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  1. [xubuntu] Auto-Mouning Partitions
  2. [all variants] iBook G3 clamshell open firmware error !!!
  3. [ubuntu] Already running Parallels/Could I also dual-boot?
  4. [ubuntu] Application keeps exiting itself!
  5. [ubuntu] Airport in Ubuntu 6.10 PPC
  6. [ubuntu] Macbook, Right click bind not staying.
  7. [all variants] Leopard, Vista, Hardy Triple Boot enquiry
  8. [ubuntu] Hardy Heron and Tibook G$
  9. [ubuntu] No rEFit menu/Screen Flickering....bad signs?
  10. [ubuntu] MacMini PPC xorg
  11. [ubuntu] mighty mouse on hardy heron
  12. [all variants] HOWTO: Fix Apple IR remote in Hardy
  13. [ubuntu] "Savedefault Scheme" reboot to OSX
  14. [ubuntu] Tell me about triple-boot GRUB difficulties.
  15. [ubuntu] Update question
  16. [ubuntu] iMac - microphone not working
  17. [ubuntu] Help with G3 Lombard - can't boot
  18. [all variants] [SOLVED] modify checkfs to support fsck.hfsplus
  19. [ubuntu] CD Recovery on a Mac
  20. [all variants] UDF Support in PPC
  21. [ubuntu] the repositories idexes
  22. [ubuntu] Share Musics and Photos between osx and ubuntu
  23. [ubuntu] Tibook Trackpad script?
  24. [xubuntu] PPC - No Sound on iBook G4 in 8.04
  25. [other] EFI gone?
  26. [ubuntu] reFIT disappeared. More Problems.
  27. [all variants] swap fn and control key
  28. [ubuntu] mouse issues - right click
  29. [ubuntu] Intel IMac7,1 20" (the aluminium one) - How to get sound on 8.04 (Hardy Heron)
  30. [all variants] Can't boot Mac OS X
  31. [all variants] Boot from USB on old iBook?
  32. [ubuntu] pommed doesn't work on my 4th gen MacBook Pro 15"
  33. [all variants] [PPC] Low-end video? Try 16-bit default depth
  34. [ubuntu] Bluetooth woes on clean 8.04 install
  35. [ubuntu] Dual booting
  36. [all variants] Crossover?
  37. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.05 and MacbookPro last generation
  38. [ubuntu] Help with dual-booting Leopard and Ubuntu
  39. [ubuntu] Kind of late to ask after already having setup dual boot
  40. [ubuntu] Using rEFit on an iMac with Time Machine....
  41. [ubuntu] Addition power saving for macbooks running Hardy
  42. [all variants] [PPC] Can't boot cd with "C" key?
  43. [ubuntu] Begining Troubles for PPC
  44. [ubuntu] Anyone successful with Ubuntu on MacIntel Xserves?
  45. [ubuntu] Ubuntu single boot, questions
  46. [ubuntu] Compiz help on macbook
  47. [ubuntu] G4/450 as a file server
  48. [ubuntu] Ichat on ubunto
  49. [ubuntu] Triple-booting woes (installing GRUB to partition)
  50. [ubuntu] Minimum fan speed on 1st-gen macbook (CoreDuo)
  51. [ubuntu] Keyboard problem with ubuntu installation
  52. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Would Hardy Heron work on.....
  53. [other] Frodo C64 emulator for ppc linux?
  54. [all variants] Macbook Pro Santa Rosa: Network manager - someone got it working?
  55. [ubuntu] iBook Boot screen
  56. HowTo check and repair HFSplus in Ubuntu
  57. [ubuntu] Screen brightness on Powerbook
  58. [ubuntu] Macbook TI blackscreen on alternate install or liveCD
  59. [all variants] Macbook bluetooth stops after suspend
  60. [ubuntu] Mouse click and sound
  61. [other] How to fix, please!
