen problem about delete mac file via ubuntu
  67. [other] External DVD Drive & Ubuntu?
  68. [other] why would anyone?
  69. [xubuntu] aty128fb and 800*600 Max
  70. [ubuntu] wifi stopped working on a mbp 5,5 running karmic
  71. [ubuntu] ubuntu noticeably slower than osx/ no flash
  72. [SOLVED] no wireless on macbookpro 5,5
  73. [SOLVED] Editing GRUB-Newbie Problem
  74. [PPC] iBook G4 missing sound, wireless still
  75. [SOLVED] Karmic running smoothly on imac 7,1 aluminum 20" sound wifi wlan video working fully
  76. [ubuntu] macbook 2,1, 2nd monitor, and compiz
  77. [SOLVED] Dual Booting & Using GPT
  78. [SOLVED] random freeze macbook 3,1 karmic koala
  79. [ubuntu] Karmic 9.10 PPC image too big to fit on standard 80min. CD
  80. [SOLVED] Failed DVD Burning In Ubuntu & OS X
  81. [ubuntu] Help with external booting
  82. [kubuntu] external monitor & macbook pro 5,5
  83. [ubuntu] read/write HFS+ in 9.10 64-bit
  84. [xubuntu] Xubuntu Powerbook g3 -- Help
  85. [ubuntu] 32 or 64 bit on MBP 5.1?
  86. [ubuntu] Network hangs in Karmic on MBP 5.1
  87. [xubuntu] 8 bit color or 800*600
  88. [ubuntu] Is my Mac Booting With EFI GRUB?
  89. [kubuntu] Need help, Eject Button, Right Click, Few others.
  90. [PPC] CardBus USB Card not recognized - PowerBook 3400c
  91. [PPC] xubuntu 10.04 ppc usb live install detect and mount cd-rom fail
  92. [xubuntu] Problems installing Xubuntu on iMac 266...
  93. [PPC] Powerbook G4 (PPC): Cannot boot from disc to install
  94. [ubuntu] After install of Karmic-Alt, getting root prompt on reboot
  95. [all variants] App Checklist... help me make the switch!
  96. [ubuntu] Webcam question
  97. [ubuntu] MacBook 2,1 freezes on suspend/resume with message "Resume: libgcrypt version: 1.4.4"
  98. [ubuntu] Apple keyboard acts like Windows keyboard
  99. [ubuntu] Wireless not working on MacBook Pro
  100. [all variants] HUGE Problem in Karmic Server PowerPC
  101. [SOLVED] Boot modified SnowLeopard install with Grub2.
  102. [kde] Debian - Can install Gnome, can't install KDE4 :(
  103. [all variants] Grub2+EFI on a Mac Book pro
  104. [ubuntu] quick question for apple users
  105. [PPC] wiped HDD with /dev/zero, now MacOSX won't recognize it
  106. [ubuntu] How can I access my mounted hard drive?
  107. [ubuntu] iSight Troubles
  108. [ubuntu] Suspend to RAM / Hibernate help on iMac G5
  109. [other] Replace refit with Grub2
  110. [ubuntu] final questions before the big switch
  111. [PPC] cannot install on TiBook
  112. [ubuntu] Will multitouch work if I install ubuntu as native OS?
  113. [SOLVED] MB 5,1 touchpad no longer tracking!
  114. [ubuntu] Fresh Installation
  115. [ubuntu] New problems with dvd drive
  116. [all variants] kernel improvements for Apple hardware
  117. [ubuntu] Connecting to the internet
  118. [ubuntu] How To Install By Duo Boot On Mac Book 1.1?!
  119. Please Read And Help
  120. Running ubuntu and linux programs on mac os x
  121. nomachines fails to connect to X
  122. [SOLVED] Firefox 3.5.8 crashes
  123. [ubuntu] Gonna give Intrepid a shot!
  124. [all variants] rEFIt Humanity Icon Theme
  125. [ubuntu] Connecting to wifi
  126. [SOLVED] Unable to boot Ubuntu
  127. [ubuntu] Ubuntu USB on a MBA?
