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  1. [ubuntu] linux to create a mac startup disk?
  2. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on iMac G5
  3. [xubuntu] How to uninstall Xubuntu?
  4. [ubuntu] G3/4 Ibook problem installs, Alternate PPC and Full PPC
  5. [ubuntu] where is the documentation for macbook pro 3.1 jaunty?
  6. [all variants] Compiz/Metacity Image Quality
  7. [ubuntu] returning from from..init(stalls)
  8. [ubuntu] No bass with Intel iMac 7,1 - I've tried so many things!
  9. [ubuntu] Mac Mini and HDMI
  10. [ubuntu] improve playback
  11. [ubuntu] Struggling with 3D Video Acceleration - 15" Powerbook G4
  12. [ubuntu] iBook G4 flash player plugin?
  13. [ubuntu] How do I make sound work on iMac8,1?
  14. [other] triple VMWare
  15. [ubuntu] Cannot Login after fresh install
  16. [ubuntu] HFS+ won't mount
  17. [ubuntu] Booted OSX with T hotkey... can't back up disk...
  18. [ubuntu] PPC Mac 2nd screen setup
  19. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 4.1, triple boot installation help. OS X, 7, and Jaunty
  20. [all variants] coretemp Errata AE18 not fixed
  21. [all variants] PPC wifi master mode issue
  22. [ubuntu] MacBookPro 5,1 return key keeps getting stuck
  23. [ubuntu] Jaunty Live CD on Intel iMac?
  24. [ubuntu] Can't get 8.10 working on Powerbook G4 667mhz
  25. [ubuntu] Trackpad stops working after installing update for Windows (Macbook5,1).
  26. [xubuntu] iMac G3 - can't log in, username/pass not found
  27. [ubuntu] Ubuntu running in VirtualBox on Mac Mini
  28. [ubuntu] Buying a MacBook Pro
  29. [ubuntu] isight disappeared
  30. [ubuntu] Reinstalling OS X on a dualboot with rEFIt
  31. [ubuntu] Which version should I use?
  32. [SOLVED] Help to install on Mac PPC
  33. [all variants] formatting iphone 3G
  34. [ubuntu] ibook G4 issues - flash as well as installing leopard
  35. [ubuntu] CompizConfig Settings Manager does nothing
  36. [other] Lniux Kernel 2.6 Apple iPod Port
  37. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 and OS-X 10.4
  38. [ubuntu] Mac Mini ubuntu server 8.04LTS FW400 HDD not mounting
  39. [ubuntu] Having trouble trying to boot back to OS X
  40. [ubuntu] alsa-base.conf for macbook 1,1 (output to line-in)
  41. [ubuntu] Reinstalled Jaunty, now 2 linux icons appear at rEFIt boot: Can I reinstall rEFIt?
  42. [kubuntu] MacbookPro5,5 microphone skype
  43. [ubuntu] Accessing files on the Mac partition
  44. [ubuntu] iSight
  45. [ubuntu] Updating the kernel boot in MBP 5,2
  46. [ubuntu] Lost all my data on a partition
  47. [ubuntu] Things.app clone
  48. [ubuntu] Expanding_Ubuntu_partition
  49. [ubuntu] Having Problems Installing Ubuntu on my two Macs
  50. [all variants] How to remove an entry from rEFIt-menu?
  51. [ubuntu] [Mac Mini] Dual Boot, Restart Lockup, Now Can't Boot ANYTHING!
  52. [ubuntu] Volume increments… too harsh on MacBook Pro 2,2 Ubuntu 9.04
  53. [ubuntu] How to create an ad-hoc wireless connection between Jaunty (on MBP5,1) and Intrepid
  54. [all variants] Apple aluminum keyboard
  55. Partitioning problems using BootCamp
  56. [ubuntu] Audio and Wacom issues
  57. [ubuntu] Has anyone successfully wiped OS X and put grub/linux on macbook?
