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  1. [all variants] Linux for PowerBook G4
  2. [ubuntu] How many partitions?
  3. [ubuntu] I Need Complete instructions for installation: PowerBook G3 Pismo 500 MHz
  4. [all variants] No kernel updates for Jaunty PPC?
  5. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Backlit Will not adjust
  6. [all variants] Installing from firewire onto an ibook 12" G4.
  7. [SOLVED] Intel Macbook 64-bit: Upgraded to 4GB, 3GB shows up; Video very laggy
  8. [all variants] Microphone too low
  9. [all variants] Processor and RAM not fully utilized?
  10. [ubuntu] no sound in ubuntu on macbook !
  11. [all variants] external harddrive formatting options for osx & ubuntu
  12. [ubuntu] Wireless problem on Macbook 2,1
  13. [kubuntu] Kubuntu Will It work any diffrent on a Mac
  14. [ubuntu] escape key on long aluminium apple keyboard
  15. [ubuntu] computer freezes while installing (ppc)
  16. [all variants] format mac partition on dual boot
  17. [ubuntu] Macbook(5,2) freeze at grub after install ubuntu 9.04
  18. [SOLVED] MBP Mid 2009 Backlit Screen
  19. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on multi-partitioned system
  20. [ubuntu] ppc gets hotter when idle than under load
  21. [ubuntu] iptables problem
  22. [ubuntu] Problems downloading 9.04 for PPC
  23. [ubuntu] iMac 4g 800mhz dead ethernet port, alternatives?
  24. [ubuntu] G4 powermac gigabit cannot open cd?
  25. [ubuntu] Various G3 iMacs
  26. [SOLVED] Repair/Reinstall Grub
  27. [SOLVED] How to install 9.10 on a macbook 5.1
  28. [ubuntu] Mac Mini audio
  29. [ubuntu] Audio Mixer problem when running more than 2 apps (MacBookPro5,1)
  30. [all variants] Imac G4 Problems
  31. [other] Backup and external HD before install Ubuntu
  32. [all variants] boot on mac mini
  33. [all variants] Can I use visudo to allow access to a file?
  34. [kubuntu] Kubuntu install problem: ondemand governor failed
  35. [ubuntu] Deleted Mac Partition Accidentally
  36. [ubuntu] install &/or partition move/resize w/o optical drive but w/external hdd
  37. [ubuntu] Ubuntu as the host OS on Macbook?
  38. [kubuntu] Using KDE hotkeys for dimming LCD and KBD
  39. [all variants] Macbook 2,1 - Completely Lost Sound
  40. [all variants] iMac G5 -- Need help getting wireless working
  41. [ubuntu] Need working yaboot.conf and xorg.conf for Powerbook G4 Ti 9.04
  42. [ubuntu] Audio and Brightness not working on Macbook.
  43. [ubuntu] sound mbp5,1-5,2 alsa
  44. [ubuntu] Invalid ROM contents
  45. [gnome] Default GNOME session won't bring show desktop
  46. [ubuntu] Installing Windows XP on a disk having OSX and Ubuntu 9.04
  47. [ubuntu] Pushing Apple to provide Linux drivers?
  48. [all variants] Live CD gives "[5.162415] Not responding" error after menu selection
  49. [ubuntu] Make BIOS Partition
  50. [kubuntu] Black Menus and context menus Ibook G3
  51. [ubuntu] New to Ubuntu - need help
  52. [ubuntu] No Keyboard Function pre-boot
  53. [all variants] Multitouch Trackpad
  54. [ubuntu] iMac G5 Question
  55. [xubuntu] Triple-Booting Xubuntu after Installing Windows via BootCamp
  56. [ubuntu] MBP 5,5 No Sound with 9.10
  57. [other] Java and PowerPC: Why is it so slow?
  58. [ubuntu] MacbookPro4,1: stuttering keyboard, freezing mouse
  59. [ubuntu] Installation
  60. [ubuntu] Help importing Itunes music
  61. [ubuntu] Important questions before migration
  62. [ubuntu] Howdy Ubuntu on a powerbook
  63. Remote control
  64. [ubuntu] unable to boot macbookpro5-3 ubuntu 9.04
  65. [all variants] HOW TO: Get a desktop on your G3 iMac, if you only have command prompt.
