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  1. [ubuntu] macbook pro 1.1: reFit doesn't see ubuntu partition anymore!
  2. [ubuntu] refit for triple boot - remove legacy os from boot menu
  3. [ubuntu] Jaunty on Macbook - internet connection help?
  4. [ubuntu] boosting sound macbook
  5. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a mac Wireless problems
  6. [ubuntu] Screen size support virtual Ubuntu install
  7. [ubuntu] Cannot use keyboard (Macbook 5,1) after attempting touchpad fix
  8. [all variants] EFI 64bit, Grub, and Nvidia w/ elio questions
  9. [other] Dualboot OSX and Ubuntu on a Powermac?
  10. [other] Is this possible?
  11. [ubuntu] Gnash black screen on PPC Ubuntu 9.04
  12. [all variants] Booting linux off of the HD and a USB drive (MacBook 4,1)
  13. [ubuntu] Problem on Macbook 5,2
  14. [ubuntu] Can't mount Linux disk from OSX !
  15. [other] grub hangs after memory upgrade (4gb, ram, stage2)
  16. [ubuntu] Brasero Not Burning
  17. [ubuntu] (Jaunty, PPC G5) yikes! Gnome panels just randomly disappeared upon log in today.
  18. [ubuntu] Partition format that Mac OS X can mount
  19. [ubuntu] Getting wireless to work
  20. [ubuntu] Disable Macbook screen when external present?
  21. Macbook Problem!
  22. [ubuntu] Help with partitioning please?
  23. [ubuntu] need boot/partition help
  24. [ubuntu] powermac b&w rev1 proceser always at 100% in ubuntu
  25. [xubuntu] Questions related to my iBook G3
  26. [ubuntu] iBook G4 installation fails at 33%
  27. [ubuntu] Ubuntu does not recognize Audio CD
  28. [ubuntu] Uninstalling on a dual boot?
  29. [all variants] lirc configuration issues
  30. [ubuntu] iBook G3 (Dual USB) won't boot from CD?
  31. [ubuntu] Sync Partitions on External Drive
  32. [ubuntu] ubuntu live cd does not work on my g4 ibook. help!
  33. [ubuntu] forgotten username/passwd and no GRUB menu
  34. [all variants] Would this partition table work?
  35. [ubuntu] transmission where have you gone?
  36. [ubuntu] macbook pro fan always full speed
  37. [ubuntu] iBook Dual USB doesn't let me change resolutions.
  38. [ubuntu] Accessing OS X partition in Ubuntu?
  39. [all variants] Triboot with external hard drive - legacy OS ??
  40. [ubuntu] Drivers for dvdr/cdr on Macbook?
  41. [ubuntu] how to read files from hfs+
  42. [ubuntu] Using kile or texmaker with texlive 2008
  43. [kubuntu] apple ipod 3rd gen help
  44. [ubuntu] Brightness too high in ubuntu, cant change w/ apple keyboard as in os x or windows xp
  45. [all variants] must a partition be unmounted to use dd to clone/back it up?
  46. [ubuntu] How do I get Ununtu to write to external drives previously used with Mac?
  47. [ubuntu] initializing gfx code
  48. [ubuntu] mac pro raid card
  49. [ubuntu] Airport Extreme wireless device not working
  50. [ubuntu] Power Mac G4 video blues
  51. [ubuntu] ibook
  52. [all variants] Triple/Quad Boot?
  53. [ubuntu] Executing Executables
  54. [ubuntu] Keyboard Mixup
  55. [ubuntu] mic & airport problems on macbook 1,1
  56. [ubuntu] apple remote on macbook 1,1
  57. [ubuntu] What is the best way to transfer music to iPhone OS 2.2.1 on Ubuntu today?
  58. [ubuntu] Crashes when accessing file share from macbook pro to ubuntu using samba
  59. [ubuntu] G5 won't boot from LiveCD
  60. [ubuntu] ubuntu 9.04 jaunty doesn't boot anymore on MacBook Pro 3,1
  61. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a Macbook Questions
  62. [ubuntu] where to find md5checksums for powerpc distro's
  63. [ubuntu] MacBook keyboard not working Jaunty
  64. [ubuntu] Opening a Fat32 external disk
  65. [all variants] 9.04 on virtual box. any drawbacks to the install?
