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  1. [all variants] Install Jaunty Jackalope PPC will not boot
  2. Small Live CD OS
  3. [ubuntu] Adding Ubuntu to Multiboot Drive on PPC G4 DA
  4. [ubuntu] The networkApplet manager Keyring problem
  5. [ubuntu] Where is the Fn key on a G4 desktop?
  6. [ubuntu] 9.04 / Mac Mini PPC 1.42 / RV280 / bad 3D performance
  7. [ubuntu] Safe Mode?
  8. [ubuntu] OK, Explain This to me...
  9. [all variants] 6.06 to 6.10 PPC upgrade
  10. [ubuntu] Keyboard doesn't work
  11. [ubuntu] 9.04 on MacBook Pro 2.1?
  12. [ubuntu] how to use a external firewire iSight-Webcam with Ubuntu?
  13. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,1 touchpad randomly freezes in 9.04
  14. [ubuntu] Keyboards & mouse problems on macbook 4.1 with ubuntu 9.04
  15. [ubuntu] white screen at boot lasts forever...
  16. [SOLVED] Imac G5 - lines on screen
  17. [ubuntu] help getting ext3 drive to be recognized
  18. [all variants] Anyway to switch GPUs in MacBook Pros?
  19. [ubuntu] Apple G3 and G4 Black Screen ATI rage 128
  20. [ubuntu] Dual/Triple boot OS X 2 drives
  21. [ubuntu] OpenOffice.org on iMac PPC with 8.10
  22. [ubuntu] PPC Java
  23. [ubuntu] Problems transferring files from OSX hdd
  24. [ubuntu] unibody macbook pro, what is the right alt/option key?
  25. [ubuntu] No WiFi Intel iMac x64 install Ubuntu 9.x
  26. [ubuntu_studio] a few macbook questions
  27. [ubuntu] bcm5974 doesn't work on MacBook 5.1
  28. [ubuntu] install ubuntu 9.04 on macmini g4
  29. [all variants] So is there a video driver for powerbook G4 IIs?
  30. [ubuntu] catalyst 9.5 x86 released!!
  31. [ubuntu] Hey all just upgraded and wanted some help / opinions
  32. [all variants] Cannot boot imac g3
  33. [kubuntu] Kubuntu 9.x MBP doesn't sleep?
  34. [ubuntu] Ubuntu boot to disc problem
  35. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro X1600 Multiple Xscreens on Jaunty
  36. [ubuntu] nivida X server settings gone after reboot
  37. [ubuntu] Jaunty: adt746x module fails to load
  38. [other] [PPC] Beware of ppc Macs with unknown heritage!
  39. [ubuntu] Grub necessary for install on mac?
  40. [ubuntu] Firewave sound card help
  41. [ubuntu] Ubuntu installed on separate HD, Vista not showing up
  42. [kubuntu] Kubuntu Jaunty completely dies on white MacBook 5.2
  43. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu 6.06 On A iMac G3?
  44. [ubuntu] no more ubuntu after PRAM reset
  45. [ubuntu] Cannot burn CD-ROM's in any OS in triple-boot MacBook 4,1
  46. [ubuntu] USB Ubuntu boot from MBP
  47. [ubuntu] No internet, HELP
  48. [ubuntu] nothing happens after install
  49. [ubuntu] Help to delete linux partitions
  50. [ubuntu] refit and grub issues on install
  51. [ubuntu] Change linux boot on a working triple-boot.
  52. [xubuntu] iMac G3-Color Depth is 16-Bit(I believe), How do I change it?
  53. [ubuntu] isight will not work macbook 4,1
  54. [all variants] Macbook2,1 trackpad scrolling is jumpy on 9.04
  55. [ubuntu] trackpad bcm5974-dkms problem
  56. [all variants] MacBook Air - how compatible to Ubuntu
  57. [ubuntu] Installing a OSX86 in Vbox
  58. [mythbuntu] Wifi support for new Mac Mini?
  59. [ubuntu] Will eMac run Ubuntu 9.04
  60. [ubuntu] Only one sound output at a time?
  61. [ubuntu] Synaptic error
  62. [ubuntu] Help! New partitions showing up
  63. [all variants] Easily save a few extra watts when idle and increase your battery life!