  62. [ubuntu] rEFIt not working
  63. [ubuntu] [PPC] Left audio channel randomly muted
  64. [ubuntu] Problem installing ubuntu on my iMac
  65. [ubuntu] MBP will not wake from suspend
  66. [ubuntu] Advice on new install to xserve
  67. [ubuntu] Compiz Effects in Virtualization Ubuntu
  68. [ubuntu] g4 cube hardy liveCD w/ 15" Studio Display and ATI Rage 128 - steps to boot
  69. [other] Problem with the sound system - related to Sennheiser headset.
  70. [ubuntu] general apple usage
  71. [ubuntu] Rare screen flickering after upgrade to 8.04
  72. [all variants] Ubuntu on Imac?
  73. [ubuntu] New issue with boot
  74. [ubuntu] Crossover Mac or CO Linux?
  75. [all variants] Alternative way to middle/right mouse-click!
  76. [ubuntu] ndiswrapper or fwcutter?? ppc
  77. [ubuntu] Airport Woes in Ubuntu 8.04 PPC
  78. [ubuntu] apt-get NOT getting in 8.04 on PPC xserve
  79. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 8.04 single-boot : Continuous errors from madwifi in syslog and kernlog
  80. [ubuntu] ibook G3 wireless
  81. [ubuntu] Ubuntu wont show up in the OS X boot loader
  82. [ubuntu] Wireless in MacBook Pro
  83. [ubuntu] iBook G4 battery (power menagement) trouble!
  84. [ubuntu] The nasty G4 to G3 HD transition. 8.04
  85. [ubuntu] No internet in 6.10 on B&W PowerMac
  86. [other] [SOLVED] Restoring GUID scheme on disk
  87. [ubuntu] G3 laptop and a wireless NIC
  88. [ubuntu] need to repartition
  89. [ubuntu] 8.04 PowerPC Encryption Splash Screen Problem
  90. [other] Ubuntu Studio and/or Real-Time Kernel in MBP 3,1?
  91. [ubuntu] Warcraft 2 on a powerpc, posible?
  92. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu without removing OSX and XP Partitions?
  93. [ubuntu] Won't install Yaboot - any ideas please.
  94. [ubuntu] Instal Problem on Mac G3 alternative CD
  95. [ubuntu] Vnc & NX on my Mac Pro (Ubuntu 8.0.4) bogs down the system
  96. [ubuntu] Freezing?
  97. [ubuntu] the continuing saga of my touchpad
  98. [all variants] How to install ubuntu from ISO image on hard drive of iMac?
  99. [ubuntu] Triple boot issue
  100. [ubuntu] I want sound to go thru my speakers, not the computer's
  101. [ubuntu] Desktop Effects issue in PPC Hardy
  102. [all variants] iBook g3 clamshell se graphite question
  103. [ubuntu] Sharing files between Macbook + Ubuntu over a wireless network: Howto
  104. [other] Wattage measured on PPC G5 iMac
  105. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro Unallocated Space
  106. [ubuntu] Monitor in wrong mode at boot, will not work!
  107. [all variants] [INTEL MBP GEN2] disabling Ubuntu Hardy Touchpad...
  108. [ubuntu] What is up with all the packages dependant on Java?
  109. [ubuntu] Bluetooth Keyboard Buttons
  110. [ubuntu] iMac 24" running hot
  111. [ubuntu] iMac fan speed control
  112. [xubuntu] iMac G3 Wi-Fi
  113. [xubuntu] Pismo -won't boot to cd
  114. [xubuntu] could not get lock...
  115. [ubuntu] iSight works but Cheese plays fast with no audio
  116. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Rt2870 usb wireless adapter activity but no connection
  117. [ubuntu] MBP SR Triple Boot
  118. [other] FYI: One lockdown solution for Macbook Air
  119. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Problems installing on Powermac G4
  120. [ubuntu] Mactel kernel does not install
  121. [ubuntu] Ventrilo Server - PS3 PowerPC 64bit
  122. [ubuntu] Please Help:problems With Orange Icon 225 Mobile Internet On Macbook
  123. [ubuntu] Upgrading from 6.6 to 8.4
  124. [ubuntu] Black Screen after splash screen
  125. [ubuntu] EFI Boot ?