  66. [ubuntu] Switching GPU on MacBook Pro
  67. [ubuntu] installing grub to xp bootcamp
  68. [ubuntu] Installing Jaunty
  69. [ubuntu] Multiple questions on PowerPC G4 Ubuntu 9.04
  70. OS X wants to format my ubuntu
  71. [other] GRUB-PC booting Apples
  72. [gnome] Applet and Network Problems
  73. [all variants] Disable on-board RAM on iBook G3?
  74. [ubuntu] problems restarting ubuntu +snow leopard
  75. [ubuntu] A few problems with 9.10 on MBP 5,1
  76. [ubuntu] Wireless issue PowerBook G4 17"
  77. [all variants] Macbook Pro 5,5 backlit keyboard and brightness controll
  78. [ubuntu] Low resolution projector on macbook 5,5
  79. [SOLVED] Ubuntu on External Firewire
  80. [ubuntu] [howto] enabling wireless on 9.10
  81. [all variants] Ubuntu installation corrupted after updating
  82. [ubuntu] Cannot get Boot camp to Load Ubuntu
  83. [ubuntu] ACPI DMI BIOS year==0. Assuming ACPI capable machine
  84. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Installation on iMAC G3
  85. [ubuntu] ALT GR on iBook G4
  86. [ubuntu_studio] Booting Ubuntu
  87. [ubuntu] MacBook5,1 and Twinview
  88. [ubuntu] changed partition order, need help updating grub2
  89. [all variants] Macbook Pro 5,5 Touchpad
  90. [ubuntu] Wifi Not Showing Up
  91. [ubuntu] Dual Booting OS X and Ubuntu Installation Question
  92. [ubuntu] Can't install applications
  93. [all variants] Graphical Failure
  94. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 Beta on MacBook Pro 5,5
  95. [ubuntu] iMac5,1 won't boot live cd
  96. Accessing a Samba File Server in Mac OS 9.2
  97. [ubuntu] VNC between MacBook 5.2 and Ubuntu 9.04
  98. [ubuntu] Stream iTunes library from mac to ubuntu
  99. [ubuntu] ImacG3 powerpc display
  100. [ubuntu] Trouble compiling kernel 2.6.28 on macbook
  101. [ubuntu] Linux equivalent for MacTheRipper/Toast combo
  102. [ubuntu] GPU Temperature constantly over 65° C
  103. [ubuntu] Cant set up my mouse
  104. [ubuntu] Triple booting 7, OSX, and 9.10 using rEFIt
  105. [ubuntu] I have a dual boot for Windows Vista and OSX on my mac, will wubi work?
  106. [xubuntu] Airport Card Led + Xorg
  107. [ubuntu_studio] cant update from mactel ppa
  108. [kubuntu] No wlan?!
  109. [ubuntu] A warning on segmentation faults with 'rm' in HFS+
  110. [ubuntu] Swap Command and Control keys
  111. [ubuntu] External HDD w/2 partitions (ext3, hfs+) both set up in Ubuntu, neither recog by OSX
  112. [ubuntu] Grub2 REFIT
  113. [xubuntu] iBook heating up
  114. [ubuntu] No access to avahi server from wireless Macbook Pro
  115. [all variants] Grub-Mac,Grub-PC
  116. [ubuntu] G4 500Mhz unable to find CD drivers
  117. [ubuntu] Setup the hashkey on a macbook?
  118. [ubuntu] Can't connect to internet post Kernel Compile (VirtualBox Macbook)
  119. How to Batch Resize Image on Mac OS?? or is there any third-part software can do that
  120. [ubuntu] OK, Linux on my powerbook - osx, How do I do it?
  121. [ubuntu] Jaunty/Karmic SuperDrive in MBP Ejecting Loop
  122. [ubuntu] powerbook G4 Cpu useage, help??
  123. [SOLVED] Synaptic crash
  124. [SOLVED] libdvdcss2, avi and other multimedia files for ppc64.
  125. [ubuntu] mac mini ppc easy configurable groupware
  126. [ubuntu] bad color on imac g3
  127. [ubuntu] Help with removing Linux Swap
  128. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 colors on iMac G3 look horrible!