  64. [all variants] cant see hdd as startup disk so cant boot from it
  65. [ubuntu] upgraded to 9.04 and doesn't recognize password
  66. [ubuntu] Rendering problem in Firefox when scrolling
  67. [all variants] Games with the powerpc iMac
  68. [all variants] Easily fix your EJECT key!
  69. Problems accessing Macintosh HD from Ubuntu OS
  70. [ubuntu] ubuntu 9.04 on Macbook Pro 3,1
  71. [ubuntu] ubuntu 9.04 on iMac G3
  72. [ubuntu] Yet Another Sound Post: 64 bit Jaunty on Macbook Pro Penryn 4,1
  73. [ubuntu] Deleting Ubuntu partition
  74. [ubuntu] iPod trouble
  75. [ubuntu] Copying from Ubunto to internal Mac hard drive
  76. [ubuntu] Conky configuration for MacBook Pro 5.1
  77. [ubuntu] Virtual Ubuntu
  78. [ubuntu] wont install on quicksilver 867 mhz
  79. [ubuntu] ipod touch, help me help a noob.
  80. [ubuntu] Can I play .mov files?
  81. [ubuntu] Update Manager stuffed with "Unauthenticated" Updates
  82. [ubuntu] Numeric "return" key as right alt on MacBook 2,1
  83. [ubuntu] [Ubuntu server] Grub error
  84. [gnome] Can't change pancels etc
  85. [ubuntu] ubuntu updates keep hosing my mini
  86. [ubuntu] Flower Key?
  87. [ubuntu] iMac 64 bit or 32 bit?
  88. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 install & wireless advice needed
  89. [ubuntu] Switch keys for MacBooks gone in Jaunty?
  90. Beryl 3D desktop cube for Mac
  91. [all variants] Will it work?
  92. [all variants] GRUB error booting with rEFIt after OS 10 reinstallation
  93. [ubuntu] Unable to re-install Mac OS X on macbook
  94. [ubuntu] Help with no sound or flash on Mac Quicksilver 2002 w/ Intrepid Ibex
  95. [ubuntu] Joining the MactelSupportTeam
  96. [other] Apple fixed quailty issue of the Macbook 13" screens?
  97. [ubuntu] Mounting Ubuntu partition on Mac desktop
  98. [ubuntu] Is 9.04 ready for macbook 4,1 ?
  99. [wubi] No sound through Headphone Jack
  100. [other] Macbook question- Heat and Wifi
  101. Linux and Apple trackpad Question
  102. [ubuntu] iSight not working
  103. [ubuntu] wifi in Jaunty
  104. [ubuntu] MBP boot Jaunty from EFI
  105. [ubuntu] Refit Issues
  106. [ubuntu] VERY unique problem with my partitions
  107. [ubuntu] Ubunto 9tb file server, to be read/write from Mac.
  108. [xubuntu] Umm.... A Little.... Sorry, BIG Help On How To Install Xubunu 9.04 On My iMac G3!
  109. [kubuntu] splashy - works great, but
  110. [ubuntu] Dual partition external hard drive ext3/HFS+?
  111. [ubuntu] Does Ubuntu (9.04) run hotter than 10.4.11 on G3 iBook?
  112. [xubuntu] Will flashplayer 10.0 run under xunbuntu 7.1?
  113. [ubuntu] Wireless in Macbook Pro 4.1
  114. Touchpad Question Before Buying a Macbook
  115. [gnome] music quit working, sound sorta works
  116. [all variants] Anyone get dual display (spanning) to work with powerbook?
  117. [ubuntu] 30" Apple Cinema Display
  118. [ubuntu] Installed on iMac (external HD partition) Mac HD lost
  119. [ubuntu] what filesystem can share between dual boot ubuntu osx
  120. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 9.04 Black Screen on G3
  121. [ubuntu] Install ubuntu mac mini need rEFIt?
  122. [xubuntu] Xubuntu Menu Problem?
  123. [ubuntu] Macbook 5,1 Brightness Adjustment in Jaunty
  124. [ubuntu] Cube - 450Mhz, What's the best Version to install?
  125. [ubuntu] Flickering screen (live cd session on PPC)
  126. [all variants] Cannot unzip .ZIP (xubuntu 9.04) created in 10.5.7
  127. [SOLVED] Try to install kubuntu on Macs; It won't detect OSX
  128. [ubuntu] MacBookAir2,1 does not boot with Ubuntu 9.04 nor 8.10
  129. [ubuntu] Macbook 3,1 - Trackpad like OS X?