  58. [ubuntu] Yes another sounds thread (unibody MBP 15")
  59. [ubuntu] External Hard Drive Format
  60. [all variants] Ubuntu PPC no longer boots, only OSX
  61. [ubuntu] No sound in Jaunty - MacBook 5,2
  62. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,2 - Ubuntu Jaunty - Battery monitor
  63. [all variants] Why is BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n listed in <linuxwireless.org> as unsupported?
  64. [other] Fancy menu for GRUB EFI
  65. [ubuntu] Mac Mini PPC Media Center, iTunes and remote controller
  66. [all variants] Completley removing Ubuntu
  67. [ubuntu] MacBook touchpad let-go delay feature inquiry
  68. [ubuntu] Mac OS doesn't find linux partition at Opt-Startup
  69. [ubuntu] Grub Hangs with triple boot... anyone else?
  70. [ubuntu] Just Installed Ubuntu (Jaunty) on my Unibody MBP 13" Need some help
  71. [all variants] cpufreq: cannot switch to ondemand/conservative governor
  72. [all variants] Macbook ubuntu wiki Sound typo?
  73. [ubuntu] PPC ubuntu 6.06 bonobo startup problem (solved)
  74. [ubuntu] help recovering boot sector on Mac Pro
  75. [ubuntu] Ubuntu LiveCD>GParted>HFS+ Journaled...
  76. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Doesn't read all my RAM?
  77. [ubuntu] Cross platform Thunderbird syncing/sharing email, contacts and calendars.
  78. [ubuntu] Cannot get isight to work / Fan control recommended? / Snow Leopard install problems?
  79. [ubuntu] Ubuntu won't load?
  80. [ubuntu] iMac wifi problems
  81. [ubuntu] Cursor skips on Macbook Pro
  82. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] No Sound on resume from hibernation MBP 5,3
  83. [ubuntu] keyboard stopped working on my mactel!
  84. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 brightness changes in too little steps
  85. [ubuntu] Screen too bright in Jaunty on Intel iMac
  86. [xubuntu] iMac g3 - "please wait, loading kernel"
  87. [ubuntu] Some fixes after install ubuntu
  88. [ubuntu] Triple Boot, already have OS X and XP
  89. [ubuntu] Ubuntu home server
  90. help! can't eject cd from intel mac mini!
  91. [all variants] Remove GRUB from partition (not mbr)
  92. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 8.10 PPC - app. launch problem
  93. [ubuntu] Problem with wireless network
  94. [all variants] Linux on an eMac
  95. [ubuntu] Failure to resume in Jaunty on MacBookPro4,1
  96. [ubuntu] Wired "Ubuntu" User problem...
  97. [xfce] my xfce menu keeps closing
  98. [SOLVED] iSight Jaunty problems
  99. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on PPC Mac - So Frustrated!
  100. Will upgrading to Snow Leopard fubar grub?
  101. [ubuntu] install xp on a macbook pro with OSX and Jaunty already installed
  102. [ubuntu] How to boot Ubuntu from a usb on Mac??
  103. [SOLVED] MacBookPro4,1 wireless does not work under Jaunty
  104. [xubuntu] GDM fail Powerbook G4
  105. [ubuntu] I'm almost there...
  106. [SOLVED] jollyFastVNC doesn't refresh the screen. [remote desktop]
  107. Mac OS Encryptions
  108. [ubuntu] Ubuntu with OS 9 and OS X - No root file system is defined
  109. [SOLVED] Time! It's too expensive...
  110. [ubuntu] startupmanager not starting
  111. [ubuntu] How to remove grub and reinstall Mac OS X
  112. [ubuntu] Touchpad isn't right!
  113. [ubuntu] Apple remote does not work
  114. [ubuntu] imac 8,1 with nvidia graphics
  115. [ubuntu] Mighty Mouse Wireless on Mac
  116. [ubuntu] First Gen eMac (Nvidia) Blank Display
  117. [ubuntu] sources.list Ubuntu 9.04 PowerPC
  118. [xubuntu] How do I import vCards from Apple's address book into Thunderbird?
  119. [ubuntu] Share internet from Mac?
  120. [ubuntu] Want to Dual-Boot MacBook with Linux
  121. [ubuntu] Booting from a USB key
  122. [SOLVED] Triple Booting - Almost there!
