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  1. [all variants] MacBook Pro (1,1), sound input jack not recognized
  2. [ubuntu] Various problems with Macbook Pro 3,1
  3. [ubuntu] mac pro install failing
  4. [ubuntu] Trippleboot!?!?!
  5. [ubuntu] updates download/install problem
  6. [xubuntu] Thunar windows close instantly
  7. [ubuntu] iPhoto on Ubuntu?
  8. [xubuntu] basic question/help for imac g4...
  9. [ubuntu] Ubuntu-Macbook switch
  10. [ubuntu] WiFi Driver Issue on PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz
  11. [ubuntu] No Bootable Disk Error - BUT I DIDNT INSTALL UBUNTU- HELP?
  12. help!
  13. [SOLVED] Hard drive errors in MacBook dual boot
  14. [all variants] Problems with new mac mini (March 2009) and lirc
  15. [ubuntu] Live Disk on a Mac?
  16. [ubuntu] PowerBook G4: Easy dual-boot Ubuntu install
  17. [ubuntu] installation video out of sync horribleness
  18. [ubuntu] anyone switch fully from mac os x to ubuntu?
  19. [all variants] Firmware Upgrade: iMac DV G3
  20. [xubuntu] monitor out of range
  21. [xubuntu] Help installing xubuntu on a G4 ibook
  22. [other] Can I bless a partition without OS X install disc?
  23. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on an iBook Clamshell (Tips, advice, guides?)
  24. [all variants] MBP 5,1 nvidia 9600M GT -- making it run at a lower performance level?
  25. [ubuntu] changing mouse resolution in 8.10
  26. [all variants] iMac g3 with Rage 128 gives frame buffer error
  27. [ubuntu] HAL fdi settings not all applied
  28. [ubuntu] Intrepid for MacBook Pro4,1 fixup script
  29. [ubuntu] iMac 9,1 - 20inch - sound not working, intrepid
  30. [ubuntu] Dual Boot on a Psystar
  31. [ubuntu] Trouble installing from firewire dvd drive
  32. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu? How easy to go back to Tiger?
  33. [ubuntu] Default Boot To OS X
  34. [ubuntu] dual boots on my mac pro g5
  35. [ubuntu] Fullscreen games crash on PowerBook G4
  36. [ubuntu] Bright colors
  37. [ubuntu] backlight has died suddenly (macbook pro 1.1)
  38. [kubuntu] Huge font size issue with 5th gen MBP and Kubuntu
  39. [ubuntu] Which iMac to buy? please advise!
  40. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 Visual Effects Issue
  41. [all variants] Powerbook G4: trackpad, ctrl right click, KDE Inverted colors
  42. [ubuntu] Java and OpenOffice on a PowerPC G4
  43. [ubuntu] Can't mic to work in SKYPE: Macbook 4,1
  44. [ubuntu] MacBook3,1 & 8.10 -> Thumbdrive + GPT
  45. [all variants] Numeric Keys and function keys not working after upgrade
  46. [ubuntu] Adobe Flash Player will not install
  47. [ubuntu] 8.04 server PPC - apache2 restart error after upgrade
  48. [gnome] A simple question about aesthetics
  49. [ubuntu] Problem with ubuntu on imac g3
  50. [gnome] Garage Band
  51. [ubuntu] Garbled images on boot occasionally macbook 2,1
  52. [ubuntu] Help with Headless ubuntu install on Xserve g5
  53. [all variants] xorg.conf for Macbook5,1
  54. [ubuntu] Bluetooth Mighty Mouse - worked, now doesn't
  55. [ubuntu_studio] Hydrogen/JACK no audio in headphones
  56. [ubuntu] G4 imac audio help
  57. [ubuntu] Install grub bootloader to enable AHCI mode
  58. [ubuntu] HFS+, disabled journaling, still can't r/w
  59. [ubuntu] No Ndiswrapper Utils Found! MacMini PowerPC - Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS (Hardy Heron)
  60. [ubuntu] Macbook Trackpad with Fusion and Ubuntu
  61. [ubuntu] Chinese Keyboard
  62. [ubuntu] problem getting back to mac osx
  63. [ubuntu] MacMini 3,1 + BT keyboard/mouse
  64. [ubuntu] dual boot of ubuntu and mac os tiger?