  130. [ubuntu] Intel iMac 7,1 - No Sound in Headphones
  131. [ubuntu] Can't access files from OS X and other hfs partition while using Linux
  132. [ubuntu] How to change trackpad sensitivity? (MB 2,1 x86_64)
  133. [ubuntu] Is it worth it?
  134. ComixCursors for OS X?
  135. [ubuntu] MacBook 5,2 -- Power Management ?
  136. Restoring OSX (i.e. no yaboot)
  137. [all variants] Running applications remotely via ssh -X: Leopard vs Ubuntu
  138. [all variants] Is Sudden Motion Sensor Enabled?
  139. [ubuntu] Jaunty, Radeon 7500 and screen artifacts
  140. [ubuntu] Only OS on MacPro
  141. [ubuntu] MBP 4.1 and rEFIt/Trying to Dual Boot
  142. [other] G4 Powermac Strange Eject problem
  143. [ubuntu] Setting up Ubuntu on a MacBook (first time user)
  144. [ubuntu] Apple Key?
  145. [ubuntu] 9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails
  146. [ubuntu] Connecting to MacOS VNC/NX server?
  147. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on a MBP with dead video card
  148. [ubuntu] Sound not working in 9.04
  149. [ubuntu] HOWTO: Let Amarok access media on HFS+ partition
  150. [ubuntu] ubuntu on an old IMAC G3
  151. [ubuntu] My mac mini will not boot anything after trying to install 8.10 LAMP
  152. [all variants] macbook keyboard settings
  153. [ubuntu] PowerPC Compatibility
  154. [wubi] Using Wubi in XP running through boot camp on an mbp?
  155. [ubuntu] Networking with Ubuntu on Intel iMac
  156. [SOLVED] installation: OS X + multi-linux
  157. [ubuntu] macbook 5,2: how to prevent automatic adjustment of display brightness?
  158. [ubuntu] Triple boot Unibody Macbook HELP?
  159. [ubuntu] Incredibly Hot in Macbook 5,1!
  160. [ubuntu] How to Read/Write on Mac Formatted External Hard Drive in Ubuntu
  161. [ubuntu] Keyboard Issues on MacBook Pro
  162. [xubuntu] Gossamer (G3MT) partition hang
  163. [ubuntu] Won't install on g3 ibook
  164. [ubuntu] when pc comes out from hibernate wifi won't work!
  165. [ubuntu] PPC high cpu usage
  166. [ubuntu] Audio in Jaunty on an iMac g3? How?
  167. [ubuntu] PPC Problems installing 5.10 on wallstreet
  168. [xubuntu] Replace yellow dog
  169. [ubuntu] Macbook. Not an easy upgrade 8.10 to 9.04. Please help.
  170. [ubuntu] cd eject/load key aluminium keyboard mac-pro
  171. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a thumbdrive for mac please help!!!
  172. [ubuntu] Simple Guide to getting ubuntu running on a unibody macbook
  173. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 / rEFIt / can't boot into Mac OS X
  174. [all variants] ibook G3 installation issues
  175. [ubuntu] install shake 4.1 on ubuntu 9.04
  176. [all variants] 3D Acceleration Not Working - iBook G4
  177. [ubuntu] Sound on a Macbook Pro 5,5?
  178. [ubuntu] dual boot question
  179. [ubuntu] iMac G3 Sound Card Problem
  180. [ubuntu] can't install on powerbook g4
  181. [ubuntu] Apple Led Cinema Display and Ubuntu 9.04 on MacBook Pro not working
  182. [ubuntu] Weird Startup Flow
  183. [ubuntu] MacHD Permissions
  184. [ubuntu] Im gettin a mac soon....
  185. [kubuntu] iMac builtin microphone not working
  186. [ubuntu] Can't seem to properly configure trackpad
  187. [ubuntu] Grub Hard Disk Error on External
  188. [ubuntu] Mac + ubuntu (AMPL) program compatibility
  189. [all variants] PowerBook G4 12-inch 1.5GHz CPU and 1.25Gig of RAM.