  128. [ubuntu] 9.10 wouldn't load
  129. [ubuntu] Can't get ubuntu started on Macbook Air
  130. [ubuntu] PowerPC 9.10 -- numerous Gnome errors after logging in
  131. [ubuntu] New Install with Hardware issues.
  132. [PPC] @-sign in PPC Ubuntu
  133. [ubuntu] Switch GPU on Macbook 5,1
  134. [ubuntu] USB Stick Boot Problems
  135. [PPC] iMac G3 will not boot from Live CD.
  136. [ubuntu] messed-up yaboot.conf CANT BOOT INTO UBUNTU!
  137. [ubuntu] PowerBook G4 Titanium - Can't get to login screen
  138. macbook 5,2 black screen/freeze after install PLEASE HELP
  139. [ubuntu] rEFIt or GRUB2 ?
  140. [PPC] Trackpad doesn't work with fingertips?
  141. [ubuntu] Command, Cntrl, Alt keys not working at all -Macbook Pro 5,5 w/ 9.10
  142. [ubuntu] Wifi for Mac running 9.10 (help!)
  143. [ubuntu] Cannot switch back to Mac
  144. [ubuntu] IMac micophone isn't working
  145. [ubuntu] Macbook 5.3 wireless network problems
  146. [ubuntu] mapping command key + mouse button 1 to center click?
  147. [ubuntu] iMac Sound Quality?
  148. [PPC] 8.04 LTS boots to Linux login
  149. [PPC] Wanting to partition my hard drive but there is no free space available
  150. [ubuntu] macbookpro won't blank screen when lid is closed
  151. [ubuntu] iMac 21.5" Shutdown and Restart problem
  152. [ubuntu] rEFIT refuse don't work
  153. [ubuntu] Tripple boot OSX / Jaunty / Karmic
  154. [SOLVED] Conflicting solutions - Wireless and Sound for MBP 5,5 Karmic 64-bit
  155. [ubuntu] Authentication Failure After Installation
  156. [ubuntu] macbook pro won't blank screen when lid is closed
  157. [xubuntu] Old PPC G3 iMac, need install disk, only have 650 mb disk.
  158. [ubuntu] VNC client does not work properly to Ubuntu 9.10
  159. [ubuntu] how to enable airport with out internet
  160. [ubuntu] karmic on MacbookPro5,2: no proprietary hardware drivers
  161. [PPC] PowerBook G4 Keyboard Backlighting
  162. [ubuntu] Please help me
  163. [ubuntu] Can anyone explain this
  164. [ubuntu] Can someone please help????
  165. [SOLVED] Unmounted Mac OS - need to remount
  166. [PPC] PPC Window Managers ........
  167. Partitioning flash thumb drive in OS X : Which scheme do I use?
  168. [ubuntu] MacBookPro5,3 nVidia hd audio no sound
  169. [PPC] help with imac G3 350mhz
  170. [ubuntu] on macbookpro 5,2 stopped working
  171. [SOLVED] Installing 9.10 on G3, fails at 78%
  172. [PPC] 8.04 on G4 monitor problem
  173. [ubuntu] Macbook 3,1 and reefit
  174. [ubuntu] Macboock 4.1, Wifi Problem
  175. [PPC] Few questions regarding fresh install on G3
  176. [PPC] how do I install adobe Flash player
  177. [ubuntu] ubuntu/osx dual boot permissions problem
  178. [PPC] can't get games to play right
  179. [PPC] Any other G4 users noticed that suspend now works???
  180. [ubuntu] Shift+Insert on aluminum?
  181. [ubuntu] Best Way of Making Function Buttons to Work
  182. [SOLVED] iWeb equivalant?
  183. [ubuntu] *.fdi not being used for touchpad. Is there a solution yet?
  184. [ubuntu] Apple Remote (2009) + Mac Mini + LIRC, Anyone?
  185. [ubuntu] power management doesn't seem to be working
  186. [ubuntu] No boot into Ubuntu 9.1 Install CD
  187. [ubuntu] How do you update Firefox with Ubuntu on ppc?
  188. [ubuntu] Indie Software Dev
  189. [kubuntu] wrong username and password but I know its right??
  190. [ubuntu] New user account buggy.