  65. [ubuntu] Screen issue after login
  66. [ubuntu] Fan control script
  67. [ubuntu] Macbook Woes...
  68. [ubuntu] Unable to boot ubuntu from macbook (2,1)
  69. [ubuntu] cannot boot into Ubuntu on Macbook 3,1
  70. [ubuntu] Launching Ubuntu from External HD
  71. [all variants] cdparanoia/lame equivalents on leopard?
  72. [ubuntu] Macbook 5.1 crashes
  73. [ubuntu] Trying to install ubuntu on ppc iMac g5, but error at the last second
  74. [ubuntu] Launching Gnome in VirtualBox on MacBook Pro
  75. [ubuntu] Boot Ubuntu off external hard drive
  76. [ubuntu] setgid bit on HFS+ file systems
  77. [ubuntu] GRUB/REFIT/Vista problem
  78. [all variants] yaboot error
  79. Frugalware has added PPC support.
  80. [ubuntu] Digital Editions... And other things
  81. [ubuntu] Bootcamp
  82. [ubuntu] Dvd Watching discolored
  83. [all variants] The New MacMini 2009... do you own one? have you successfully installed Ubuntu on it?
  84. [ubuntu] mac beeps three times after install and useing live cd when shutting down
  85. [ubuntu] Install any 8 ver Ubuntu on Pwrbk 3,3 ATI Rage
  86. [ubuntu] Red light in headphone jack
  87. [ubuntu] iBook G3 Xorg.conf file problems
  88. [ubuntu] Ubunto on an iMac 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5
  89. [xubuntu] Live USB Xubuntu on imac g3?
  90. [ubuntu] Last Chance Confused
  91. [ubuntu] need help! badly! grub failure
  92. [ubuntu] ethernet driver new Mac Pro
  93. [kubuntu] Leopard box sharing internet via wifi refuses to share with Kubuntu boxes
  94. [ubuntu] Cario-Dock Will Not Launch on Ubuntu 8.04
  95. [ubuntu] PPC Reverse Migration (or skype alternative?)
  96. [ubuntu] Booting yaboot on a headless powermac
  97. [ubuntu] iPhone
  98. [all variants] Powerbook Titanium DVI / 867 MHz PPC - Booting
  99. [all variants] wireless on Ubuntu on macbook
  100. [ubuntu] Max Volume to quiet (macbook pro V4 early 2008)
  101. [ubuntu] Setting up Ad-Hoc wireless for Ubuntu Server on a Mac Mini
  102. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on emac g4 boots to blank screen..
  103. [ubuntu] madwifi on macbook pro 5,1
  104. [all variants] Can't mount OS X Install DVD
  105. Ease of installation of Debian vs. Ubuntu on Macbook Pro 4,1
  106. [all variants] Why not the mac?
  107. [all variants] Bootable or not?
  108. [ubuntu] 7.10 On Power Book No Network Devices!?
  109. [ubuntu] Boot Camp
  110. [xubuntu] No Sound in Intrepid
  111. [ubuntu] 24" LED Cinema Display + BT keyboard/mouse
  112. [ubuntu] nehalem based mac pro
  113. [ubuntu] bless ubuntu partiton on dual boot?
  114. [ubuntu] run a .dmg file
  115. [ubuntu] Prodigal Son Goes Home
  116. [ubuntu] Share drives between Ubuntu 8.10 and OSX
  117. [ubuntu] How to configure the macbook surround 5.1 sound.
  118. [ubuntu] troubles of triple boot on Macbook white
  119. [all variants] Repair disk for Ubuntu PPC and Intel? Finnix helps!
  120. [ubuntu] Bad bootin
  121. [ubuntu] help installing on my macbook
  122. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 Trackpad Scroll ABD Synaptics
  123. [ubuntu] just installed.. won't boot.
  124. [ubuntu] Perhaps a new issue for the Linux Community.