  126. [ubuntu] 8.04: Non-responsive touchpad on Penryn MacBook Pro
  127. [ubuntu] Dapper wireless problems
  128. [ubuntu] Two annoyances I'd like to solve
  129. [ubuntu] Wacom Woes
  130. [ubuntu] Free Pascal Compiler.
  131. [other] why have a apple section on a ubuntu forum
  132. [ubuntu] mac mighty mouse issue...
  133. [kubuntu] IR Remote Control does not work
  134. [ubuntu] Files in OSX can only be opened by root in Ubuntu
  135. [ubuntu] How I finally get Live CD on macbook pro hd to boot.
  136. [all variants] Entering quotation marks
  137. [ubuntu] Need help wuth wifi card
  138. [ubuntu] iMac Mouse Problems
  139. [ubuntu] Can a MS Sidewinder FF Pro Joystick be adapted to USB?
  140. [other] Core Duo, 2GB RAM, Ubuntu Studio: Need swap?
  141. [ubuntu] restoring 8.04 default panel?
  142. [ubuntu] freezing! :l
  143. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Editing file with permission
  144. [ubuntu] Pismo- no screen recognized
  145. [ubuntu] How do you set up linux?
  146. [ubuntu] 8.04 Wireless Wont Load on Startup
  147. [ubuntu] Installation consistently fails on my B&W G3
  148. [all variants] Journaled file system, writable from Ubuntu and Mac Os X?
  149. [ubuntu] No scroll at all on mighty mouse with Macbook Air
  150. [ubuntu] transfer ubuntu settings in virtual box
  151. [all variants] [PPC] Dual-Drive Powermac HD tip
  152. [ubuntu] apple keyboard a1243
  153. [all variants] [SOLVED] [PPC] Dual Boot Panther and Hardy Help
  154. [ubuntu] MP3 player for Ubuntu Linux
  155. [ubuntu] iMac G5 w/ 8.04
  156. [all variants] [PowerPc] backports repositories
  157. [all variants] iBook G4 8.04 Install Tip
  158. [ubuntu] Partitioning problem
  159. [ubuntu] slow cd copy
  160. [ubuntu] New to Ubuntu, and linux environment
  161. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] dsniff and webspy
  162. [all variants] Airport Extreme Card in 8.04
  163. [other] Installation on Ibook doesn't proceed
  164. [ubuntu] Disable double tap click
  165. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 6.06 won't recognize SATA
  166. [other] Trouble booting: "IO-APIC not connected"
  167. [all variants] Wireless Woes
  168. [ubuntu] After intall doesn't boot ubuntu
  169. [ubuntu] Macbook CD Wifi
  170. [ubuntu] 2 problems after upgrade ibook g3 from gutsy to hardy
  171. [ubuntu] Macbook 4,1 hibernation and suspend problems
  172. [ubuntu] Wireless driver for MacBook Pro 4,1?
  173. [ubuntu] Need Mac OS X install help....
  174. [ubuntu] G3 PowerMac wont boot
  175. [ubuntu] Remove Ubunto(dapper drake) using Ubunto (Hardy Heron)
  176. [ubuntu] How to uninstall ubuntu on an itel mac
  177. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Keyboard Help
  178. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Help!! I need my mouse back & to re-edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  179. [all variants] I may have fouled up..
  180. [ubuntu] Quick Customization (MacBook Pro) Questions For New User
  181. [ubuntu] How to enable Apple Macbook MB403LL/A Wifi (Broadcom Corp. BCM4328 802.11a/b/g/n)
  182. [all variants] Unistall Grub
  183. [all variants] 8.04 macbook pro and battery / machine drain
  184. [all variants] Apple USB Ethernet Adapter
  185. [ubuntu] [MBP] Quick Questions! Please Help
  186. [ubuntu] left speaker problem macbook c2d works only after suspend
  187. [ubuntu] refit is not booting ubuntu
  188. [ubuntu] best
  189. [all variants] save pre-hardy HD wear and tear with noatime
  190. [all variants] Success on iMac 20 Intel
  191. [all variants] iMac G3- 3D and Reboot
  192. [ubuntu] Ubuntu as Mac file server?