  191. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on 1,1 Macbook
  192. [kubuntu] etc/X11/xorg.conf - no such file of directory??
  193. [ubuntu] Problems with ubuntu 9.10 on a MacBook 6.1
  194. [ubuntu] Karmic, Macbook 2,1 Apple Remote and lirc
  195. [ubuntu] Soud (Yeah, I've tried pretty much everything)
  196. [PPC] Powerbook G4 install question
  197. [all variants] Bluetooth on MacBook 5, 1
  198. [ubuntu] Audio doesn't work
  199. [PPC] help with my G3 ibook using mac os tiger
  200. [ubuntu] Love my MBP, want to ditch OSX...
  201. [ubuntu] New kernel kills sound
  202. [all variants] IMac G5 Won't Start Up - Black Screen
  203. [gnome] gOS or Ubuntu on ibook Power PC? I've tried everything
  204. [ubuntu] No trackpad Ubuntu 9.10 First gen Macbook Pro
  205. [ubuntu] lirc setup problem?
  206. [kubuntu] Problem with login after installin Kubuntu 9.10
  207. [ubuntu] Random ??, (changing repo server, Thunderbird 3)
  208. [PPC] iMac DV, Debian 5.03, Webcam Vista Plus
  209. [other] GNU Octave on iPhone
  210. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 2,1 Karmic Radeon x1600 Issues
  211. [ubuntu] macbook pro 4.1 and karmic, wireless will not work
  212. [all variants] Any other Links2 users finding Compiz slows it right down???
  213. [ubuntu] Single boot Ubuntu 9.10 on Macbook 2.1 (no refit, no osx) - start up delay fix?
  214. [ubuntu] Touchpad problem
  215. [ubuntu] Air Mac Express Internet Connection
  216. [SOLVED] Bluetooth off on startup with 9.10
  217. [all variants] rEFIt 0.14 released !
  218. [PPC] Apple iLamp + Wacom Graphire4 + Xubuntu 9.10
  219. [all variants] CDROM in Terminal
  220. [ubuntu] Wireless Macbook 5.1 Karmic bcm4322
  221. [SOLVED] using powerbook as an AP?
  222. [ubuntu] increasing resolution of 720p external monitor
  223. [ubuntu] Networking gui is weird.
  224. Unable to boot to OSX but able to boot to Ubuntu
  225. [PPC] sungem on PowerMac G4: RX MAC fifo overflow
  226. [ubuntu] beginner, install 9.10 on ppc g4 fails
  227. [How to] Offline maths in your iPhone: integrals, diffs, limits...
  228. [PPC] How to Install Only Ubuntu On iBook G4?
  229. [ubuntu] Set up Gecko SDK and Mplayer in Opera... How to???
  230. [ubuntu] To Mac Mini or not to Mac Mini?
  231. [ubuntu] can u help me with 9.10 + sawtooth G4 + dvi please
  232. [PPC] Updating.
  233. [ubuntu] Problem boot usb linux while one ubuntu install on system
  234. [PPC] Install karmic w/o ODD
  235. [ubuntu] Cannot Get Wireless Driver to Load at Boot Time
  236. [ubuntu] Ubuntu hanging immediately after grub
  237. [xubuntu] XUbuntu 8.10 on iMac G3
  238. [ubuntu] Alsa Gnome Mixer "Speakers On" at start up (How to) ??
  239. [ubuntu] Using a Powerbook G4 as a music jukebox
  240. [ubuntu] MBP1,1 won't boot from usb for install
  241. [SOLVED] Sell it to me, boys.
  242. [ubuntu] Early '08 model macbook, fresh hard drive with ubuntu?
  243. [ubuntu] Help! Grub/rEFIt can't run a live CD
  244. [ubuntu] Stuck in a user login
  245. [ubuntu] Grey screen after install on a Powerbook G4
  246. [ubuntu] ubuntu on Imac G3 33Mhz, 160 Ram, mouse
  247. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on ipad?!?!?
  248. [PPC] update looses wireless
  249. [ubuntu] sleep kills wireless on MacBook 2,1 (ath9k)
  250. [ubuntu] Getting the Nvidia Geforce 8600M To Work