  66. [all variants] how about WUBI in boot camp windblows?
  67. [kde] Getting KDE 4.2 on Hardy
  68. [ubuntu] Can't boot XP from CD
  69. [ubuntu] G4 iBook and Jaunty woes
  70. [ubuntu] Root user access denied
  71. [ubuntu] Help with trackpad stupid mistake in a MBP 5,1
  72. [ubuntu] sound whoes and very bad flash performance
  73. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu Ibook G3
  74. [all variants] Remap Apple/Command Key to be ctrl key?
  75. [ubuntu] Mac Volume Keys?
  76. [ubuntu] Sensitivity slider has no effect
  77. [ubuntu] 9.04 on a Pismo Laptop (Powerbook G3 Firewire)
  78. [ubuntu] ubuntu9.04 on macbook 5,2 can't take me into virtual termianl..
  79. [ubuntu] disappering ubuntu!!!(b&w rev1 powermac g3)
  80. [ubuntu] Unbuntu Install Problems Desktop G4
  81. [ubuntu] Apple drivers installed in Mini Installation?
  82. [ubuntu] Ubuntu installed on ppc g5 boot to black screen
  83. [ubuntu] Mac Pro Bootloader Issues
  84. [ubuntu] File Sharing
  85. [ubuntu] Attempting to load OSX via VirtualBox OSE
  86. [ubuntu] Need partitioning advice for Ubuntu and OS X dual boot
  87. [ubuntu] Garbled screen while Ubuntu starts up
  88. [ubuntu] mac mini w/ Nvidia chipset - boot after power failure
  89. [kde] Inverted KDE 4 icons?
  90. [ubuntu] Keyboard layout on unibody MBP with Jaunty
  91. [ubuntu] PowerPC + mach64 xorg driver == FAIL ??
  92. [ubuntu] imac G5 CPU fan windfarm working hard
  93. Mac Os X refund? (ala windows refund?)
  94. [ubuntu] Installing 32bit onto external HD on iMac
  95. [ubuntu] Intrepid Upgrade Problems...
  96. [ubuntu] instalation problems on Macbook
  97. [ubuntu] Need help with Ubuntu Install on G4
  98. [ubuntu] Touchpad problems on a MBP 5,1
  99. [ubuntu] IMac won't shut down using "shut down command"
  100. [ubuntu] ANY flash player HELP ubuntu PPC v6.10
  101. [ubuntu] Closing MacBook while running
  102. [ubuntu] Un
  103. [ubuntu] Drives Stuck in Read-Only status
  104. [ubuntu] Ubuntu won't mount root partition...
  105. [ubuntu] Writing to an hfs+ formatted disk with mac osx operating system on it
  106. [ubuntu] Wireless Driver
  107. [ubuntu] Help for Installing Ubuntu on MBP 5,4
  108. [ubuntu] A Couple of newbie Questions
  109. [ubuntu] enabling wifi on leopard macbook?
  110. [ubuntu] Pairing Apple Wireless keyboard (aluminum) using console in Jaunty
  111. [all variants] swfdec vs gnash
  112. [ubuntu] Frozen grub on MacBook 5,2
  113. [ubuntu] What can I expect? -Brand New iMac 24"
  114. [other] (ppc) pci ide card in ubuntu
  115. [ubuntu] Touchpad Stray Scolling
  116. [ubuntu] Mac mini issue!!!
  117. [all variants] OSX 10.5.7 on MSI Wind U100 + Jaunty: use rEFIt or not?
  118. [ubuntu] Getting Nvidia 9400 GPU to work on Macbook 5,1
  119. Burning Ubuntu from a DMG
  120. The Useful Way of How to Put Video and Music on Your Phone
  121. [all variants] help with ppc kernel?
  122. [ubuntu] ibook g3 9.04 unable to login
  123. [ubuntu] Reboot jailbroken ipod touch using linux
  124. [ubuntu] Macbook wireless from Ububtu
  125. [ubuntu] Minimal 64bit install, getting all Mac drivers working?