  125. [ubuntu] Wine on Ubuntu 8.04 FreeNX server with Mac OS X 10.3 NX client
  126. [ubuntu] Which Mac product for Ubuntu
  127. [ubuntu] Please
  128. [ubuntu] Power Mac G4 IDE Controller Supporting Hard Disk > 128GB?
  129. [ubuntu] Mounting a Firewire HFS+ Drive on Ubuntu Server 8.10
  130. [ubuntu] hfsplus in ubuntu then migrated to osx server?
  131. [ubuntu] Screen size weird in parallels
  132. [xubuntu] Mac OS X reads CD, Open Firmware won't
  133. [ubuntu] PPC Intrepid update errors
  134. [ubuntu] rEFIt - Invalid Node Structure
  135. [ubuntu] how to make the touchpad work like how it works on macbook?
  136. [ubuntu] Big black bar on the left of display.
  137. [ubuntu] MacBookPro 3,1 WPA problem
  138. [ubuntu] Why Mac?
  139. [xubuntu] Trying to install conky on an old mac
  140. [ubuntu] iBook G3 Working Tutorial
  141. [ubuntu] Audio On 5,1 Aluminum Macbook NOT WORKING
  142. [ubuntu] Getting my mac parition to mount as root?
  143. [ubuntu] Ubuntu good for Desktops, bad for Laps. Going back Mac.
  144. [mythbuntu] GMF model - Consraint using OCL syntax
  145. [kubuntu] LCD display/brighten not working on macbook pro 3.1
  146. [ubuntu] Just installed 8.10 on macbook 2.1 and doesnt boot
  147. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on a Power Mac G4
  148. [ubuntu] wpa-tkip still connection issues
  149. [ubuntu] Shuttleworth interview
  150. [ubuntu] Installed Intrepid on PowerPC G5 iMac, but can't choose Linux to boot
  151. [ubuntu] Wubi on Windows XP Boot Camp (Intel iMac)
  152. [ubuntu] eject key?
  153. [xfce] Getting xfmedia to work
  154. [all variants] How-to: Installing IBM-Java on PowerPC
  155. [ubuntu] Installed on MacBook5,2
  156. [ubuntu] Mac Mini PPC Ubuntu Server sleep commandline
  157. [ubuntu] 3D Video Support for NVIDIA G5
  158. [other] Ubuntu Netbook Remix Problem
  159. [ubuntu] iMac G3 XorgTroubles
  160. [other] refit issue
  161. [ubuntu] Serious Dual Boot Issue
  162. [ubuntu] How would I go about this?
  163. [all variants] gptsync packages for MBR sync update intel macs
  164. [ubuntu] rEFIT on Ubuntu partition
  165. [ubuntu] ipod touch (2nd Gen.) and Ubuntu 8.10
  166. [ubuntu] Can't Get A Good ISO of Ubuntu for PPC
  167. [ubuntu] Imac G3 Install problem - CDROM drive not found
  168. [ubuntu] Touchpad doesn't work on cold boot
  169. [ubuntu] Macbook Air External Display, IS IT POSSIBLE??
  170. [ubuntu] svn+ssh from OS X to virtualized Intrepid
  171. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Xserve - can it be done?
  172. [ubuntu] 8.10 Installation on PowerMac G5
  173. [ubuntu] Compiz on iBook Clamshell
  174. [ubuntu] recovering files from HFS leopard install using liveCD
  175. [xubuntu] streamlining for G3 imac
  176. [ubuntu] Setting up SheepShaver for Networking
  177. [ubuntu] A Number of MacBookPro3,1 Hardware Issues. And a software issue.
  178. [ubuntu] wireless problems on mac pc converted
  179. [ubuntu] PowerPC download Woes
  180. [ubuntu] Power management on a G4 Powerbook
  181. [ubuntu] Triple Boot Problems...
  182. [ubuntu] Intel iMac network problems
  183. [ubuntu] NVIDIA Graphics Driver breaks suspend?
  184. [ubuntu] Connect to OSX share from Ubuntu 8.10
  185. [ubuntu] Triple boot?
  186. [ubuntu] white screen after after boot up
  187. [all variants] Won't boot - need help on ppc rescue mode
  188. Dual-boot MacBook
  189. [ubuntu] I can't fix my boot problem, can I?