  129. [ubuntu] ubuntu kinda slow on a G4 powerbook
  130. [ubuntu] Compiz, Nvidia and PowerMac9,1
  131. [SOLVED] "Reboot Workaround?" OR "I'm a Dope, Can You Help?"
  132. Need help creating SOCKS script
  133. [SOLVED] gptsync: GPT partition of type 'Unknown' found, will not touch this disk.
  134. [ubuntu] Battery duration on a new Macbook Pro with Ubuntu
  135. [off or on topic] Sabayon Linux Live DVD runs fine on MBP 5,1
  136. [all variants] Multiple hard drive GRUB issues
  137. Open Firmware
  138. [SOLVED] Problem with Open Office, network printer and G5.
  139. [gnome] Map right command key to alt-gr (ISO_Level3_Shift)
  140. [ubuntu] Funky colors at usplash screen [ibook g3]
  141. [SOLVED] No sound MacBook Pro 3.1
  142. [SOLVED] Fix iMac G3 screen depth on Ubuntu 9.04 with xorg.conf
  143. [ubuntu] No headphones on macbook 5,2
  144. [ubuntu] rEFIt sees ubuntu as "legacy os"
  145. [all variants] Invert the fn key behavior?
  146. How can I ssh from Linux to Mac and pipe GUI apps?
  147. [all variants] No sound on Macbook Pro 3,1
  148. [ubuntu] Need help to recover Jaunty PPC system.
  149. [SOLVED] 9.10 and mighty mouse (macbook 2,1)
  150. [ubuntu] Poor sound on iMac 7,1
  151. [ubuntu] Anyone had Time Machine backing up to an AFP (Netatalk) volume in Snow Leopard?
  152. [ubuntu] Installing with USB on PowerBook (PPC)
  153. [SOLVED] Booting Ubuntu PPC on FireWire HD
  154. [ubuntu] help with triple boot mac, windows 7, ubuntu 9.10
  155. [ubuntu] Xserve G5 Video problem after installation
  156. [other] ./ command woes
  157. [ubuntu] PPC runnung very hot.
  158. [ubuntu] iMac G3=Won't boot after installation.
  159. [all variants] Before I Triple Boot: Is the wiki up-to-date?
  160. [ubuntu] Annoying, but minor problems (MBP)
  161. [xubuntu] Disappearing cursor
  162. [ubuntu] Java jdk won't install
  163. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 4,1 Ubuntu 9.04 Video Card Problem
  164. [ubuntu] My Successful Triple Boot (attempted simple explanation)
  165. [other] Can anyone tell me about downloading itunes software from a 3rd party?
  166. [ubuntu] Whining noice from CPU(Ubuntu 9.10)
  167. [all variants] kernel modesetting problems
  168. [SOLVED] printing from a mac to ubuntu
  169. [ubuntu] Backup Mac Data thru Ubuntu LiveCD
  170. [other] iMac fan issues?
  171. [ubuntu] X Server and Intrepid
  172. [ubuntu] Sound only coming from right speaker...
  173. [all variants] iSight Camera picture is too dark
  174. [ubuntu] GRUB issues with tripple boot mac and rEFit
  175. [ubuntu] Debootstrapping karmic powerpc arch results in error
  176. [ubuntu] Check out this all star setup.
  177. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic bad audio issue.
  178. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic bad audio issue on macbook pro 4.1.
  179. [ubuntu] Problems using Ubuntu 9.10 live cd on Macbook Pro 5,4
  180. [ubuntu] white iMac black screen on startup with Karmic
  181. [ubuntu] Karmic locks up when installing drivers
  182. [ubuntu] 9.04-9.10 upgrade download
  183. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 Brightness problem
  184. [kubuntu] Karmic won't install properly- bootloader/rEFIt issues, it appears
  185. [ubuntu] Write to HFS+ and Set Permissions for Mac HD
  186. [ubuntu] 9.10 - No Audio, MBP5,3
  187. [ubuntu] 9.10 - Adjusting Screen/KB Brightness, MBP5,3
  188. How to unistall Ubuntu from a dual boot with mac OSX tiger
  189. [ubuntu] COMPIZ Not working on VMWARE
  190. [kubuntu] Kubuntu Karmic Koala install?