  190. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 Not Working Correctly On Ibook G4
  191. [ubuntu] iMac G3 kernel panic at 9.04 boot
  192. [ubuntu] Install over existing windows bootcamp install (Operating System not found)
  193. [ubuntu] VMware Fusion 2.0: Getting Linux from another partition as a virtual machine
  194. [kubuntu] Apple Remote configuration??
  195. [ubuntu] Dashboard Widgets on Ubuntu
  196. [ubuntu] I NEED HELP! how to restore the Apple EFI!
  197. [ubuntu] How to I get my iMac G3 to display in Millions of Colors?
  198. [other] Cannot read old folders
  199. [ubuntu] Getting graphics to work properly in Jaunty on Macbook 5,1
  200. [ubuntu] How to Install Ubuntu 9.04 on an Intel-based Mac laptop
  201. [all variants] Cant boot after restart
  202. [ubuntu] Installing 9.0.4 on an Unibody MacBook Pro 13" 5,5
  203. Feedback on : How to install Ubuntu 9.04 on a MacBook
  204. [other] iWork Numbers templates
  205. A few questions about upgrading a Macbook Pro hard drive
  206. [ubuntu] Install options - bit confused
  207. [ubuntu] VirtualBox ubuntu jboss cannot access app server remotely
  208. [ubuntu] help installing ubuntu with multiple boot options on a firewire 800 drive (macbookpro
  209. [other] prom_init hangs on new kernel?
  210. [ubuntu] MAC OS + Ubuntu 9.04 + Windows XP .. is it possible?
  211. [all variants] A big thankyou!
  212. [ubuntu] macbook 2,1 -Crunchyroll.com videos don't work
  213. [ubuntu] can't read folders in os x partition
  214. [ubuntu] Mouse behavior
  215. [ubuntu] Sound on Mac Pro
  216. [ubuntu] Temperature readings - Macbook 4,1 u9.04
  217. [ubuntu] Jaunty does not reboot on new 24" iMac
  218. [ubuntu] Powerpc Ubuntu
  219. [ubuntu] Right Clicking
  220. [ubuntu] Using a Live-USB Distro....
  221. [ubuntu] Mac Pro Running Ubuntu, keyboard shortcuts?
  222. [xubuntu] Complete newb can't get past step 1, need help installing on iMac G3.
  223. [ubuntu] iMac 1,4 and Apple Remote
  224. [ubuntu] Graphics help needed!
  225. [ubuntu] Extreem probleems no admin or root on my acount my sudoers file has been corupted
  226. [ubuntu] Extreem probleems no admin or root on my acount my sudoers file has been corupted
  227. [ubuntu] Problems accessing an OS X folder over network
  228. [ubuntu] Won't run
  229. [ubuntu] pirated
  230. [ubuntu] PPC Ubuntu - Installing frostwire - Java problems advice please
  231. [ubuntu] New Apple Keyboard, which is the layout to use?
  232. [ubuntu] installing ubuntu on imac (mac 8.6)
  233. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 6.06 PPC USB boot
  234. [ubuntu_studio] installed ubuntu (studio) on a 3,1 macbook pro : no internet even via ethernet cable
  235. [ubuntu] Two-finger scrolling jumps at the start
  236. [ubuntu] How to install Ubuntu on PowerBook G4
  237. [ubuntu] bootable USB of Ubuntu PowerPC
  238. [ubuntu] mbp 5 and nvidia , your xorg.conf settings.
  239. [ubuntu] Uninstalling GRUB on a partition? EFI gone?
  240. [ubuntu] i need a player similar to itunes
  241. [ubuntu] Broadcomm trouble with MacBook Pro 5,1
  242. [ubuntu] Printing & accessing Mac AFP network shares
  243. [ubuntu] several problems with macmini 3,1 (a.k.a. 2009 release)
  244. [ubuntu] Is it possible to run Ubuntu off a thumbdrive? (Intel Macbook)
  245. [ubuntu_studio] rt kernel fail to resume
  246. [gnome] Configuring Mac-like text navigation
  247. [ubuntu] boot trouble / file recovery
  248. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 Server on PowerBook G4 Login Conundrum
  249. [kubuntu] iMac G3 Kubuntu Problem (Error Msg and More Info Inside)
  250. [ubuntu] No sound 8.10 macbook