  126. [xubuntu] suspend and hibernate not working
  127. [ubuntu] SlooooooooowBuntu
  128. [SOLVED] Lirc Macbook pro 1,1 Jaunty 9.04
  129. [ubuntu] Help please - failed USB drive can't boot ubuntu
  130. [all variants] Linux install
  131. [ubuntu] Failed boot sector
  132. [ubuntu] Expand Partition Map
  133. [ubuntu] I can't get sound working on iMac8,1
  134. [all variants] I can't take it anymore!!
  135. [ubuntu] Imac g3 ppc users dream xorg.conf,read!!!
  136. [ubuntu] Display issues
  137. [ubuntu] Mac powerpc g4 install hangs detecting hardware
  138. [ubuntu] Locked after UID change
  139. [ubuntu] Controlling MacBook terminal from Ubuntu terminal
  140. [ubuntu] Improve battery life and ACPI functions on the macbookpro
  141. [ubuntu] Running Ubuntu on iBook G4
  142. [ubuntu] can't read mkv file on mac os that were copied from ubuntu
  143. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 freezes when trying to play video files
  144. [ubuntu] iSight works just tweak firmware location
  145. [xubuntu] Powerbook G4 dial-up usb modem not detected
  146. [xubuntu] usb mic control
  147. [xubuntu] Abiword strange Keyboard behavior
  148. [all variants] PowerPC yaboot Turn Off Splash
  149. [ubuntu] Mouseemu Not Working G3 iBook PowerPC
  150. [all variants] Wireless problem in Ubuntu with some cards.
  151. [ubuntu] iMac G5 wireless/driver issues!
  152. [ubuntu] how to make external hd talk to OSX and linux?
  153. [all variants] Mounting ext2/3 under OSX Options
  154. [all variants] (Macbook) Sound almost on par with OS X, need help with Headphones
  155. [ubuntu] no ppc-codecs??
  156. [ubuntu] Macbok Pro Graphics Question
  157. [ubuntu] Bless Linux Parition with no OS X installed?
  158. [all variants] Apple Boot Key?...
  159. [ubuntu] Mounting apple hard drive in ubuntu with admin permissions
  160. uninstalling os x and installing ubuntu?
  161. [ubuntu] Macbook2,1 wireless detects but doesn't connect
  162. [ubuntu] help with the config in ppc
  163. [ubuntu] Problems viewing videos im Ubuntu
  164. [ubuntu_studio] RT kernel problems
  165. [ubuntu] Con't connect using Airport card on Macbook
  166. [ubuntu] g4 powerbook white screen on restart
  167. [ubuntu] Crossover and the Optical Unit
  168. [ubuntu] stable flash in Jaunty
  169. [ubuntu] PowerMac G4 Installation Problems with 9.04
  170. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 1,1 Ubuntu 9.04 Install Help
  171. [ubuntu] Ubuntu PPC on iMac G4
  172. [ubuntu] elilo efi bootloader - apple macs
  173. [ubuntu] How to Uninstall 7.10 Gutsy from 2007 Mac Mini?
  174. [ubuntu] Sound on MacPro
  175. [ubuntu] Need To Archive Ubuntu Partition as Backup
  176. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,1 Sound
  177. [ubuntu] Which Graphics Card is being used? 9600M or 9600mGT?
  178. [ubuntu] Open issues with Jaunty on MacBook Pro 5,1
  179. [ubuntu] Jaunty powerpc - set main HFS partition as New World... trying to recover data.
  180. [other] Editing mbr using ubuntu to install windows?
  181. [kubuntu] SLI woes
  182. [ubuntu] cannot type mail addresses
  183. [ubuntu] Problem on install to External HDD for Apple
  184. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Mac OS X - Alone or Dual???
  185. [ubuntu] [Ubuntu/Kubuntu (not yet sure] Mac OS X and Linux Dual Booting?
  186. [xubuntu] Cant access OS X after Xubuntu install
  187. [ubuntu] uninstall UBUNTU9 from PB G4 Ti
  188. [all variants] Intel GMA Graphics boost
  189. [xubuntu] Flash and iPhone support (PPC)
  190. [ubuntu] Make it run cooler?