  190. [ubuntu] Ubuntu and PPC
  191. HELP! Apple Remote Desktop client settings in terminal
  192. [all variants] 24" LED Cinema Display + GeForce 9400M graphics
  193. [ubuntu] Group/Sharing Files on 8.10 and 10.5.6
  194. [ubuntu] Install & Dual Boot on a MacBook, w/o CD?
  195. [ubuntu] Grub not working
  196. [ubuntu] Netatalk + guest access
  197. [ubuntu] Installing failing! Macbook 4,1
  198. [ubuntu] Boot from USB?
  199. [ubuntu] Can't Reduce Screen Brightness on 3.1 MBP
  200. Word and Excel for Mac OS X UNIX
  201. exe files Mac OSX 10.4.11 UNIX
  202. Some Web pages won't open Mac OSX 10.4.11 UNIX
  203. [ubuntu] rEFlt did not update the boot options
  204. [ubuntu] installing ubuntu on g4 powerbook - HELP?!?!?
  205. [ubuntu] Ubuntu
  206. [ubuntu] Latex in Spanish
  207. [ubuntu] Triple Boot on iMac Aluminum with sound working (Leopard, Windows, Ubuntu)
  208. [other] Opera inline display problem with the Adobe reader
  209. [ubuntu] Bluetooth Mouse Pin Code
  210. [all variants] Mounting and Syncing a Time Capsule
  211. [ubuntu] Apple Remote with Ubuntu?
  212. [ubuntu] Can't Manually Mount USB Hard Disk on PowerMac G4
  213. [ubuntu] Problem installing on iBook G3
  214. Can I install Ubuntu on an iMac G3?
  215. [other] Frankenstein Theory
  216. [ubuntu] Nonfunctional Lighting Keys and Energy Issues on PPC laptops
  217. [ubuntu] Upgrading from 8.04.2 to 8.10 error.
  218. [xubuntu] iMac G3 with live CD won't detect CD-Drive
  219. [ubuntu] Ubuntu disappeared
  220. [all variants] Kubuntu 8.04.1 on a PowerBook G4 500
  221. [xfce] mac mini + s-video output + mythtv
  222. [ubuntu] boot loader screwed with Fedora
  223. [ubuntu] What Best Program To Backup Dual Boot Partitions?
  224. [ubuntu] Problem logging in on powerpc
  225. [ubuntu] help i cant seem to locate
  226. [all variants] G5 install help
  227. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 5.1 Switch Grapich card
  228. [ubuntu] Upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10 with xorg issues
  229. [ubuntu] 2 linux item
  230. [ubuntu] Other distros on MacBook?
  231. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on Macbook
  232. [ubuntu] Help: Installation of Parallel Tools on VM carrying Ubuntu 8.10
  233. [ubuntu] 8.10 Desktop ISO doesn't boot on my Unibody MBP
  234. [all variants] MacBook Pro 3.1 Very Weak Wireless Performance Using Jaunty
  235. [ubuntu] Only one USB port working
  236. Has anyone installed ubuntu on a mac?
  237. [ubuntu] Using Mac OS X programs in Ubuntu
  238. [ubuntu] Ubuntu installation on macbook,without a cdrom..intel mac...
  239. [ubuntu] Live CD should handle boot from USB devices
  240. [ubuntu] Uninstalled Ubuntu Correctly form My Macbook 5,1 I THINK, NOW CANT USE BOOTCAMP/rEFIt
  241. [ubuntu] Safari Browser on current Ubuntu release
  242. [ubuntu] How do I get GKrellM to show cpu temp and fan speed?
  243. [ubuntu] "desktop effects" problems with macbook 3,1
  244. [ubuntu] macbook 5,1 trackpad configuration
  245. [all variants] Desktop Effects working in jaunty on ppc?
  246. [ubuntu] Booting Ubuntu on a mac takes a long time
  247. [ubuntu] New install = no sound (iMac G4)
  248. [ubuntu] Replacingmy Power Mac G4 Graphics Card
  249. [ubuntu_studio] network configuration
  250. [ubuntu] is it possible: triple boot on G5 PPC: OS X Leopard, Ubuntu, OS X Panther