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  1. OSX and Terminal on desktop
  2. [ubuntu] can't boot on mac pro
  3. [all variants] LiveCD sees entire HD as "unallocated"
  4. [ubuntu] iSight
  5. [SOLVED] macbook white 5,2 triple boot: Leopard, Karmic, XP
  6. [ubuntu] some problem with Ubuntu 9.10 and my Powerbook G4
  7. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 tips?
  8. [ubuntu] Keybindings like OS X
  9. [ubuntu] Macbook brightness issues.
  10. [ubuntu] Macbook 4,1 can't boot live ubuntu :(
  11. [SOLVED] Barely responsive mouse on MacBook2,1
  12. [all variants] Volunteers website
  13. [ubuntu] rEFIt not syncing
  14. [edubuntu] G4 install successful
  15. [ubuntu] Jailbreak a 2g 3.0os ipod touch with redsn0w-How?
  16. [ubuntu] Help with wireless connection on a MacBook.
  17. [ubuntu] What other distros will work with a G4?
  18. [ubuntu] MBP 4.1 Karmic Reboot, wireless and trackpad Problems
  19. [ubuntu] Wired connection problems with MacBook Pro 5,5
  20. [ubuntu] Broadcom 4328 v3 issue
  21. [ubuntu] 9.10 on a 3-1 MBP with a broken Filesystem and cant boot to CD to reinstall ubuntu.
  22. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Mac mini only sees 3GB of 4GB how do I get it all?
  23. [ubuntu] Installation from firewire on powerpc mac!
  24. [ubuntu] Apple Wired Keyboard
  25. [ubuntu] Karmic Macbook5,1. Pommed/Backlight problem
  26. Booting Chrome OS from USB
  27. [SOLVED] Touchpad freeze for n second in Karmic Koala with Macbook pro 4.1
  28. [ubuntu] Installing Unbuntu 9.10 PPC
  29. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,3 fan/temperature problems
  30. Mac OS Snow 10.0
  31. [ubuntu] Unibody Mac WiFi not working
  32. [ubuntu] Won't connect to internet work on intel mac
  33. [ubuntu] Can't load windows anymore
  34. gnome-settings-daemon xorg scrambled keyboard
  35. [ubuntu] sound issues with 5,3 MBP
  36. [ubuntu] G4 powerbook, dual-booting but fan noise terrible!
  37. [ubuntu] NetworkManager Applet disconnecting from WIFI
  38. [ubuntu] Upgrade Dual-Boot with Leopard to Snow Leopard
  39. [ubuntu] No sound with Macbook 3,1
  40. [ubuntu] CD drive refuses to stay ejected -- Karmic on a G4 eMac
  41. [xubuntu] Old G3 Mac
  42. [ubuntu] Ibook G3 help
  43. [ubuntu] AFP sharing woes
  44. [other] Adobe Flash 9
  45. [all variants] How do I write to a HFS+ drive?
  46. [ubuntu] Gnash on ppc (ps3) 0.8.6 - no go?
  47. Shutdown & Reboot Freeze after Karmic Upgrade
  48. [ubuntu] Macbook keyboard not working
  49. [ubuntu] MACBOOK shutdown or reboot problems
  50. [ubuntu] deleting ubuntu partition from macbook 4,1 ( refit bootloader)
  51. [ubuntu] Mac Mini with Karmic?
  52. eMac won't boot form Cd
  53. [ubuntu] HELP! Ubuntu on Mac
  54. [all variants] More than four partitions on a MacBook?
  55. [ubuntu] ubuntu 6.06 installer crashes
  56. [ubuntu] Fresh install on 5-5 Macbook Pro
  57. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 15 model MB985 graphics
  58. OS X and Python Stuff
  59. Software driver
  60. [ubuntu] Problems with live_cd on my PowerBook G4 15'' (2005)
  61. [ubuntu] No cd install on Macbook Pro 2.1
  62. [ubuntu] Doesn't wake up from sleep AND how can I bypass Grub?