  123. [SOLVED] Installing Linux on old Mac
  124. [ubuntu] rEFIt, Ubuntu, & Snow Leopard - Why don't they play nice?
  125. [kubuntu] Kubuntu 9.04 Install Fails
  126. [all variants] HFS volume becomes unwriteable after removal (without unmounting)
  127. Home sharing, Arch with Mac OS X
  128. [ubuntu] Problems with isight-firmware-tools
  129. [ubuntu] PowerPC Install Troubles
  130. [ubuntu] Screen Brightness
  131. [all variants] Experienced T41 Ubuntu user w/ ?s about macmini
  132. [ubuntu] I need read/write permits on osx partition!
  133. [ubuntu] Backup strategy for a Jaunty box and an IMac
  134. [ubuntu] Partitioning
  135. [ubuntu] Easy Backup of everything?
  136. [ubuntu] iSight Problems
  137. [all variants] Batt Life: It Sucks!
  138. [ubuntu] Could Snow perhaps solve my install/HD problem?
  139. [ubuntu] Tons of problems with iMac g3 ubuntu install
  140. [ubuntu] Has anyone got ubuntu working on a MacBook 5,2?
  141. [ubuntu_studio] A small problem.
  142. [all variants] Macintosh Powerbook 3400c help
  143. [ubuntu] Anyone installed Snow Leopard yet?
  144. [ubuntu] Strange behaviour during typing
  145. [kubuntu] Help upgrading from Feisty (PPC)
  146. [ubuntu] Snow Leopard and Ubuntu 9.04
  147. [ubuntu] Sharing Files Across Network
  148. [ubuntu] G3 ibook + Ubuntu 9.04 + Wacom Graphire 4 = tablet (almost)
  149. [ubuntu] Very weird sound problem
  150. Help please... spilled water...
  151. [ubuntu] USB Devices not showing up on VirtualBox Ubuntu Install
  152. [all variants] iMac G3 keyboard not fully recognized
  153. [SOLVED] desktop sharing with mac(server) and ubuntu(client)
  154. [ubuntu] Cant boot from CD
  155. [ubuntu] ibook G4 -ubuntu 9.04 right-click remap
  156. [ubuntu] RAID formating
  157. [ubuntu] Apple Ibook G3 - Won't Boot From CD
  158. [all variants] How to create a Live-USB-Stick, that is able to boot a Mac
  159. [ubuntu] Firefox crashes entire system
  160. [all variants] mfc-daemon: hot to launch it?
  161. [ubuntu] How to create Live-USB stick for MBA
  162. [ubuntu] iBook G4 questions
  163. [ubuntu] BlueTooth and Boot Camp
  164. [all variants] Maybe a tricky question
  165. [ubuntu] 9.04 PPC Movie DVD, read error when trying to play disc.
  166. [all variants] HOWTO: Give your PPC Mac that 25%+ boost w/FreeVec
  167. [ubuntu] Jaunty PPC Xorg.conf completely blank?
  168. [ubuntu] [iMac 24"] Many problems
  169. [ubuntu] No Scrolling with MX1000 Mouse (bluetooth) Macbook
  170. [ubuntu] Emerald Theme Manager causes Ubuntu to freeze.
  171. [ubuntu] Sound on Macbook Pro 5,3
  172. OSX Virtual. Possible?
  173. [ubuntu] Resizing 3d Cube on 13" Macbook?
  174. [all variants] Sources.list for Ubuntu 6.10
  175. [ubuntu] Imag g4 Lamp video
  176. [ubuntu] detect firewire sound card ediro fa-66 on ppc PowerMac G4
  177. [ubuntu] xwindow image displacement
  178. Approprate size for a partition
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Were is my airport?
  180. Making the bootable OSX USB in Ubuntu
  181. [all variants] Installing from within OS X?
  182. [all variants] format replacement hard drive for PPC without Mac tools?
  183. [kubuntu] kubuntu 9.04 powerpc has bad color in live boot (and other minor problems)
  184. [ubuntu] Boot and suspend pommed brightness issues
  185. [xubuntu] mac g4 450mhtz black with curser floating in space.