  193. [other] Trouble with save dialogue in Gimp
  194. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Can Ubuntu be easily removed from PPC if ...
  195. [ubuntu] Error activating XKB configuration
  196. [ubuntu] Install ubuntu 8.04 ppc alternate on Imac g3?
  197. [all variants] Strange Boot Warning
  198. [ubuntu] 8.04 Video Issues on a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro
  199. [all variants] Installing Ubuntu on an Apple Xserve G5
  200. [all variants] linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-11-generic missing in PPA repository
  201. [ubuntu] HUGE problem with Macbook wireless
  202. [xubuntu] G4 Cube Hardy Install Problem
  203. [all variants] [PPC] Hardy xorg.conf and yaboot.conf list
  204. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Bluetooth Mighty Mouse scrollwheel
  205. [gnome] [SOLVED] panel - not showing open apps.
  206. [kubuntu] Both 7.10 and 8.04 with FGLRX ATI drivers on MPB run hot
  207. [ubuntu] [Macbook Pro] Need Help with Wireless
  208. [xubuntu] Xubuntu Live CD/USB stick session saving
  209. [ubuntu] Desktop Effects on macbook pro?
  210. [ubuntu] Keyboard shortcuts?
  211. [gnome] Mixed results installing Desktop Themes in Gnome
  212. [all variants] OS X Can't find my ext3 Partition anymore
  213. [xubuntu] Installing Xubuntu 6.04.1 Server on PPC 400Mhz iMac
  214. [ubuntu] how to remove ubuntu icon from refit loader?
  215. [ubuntu] macbook 4,1 sound quiet
  216. [ubuntu] live cd and compiz messing hardware?
  217. [ubuntu] After using Ubuntu 8.04 live CD, unable to boot back to OS X
  218. [ubuntu] madwifi performances issue
  219. [ubuntu] MAC OS skin for Ubuntu 8.04
  220. [other] Now don't look at m,e funny, but...
  221. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Bad display flickering running Hardy live CD on PowerBook G4
  222. [xubuntu] Do not see any drives, local or external
  223. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Hardy on Mac: copy/paste & delete forwards
  224. [ubuntu] macbook external monitor flickering + rolling image
  225. [ubuntu] Adding/removing icons in taskbar
  226. [xubuntu] ibook g3 + xubuntu 8.04
  227. [ubuntu] Can't enable tapping on trackpad!
  228. [ubuntu] Amsn sound doesn't work
  229. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] yaboot error
  230. [ubuntu] trying hard(y) on powerbook ti 667gigabit
  231. [ubuntu] VMware or Parallels or Bootcamp
  232. [other] If I try Gtkpod or Amarok, will I compromise ability to use iTunes?
  233. [ubuntu] Filemaker Bento
  234. [ubuntu] Please Help! Can't boot after Ubuntu install (with GRUB installed on hd0 of a GPT hd
  235. [ubuntu] getting hardy to bot
  236. [ubuntu] Brightness Goes Maximum Suddenly
  237. [ubuntu] Intel - Cursor dead on a MacBook Pro 2 gen.
  238. [ubuntu] Dual Moniters on a PPC/Apple G4
  239. [all variants] Setting UUID for new HFS+ partition
  240. [all variants] Grub or rEFIT or both?
  241. [ubuntu] Backing Up from Crashed MacBook Pro
  242. [all variants] [intel] HowTo make the IR remote working
  243. [all variants] Old imac needs desktop & software for kids
  244. [ubuntu] Empty xorg.conf file; what to do?
  245. [ubuntu] Enable control-click on PowerBook trackpad
  246. [ubuntu] Adobe FlashPlayer & others don't run on PowerPC
  247. [xubuntu] can't get widescreen resolution
  248. [all variants] I want an expensive New Mac Pro & Ubuntu Tower; is anything wrong with me?
  249. [ubuntu] Loss Scrolling on BT mouse
  250. [ubuntu] MOL on Hardy Heron