  63. [ubuntu] Accessing Time Machine Data
  64. [ubuntu] Installing Mac/Windows after Ubuntu
  65. [SOLVED] MacPro sound was perfect now nothing
  66. [ubuntu] GCSTAR Collecting software & the apple computer
  67. [ubuntu] iMac G3, Need to shift picture
  68. [ubuntu] Install from internal hdd error: unable to unmount /cdrom
  69. [SOLVED] MacBook Pro 5,4 Sound (Linux Mint)
  70. [ubuntu] Can't get 1024x786 on iMac G3
  71. [all variants] Triple Booting: OSX/Win7/Ubuntu
  72. HDD filesystem for sharing between OSX & Linux
  73. [SOLVED] Ipod Touch 3.1.2 in Ubuntu
  74. [xubuntu] No Touchpad Logitech diNovo Edge PS3 Karmic Koala 9.10
  75. [SOLVED] Screwed up now Blinking Question Mark
  76. [ubuntu] Change boot splash screen on G4
  77. [ubuntu] Restoring partition as one
  78. [other] Old iMacs as thin clients
  79. [ubuntu] Apple Wireless Keyboard
  80. [ubuntu] bluetooth mouse and keyboard on 9.10
  81. [ubuntu] Karmic detects only 2.7 out of 4GB of RAM
  82. [ubuntu] Neel some help with iPhone
  83. [ubuntu] PAE kernel and Nvidia Drivers
  84. [ubuntu] Apple Remote Desktop VNC Server Unable to Connect
  85. [ubuntu] Apple's
  86. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 PPC on Dual PowerMac G4 (MDD) Unable to Reboot?
  87. [ubuntu] Cannot get nvidia 9400m driver to work
  88. [ubuntu] Headphones not working
  89. [ubuntu] Someone please help
  90. [ubuntu] Upgrade hard drive on triple-boot MacBook
  91. [ubuntu] Cannot read/write to external HDD from Mac OS Extended NON-Journaled
  92. [ubuntu] Hoe to change the keyboard layout
  93. [kubuntu] Sharing MacHD Music folder with FW externally booted Kubuntu
  94. [SOLVED] able to use the airport (wifi) on my imac in ubuntu 9.1?
  95. [ubuntu] Opinions on Mac-On-Linux
  96. [ubuntu] Can't configure sound on MacBook 5,2 in 9.10 64bit
  97. [ubuntu] Alternatives to dual booting.
  98. [ubuntu] Problem while syncing partition tables after installing Ubuntu
  99. [xubuntu] imac g3/400 256mb "low graphics mode"
  100. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 problems with USB Bluetooth Ethernet
  101. [ubuntu] Need help. Don't want to dual boot.
  102. [ubuntu] Installing OS X without CD through Ubuntu (Guide)
  103. [all variants] All PowerPc users see this.
  104. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 on iMAC G4 Flat Panel, Mostly Working
  105. [ubuntu] Hardware drivers problem
  106. [ubuntu] mac-on-linux
  107. [ubuntu] Emac and Ubuntu
  108. [ubuntu] imac 24" no sound
  109. [ubuntu] iMac G5 bluetooth keyboard & Mouse
  110. [all variants] MB 5,2 - Disk Utility won't partition; need to nuke and pave; have questions
  111. [ubuntu] Mounting time capsule drives in Ubuntu? (Connection refused)
  112. [SOLVED] Updated G4 PowerBook to 9.10, now fans running @ full tilt!
  113. [ubuntu] Remoting from MAC to UBUNTu using NX: alt key not working
  114. [ubuntu] Best remote desktop app to access Ubuntu from a Mac
  115. [ubuntu] Touchpad performance
  116. [ubuntu] Compiling programs under Ubuntu 9.10 PCC MAC
  117. [ubuntu] No Disk Drives Detected
  118. [ubuntu] No Wirelss on Macbook pro
  119. [SOLVED] Ubuntu won't fully boot- Grub2 on MBP 3,1
  120. [SOLVED] No audio on 27'' Core 2 Duo late 2009 iMac
  121. [ubuntu] Best file system for moving between Ubuntu/MacOS/Windows
  122. [SOLVED] Install failure: Graphite G4 Tower
  123. [all variants] Downloads monitor
  124. [ubuntu] Keyboard problems with Apple sli alu keyboard and Mac Mini (3rd gen)
  125. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 on PowerBook G4 - power management not detecting battery
  126. [ubuntu] Kernel Version.