  191. [ubuntu] Sound Keyboard Functions
  192. [ubuntu] iMac CRT Losses the time configuration on Ubuntu 5.04
  193. [xubuntu] How do I install Xubuntu on a iBook Clamshell?
  194. [ubuntu] mac pro raid card compatible drivers
  195. [ubuntu] 4 Macs and no Ubuntu on PPC
  196. [ubuntu] Expanding partitions
  197. [ubuntu] Trouble getting rEFIt to work on new MBP
  198. [ubuntu] Grub Error 8
  199. [ubuntu] G3 iMac FIX xorg.conf for Jaunty Low Graphics Mode
  200. [ubuntu] Display alignment on iMac
  201. [ubuntu] Bootloader problem
  202. [ubuntu] install and run persistent sdhc 9.04
  203. [ubuntu] website job
  204. HFS+ support on Windows 7
  205. [ubuntu] Macbook Aluminum
  206. [ubuntu] Question on configuring MBP 5-2 for use with Jaunty
  207. [ubuntu] Where did my applets go?
  208. [ubuntu] How to turn off auto-adjust for screen brightness with Jaunty/MBP5-2?
  209. [ubuntu] Mac Mini Sound Issue
  210. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 with XP and Ubuntu - Trouble installing
  211. [ubuntu] Allowing Ubuntu to write on Mac Partitions
  212. [ubuntu] Prob reading from Mac HFS+ External Bootable Bkup Drive
  213. [ubuntu] mactel - MacBookPro5,2 17'' temps question
  214. [ubuntu] MacBook 5-2 early 09 Installing using Mactel Support Docs for MB5-1
  215. [ubuntu] Networking with Mac OS X.4
  216. [ubuntu] Macbook book pro 3,1
  217. [other] Firewall from Airport extreme
  218. [ubuntu] Sound not resuming after a suspend.
  219. [ubuntu] graphics don't work on macpro 4,1
  220. [ubuntu] Restart problem
  221. [ubuntu] Mouseemu -typing-block call has no effect
  222. [all variants] Bouncing a FLASHy idea around
  223. [other] Triple Boot (OSX/Windows/Ubuntu) + 4th DATA Partition?
  224. [all variants] Macbook 1,1 hibernation drains the battery
  225. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro without a CD drive
  226. [xubuntu] installing xubuntu
  227. [ubuntu] How Can I Dual-Boot OS9 And Ubuntu 6
  228. [ubuntu] iMac G3 cannot boot from CD
  229. [ubuntu] adblcok makes my macbook freeze
  230. [ubuntu] external monitor support for ubuntu 8.04 and macbook 3,1 (santa rosa)
  231. [SOLVED] The most ambiguous two lines I've ever read in a wiki!
  232. [ubuntu] Macbook beeps on Restart
  233. [ubuntu] macbook without refit
  234. mac holds on apple logo
  235. [ubuntu] Jaunty runs hot on MBP compared to OSX
  236. [ubuntu] 1440x900 resolution in Macbookpro5,5
  237. [ubuntu] Giving normal user full access to the shared folder in VMWare fusion
  238. [ubuntu] Security Volume
  239. [all variants] I cannot get Ubuntu 9.04 to use my network card
  240. [all variants] Is It Possible to Turn off iMac G4 "FlowerPot" Screen?
  241. [ubuntu] Only 2GB RAM gets detected
  242. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox
  243. [kubuntu] No sound Ubuntu MacBook 5,1
  244. [ubuntu] MacBook 5,1 (NOT PRO) mic
  245. [ubuntu] any fix for macbook 3,1 speaker quality in hardy?
  246. [ubuntu] Boot Camp dual boot 13 inch macbook pro
  247. [ubuntu] Graphical glitches running Jaunty on MacBookPro1,1 w/ large screen setup
  248. [ubuntu] Cannot access Ubuntu hard drive in Mac Pro
  249. [ubuntu] CompizFusion
  250. [ubuntu] Can't Boot Into OSX!