  191. [SOLVED] Difficulty creating boot disc
  192. [kubuntu] karmic: Random connection loss MBP 5,3
  193. [ubuntu] rEFIt - Ubuntu Partition Not Detected
  194. [ubuntu] 9.10 installed - osx won't boot
  195. [ubuntu] Karmic Too Large
  196. [ubuntu] Easy triple boot; OSX_XP_Koala
  197. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 9.10, Macbook Pro 5,1, OSX 10.6.1 NIGHTMARES
  198. [ubuntu] Can't boot to linux
  199. [ubuntu] MacBook5,2 Completely Screwed due to dual boot
  200. [ubuntu] Grub2 on Mac Mini with USB Drive?
  201. [ubuntu] iBook display support
  202. [ubuntu] Windows on PPC Mac
  203. [SOLVED] Triple Boot: Mac OS X, Karmic 9.10, Windows XP on MacBook 1.1
  204. [ubuntu] sensors (temp and light) on macbook 5.5
  205. [ubuntu] macbook 2.1 trackpad problems
  206. [SOLVED] Two finger scrolling on MacBook Pro 5,5 with Karmic
  207. [ubuntu] Evolution and "leave mail on server"
  208. [ubuntu] No sound MacBook Pro (5,2)
  209. [edubuntu] MacBook 2,1 Edubuntu 9.10 Touchpad
  210. [ubuntu] The Battery performance is good on Macbook?
  211. [ubuntu] upgrade to grub2 first before 9.10???
  212. [ubuntu] 1920x1200 Resolution
  213. [SOLVED] MacBook Pro 5,3 Force Eject CD Help
  214. [ubuntu] 9.10 Macbook 5,1 Audio Issue
  215. [ubuntu] help! Black screen at log in after 9.10 ugrade
  216. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 9.10 spacebar not working
  217. [ubuntu] Streamtuner bug
  218. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro / Ubuntu 9.10 / WLAN
  219. [ubuntu] strange mbp51 keyboard behaviour: Ctrl+C gives ψ instead of ^C
  220. [ubuntu] Sharing Files on a seperate partition in OS X
  221. [ubuntu] Touchpad two-finger accidental scroll
  222. [ubuntu] Mac & PC Data Disk
  223. [ubuntu] Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard on 9.10
  224. [ubuntu] Gnome Do problems
  225. [gnome] applets not working on menu
  226. [ubuntu] Help with read/write privilages
  227. [ubuntu] ifuse fails in Karamic
  228. [SOLVED] Reinstall Wireless Drivers for 9.10 for MacBook Pro
  229. [SOLVED] no audio thru built-in speakers: ubuntu 9.1 on iMac
  230. [ubuntu] UBUNTU PowerPC and Flash Petition
  231. [ubuntu] recovering files from crashed macbook
  232. [ubuntu] PPC G4 Powerbook running 9.10 events process using lots of CPU
  233. TextEdit
  234. [ubuntu] Ubuntu cd isnīt recognized
  235. [SOLVED] [Help] Apple PowerBook G4 Distro.
  236. [ubuntu] Fixing an unbootable Ubuntu 9.10 x64 install
  237. [ubuntu] some things turned off at boot
  238. [ubuntu] Black Screen of Death
  239. [ubuntu] ubuntu 9.10 make 7zip fail benchmark
  240. [all variants] Magic Mouse
  241. [ubuntu] Can you partition a Powerbook hard drive during install?
  242. [xubuntu] Xubuntu does not mount my 2nd int. HD
  243. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,5 won't boot Ubuntu
  244. [ubuntu] "Installing" Frostwire on PPC64.
  245. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 9.10 major firefox rendering issues (MBP 3,1)
  246. [ubuntu] Serious Kernel Problem after Standby 9.10 Mb 2.1
  247. [xubuntu] 9.10 crashes X when xorg.conf used
  248. [ubuntu] upgrade to Karmic no boot eth1 craziness
  249. [ubuntu] touchpad more sensitive vertically than horizontally
  250. Need to run Photorec from live CD on a 128MB eMac