  127. [all variants] Want to switch from Ubuntu too Debian
  128. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 compilation issues
  129. [ubuntu] So far so good......
  130. [ubuntu] mac partition crashed!!!
  131. [SOLVED] karmic koala hearphones problem macbook1.1
  132. [SOLVED] Superusing the new Macbook 6.1 (late 2009)
  133. [ubuntu] Grub 2 hangs on mac
  134. [SOLVED] Ubuntu EFI Boot Guide MBP
  135. [ubuntu] Gtkpod does not work with iPod shuffle
  136. [other] I can't get my itunes
  137. [xubuntu] problems on 12" iBookG4 with suspend and keyboard
  138. [ubuntu] Permissions
  139. [SOLVED] Install linux on an elderly mac
  140. [ubuntu] 2.6.31-17 upgrade has broken my Macbook Pro display
  141. [ubuntu] Learning curve to use Apple for Ubuntu users
  142. [ubuntu] Heat Issue
  143. [ubuntu] disable efi in macbook
  144. [ubuntu] Dual boot iMac G5 Ubuntu OSX - any traps?
  145. [SOLVED] Problems with Ubuntu and OS X dualboot
  146. [ubuntu] Installed dual-boot, can't load grub level 2
  147. [other] Swapping Command and Control keys without use of keyboard layout
  148. [ubuntu] Problems with re syncing the MBR
  149. [ubuntu] Problem configuring double monitor
  150. [ubuntu] Fan Speed on Macbook Pro 5,5 with 9.10
  151. [SOLVED] Color problem, G5 PPC, Nvidia, Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop
  152. [all variants] Howto: Mac mini multi-boot without GRUB2/rEFIt woes
  153. [all variants] can't install on iBook G4
  154. [all variants] ibook g4 (Ubuntu 9.10) "resume" after closing lid
  155. Install from USB, using osx to prep media
  156. [all variants] [HOWTO] Improved sound experience for MacBook (Pro) 5,1 / 5,2
  157. [ubuntu] G5 Mac Pro, Digital Audio output?
  158. [ubuntu] Brightness OSD notifications stopped working
  159. [ubuntu] 17" PowerBook G4 Problems
  160. [all variants] iBook 3d acceleration
  161. [ubuntu] Installing on G3 server
  162. [ubuntu] Installed with vmware 3- but will not load
  163. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Windows on Macbook 5,2
  164. Wine on ppc
  165. [ubuntu] adobe flash on apple PPC G4 Ubuntu 9.04
  166. [ubuntu] Ubuntu and Windows ONLY on new Macbook Pro?
  167. [ubuntu] Recovering my accidentally formatted hard drive!?
  168. [all variants] No sound on MPB 5,3 with kernels 2.6.31-17 and 2.6.31-18
  169. [ubuntu] iMAC G3 up and running
  170. [other] Weird issue with rEFIt
  171. [ubuntu] Apple Airport Extreme on Jaunty
  172. [all variants] PowerBook G3 Pismo [aka FireWire/2000] sleep problems
  173. [all variants] Pommed + PulseAudio
  174. [xubuntu] 9.04 PPC installed on iMac G3 333, but won't boot off the HD
  175. [ubuntu] Ubuntu installation iMac g3 no hd detection
  176. [SOLVED] Blank screen after kubuntu loads
  177. [ubuntu] No sound on newest MacBook Pro
  178. [SOLVED] ppclinux.info?
  179. [ubuntu] Ubuntu and mac os x on different partions ?
  180. [SOLVED] Blank screen after Xubuntu loads
  181. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Bootcamp- Access Mac folders
  182. [xubuntu] No programs will stay open and running , general non functionality of ubuntu?
  183. [xubuntu] Can't log into Xubuntu 9.10 first boot
  184. [ubuntu] Installed grub by accident -- now my Mac drive wont boot!