  186. [kubuntu] Ibook G3 Kubuntu Work in Progress
  187. [all variants] Sync for PowerPC
  188. [ubuntu] black flashing screen and apple logo at the login
  189. UNR on Mac iBook?
  190. [SOLVED] airport card
  191. [all variants] Mac unbootable after install on an USB stick
  192. [ubuntu] apple intel - where to download right version ubuntu?
  193. [ubuntu] PPC Encryption on Jaunty
  194. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 ppc slow on iBook
  195. [ubuntu] Send the Apple Command key with a normal keyboard?
  196. [xubuntu] Flash etc to work imac G3 Xubuntu
  197. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 + Macbook Pro + Performance
  198. [ubuntu] apple keyboard for ubuntu
  199. [ubuntu] iSight acting like firmware is not installed
  200. [ubuntu] iMac8,1 overheating/screen burn in
  201. [ubuntu] Is there any way to get iSight working without dual booting OS X?
  202. [ubuntu] PPC Install Headaches
  203. [SOLVED] Lost NetworkManager, now lost internet
  204. MythTV on Mac OS X
  205. [ubuntu] black dots along top of display
  206. [ubuntu] Two icons one Ubuntu
  207. [all variants] $10 emac needs an os
  208. Multi-touch touchpad interaction request
  209. [ubuntu] Jaunty Xorg won't work on Pismo; tried all suggested fixes
  210. [xubuntu] Offline Installers for PPC?
  211. [ubuntu] Touchpad feeling quite slow after suspend/resume
  212. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 6.06 + iBook G4
  213. [ubuntu] Network UPS Tools Packaging Problem
  214. [ubuntu] Squeezecenter - will not load from repository for PPC
  215. [ubuntu] Permission Problems on a Dual-Booted Macbook Pro
  216. [all variants] Swap Right_Alt Key with Fn Key on MBP
  217. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on iBook G4 with no super driv
  218. [ubuntu] Drivers
  219. [other] How to watch youtube clips without flash-gnash etc on PPC
  220. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04, rEFIt, and Mac OS X 10.6.1
  221. [ubuntu] some questions, none urgent :)
  222. [ubuntu] ahhhh... a black screen :'(
  223. [ubuntu] rEFIt sometimes boots very slowly
  224. [ubuntu] Fiber Optic Sound Output?
  225. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 / MacPro3,1 - Grub hangs
  226. [SOLVED] Need some direction with Macbook5,2 usb install
  227. [ubuntu] Grub2 via refit on Mactel 4.1
  228. [ubuntu] powerbook g4 heat
  229. [SOLVED] installing winxp after osx and ubuntu
  230. NTFS activities interfering with HFS+ in dual boot?
  231. [all variants] Where to download linux for PowerPC
  232. [ubuntu] Parallels
  233. [ubuntu] MBP trackpad configured works well, but "sticks" after doing copy/paste
  234. [ubuntu] MBP set to "ondemand", defaults to "performance" on fresh boot-up. How stop this?
  235. [ubuntu] rEFIt not working with OSX 10.6.1?
  236. [SOLVED] Screen Sharing with Mac OS X Leopard and Ubuntu 9.04
  237. [SOLVED] Mac OS X x86 Install ISO from EHDD
  238. [ubuntu] Why does Jaunty crash so much?
  239. [ubuntu] Mac on my ubuntu
  240. [kubuntu] Installing kubuntu 9.04 on a macbook pro 5,5
  241. [ubuntu] envy <> for ppc
  242. G3 iMac - freezes at Debain log-in screen
  243. [ubuntu] PPC crashes, then taskbar wiped out.
  244. [all variants] Booting from external hard drive.
  245. [all variants] let's get ppc flash
  246. [ubuntu] Will I be able to boot from hd if I ...
  247. [all variants] GRUB2 Help.
  248. [SOLVED] MacBook Pro 5,4 Tweaking help
  249. [all variants] Linux for PowerBook G4
  250. [ubuntu] How many partitions?