  185. [ubuntu] Kamic on Unibody Macbook Pro 15 (MBP 5,4) Mid 2009
  186. [ubuntu] Cannot suspend mbp 4,1 in karmic
  187. [ubuntu] Mini DisplayPort and Samsung SyncMaster 2433
  188. [ubuntu] Getting airport card to work
  189. [ubuntu] Mac Mini dual boot: Mac OS and Ubuntu-need advice..
  190. [ubuntu] apt-get gparted
  191. [xubuntu] Drivers for iMac G3?
  192. [PPC] Playing DIVX/MPEG/AVI etc movies (Codec issue)
  193. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 9.10 on iMac G3...Display Problems?
  194. [ubuntu] Karmic support macbook 3.1
  195. [ubuntu] mac and linux at work
  196. Ubuntu on a MacBook - looking for some post-installation advice
  197. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 5, 5 Touchpad
  198. [ubuntu] Power Mac and ubuntu
  199. [ubuntu] Best emulator
  200. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 3,1 frequent appletouch USB disconnects?
  201. [ubuntu] Ubuntu installs, but it will not let me log in
  202. [PPC] Need Help For VPC 2007
  203. [SOLVED] Macbook 4,1 resume from suspend problem in 9.10
  204. [SOLVED] Cairo Dock Startup Error
  205. [ubuntu] Enable Slower Processor Speed on ti-Book?
  206. [ubuntu] lost ability to boot into ubuntu after repartition
  207. [ubuntu] MAC Magic Mouse on Ubuntu 9.10
  208. [ubuntu] Macbook 4,1 internal keyboard seemingly mismapped after login
  209. [ubuntu] Strange Disk Utility behavior (only seeking reason, not sln)
  210. [ubuntu] Macbook 1,1 Airport trouble
  211. [SOLVED] ubuntu doesn't recognize all ram
  212. [ubuntu_studio] multi-boot problem - Hackintosh / Ubuntu / Haiku
  213. [SOLVED] @-sign broken ubuntu karmic
  214. [ubuntu] triple boot snow leopard, windows 7, & ubuntu
  215. [PPC] Power Mac G3 and Ubuntu?
  216. [SOLVED] MacOSX on Ubuntu multiboot -- except it won't boot!
  217. [ubuntu] Jack on G5 PPC
  218. [ubuntu] Continued Community Support for 6.10
  219. [ubuntu] Unable to access Music, Documents, Pictures, etc. after mounting Macintosh HD
  220. trouble with ubuntu 9.04
  221. [ubuntu] Karmic on Apple TV
  222. [ubuntu] iMac 9,1 installation help needed
  223. [ubuntu] Shift key does not work for Google Docs upload
  224. [ubuntu] Finally got MacBook Air
  225. [ubuntu] G4L\G4U for PPC Linux
  226. [PPC] External display on an iMac G4?
  227. Trying to install Darwin in VB...
  228. [ubuntu] Urgent, Need Help, Installation
  229. [SOLVED] apple wireless keyboard november 2009
  230. [PPC] Problems installing on PowerMac G4 MDD
  231. [ubuntu] Help uninstalling Ubuntu on Mac OS X
  232. [all variants] Macintosh HD
  233. [ubuntu] startup fails g4 PM Yikes! 6.06
  234. [SOLVED] Audio Issues with sound output jack
  235. [ubuntu] Drive not recognized
  236. [ubuntu] refit - want to change windows icon to penguin on boot up
  237. [ubuntu] Help with making hardware work properly
  238. Triple Boot(OS X, Ubuntu, Win 7)
  239. [SOLVED] MacBook (mid-2007) iSight not working
  240. [ubuntu] Upgrading Snow Leopard problem with rEFIt
  241. [PPC] Booting into OS X automatically?
  242. [PPC] Ubuntu 9.10 on PowerPC G4
  243. [SOLVED] Shutdown Hang
  244. Making the OS X terminal behave more like linux
  245. [ubuntu] Can't get anything to apt-get
  246. [ubuntu] remapping mouse button 3 issue
  247. [SOLVED] root folders
  248. [SOLVED] Super Keyboard Remap?
  249. [ubuntu] Question When Working With Both a Mac & Ubuntu
  250. [kubuntu] "@" key works in terminal but not in emacs or firefox