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  1. [ubuntu] Cannot achieve 1680x1050 resolution
  2. Please tell me the instructions for after downloading!!!
  3. [gnome] PPC - Netgear usb wireless working on my G5 iMac!
  4. [ubuntu] HFS+ Disk Permissions Issue
  5. [ubuntu] xmodmap unclean remap on macbook 4,1
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  7. [ubuntu] Mounting OS X folders in my home directory
  8. [ubuntu] Running Windows on a Mac in VM under Ubuntu
  9. [ubuntu] Can't access wireless networks
  10. [ubuntu] I need to restore Vista MBR 2 hard drives
  11. [other] OS X to Windows XP Ethernet internet connection sharing
  12. [ubuntu] Installing without Partitioning Drive, possible?
  13. [ubuntu] IPOD management ubuntu 8.10
  14. [ubuntu] Another iPod thread
  15. [ubuntu] IPOD HELP 0songs 0 videos 7gb free on 120gb ipod
  16. [ubuntu] Boot up problem (black screen with loading cursor)
  17. [ubuntu] Java out of control
  18. [all variants] A bit OT: USB hubs on iMac(DV)
  19. [ubuntu] Need Help W/ networking Ubuntu and Mac 10.4.11
  20. [ubuntu] Getting SANE Networked Scanner to Show Up Inside OSX
  21. [ubuntu] iMac G4 Ubuntu Help...
  22. [ubuntu] 32 or 64 bit
  23. [ubuntu] Mac OSX Failed, using Ubuntu Live CD to copy files
  24. [ubuntu] Trouble locating a download of 8.10 desktop for PPC
  25. [gnome] [SOLVED] macbook/pro keyboard layout causes XKB error
  26. [ubuntu] help with mac mini
  27. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Aluminium Keyboard
  28. [ubuntu] Able to boot on Live CD, unable to run install program
  29. [ubuntu] iMac Platinum, ubuntu and games
  30. [ubuntu] new macbook pro 17" with ubuntu 8.10
  31. [ubuntu] Where to Download GNASH for PowerPC
  32. [ubuntu] Ibook G4 1.0 Ghz help
  33. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Help me get my Mac OSX back
  34. [ubuntu] No sound?
  35. [other] DebianPPC: 1)kernel source 2)ipv6
  36. [ubuntu] Yet another HFS+ and Ubuntu Thread
  37. [all variants] applebuntu IRC channel?
  38. [ubuntu] On Upgrading to 8.10 on a G4 Cube
  39. [ubuntu] How do I Compile Games... PPC
  40. [ubuntu] G3 install - No X?
  41. [ubuntu] Macbook pro 4.1 (penryn) function keys
  42. [ubuntu] help me lol
  43. [other] I need a working Firefox over here...
  44. [all variants] PowerPC Dead? or still Thriving?
  45. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Chaning the permissions of my macbook partition
  46. [ubuntu] Distro for G4 PowerBook?
  47. [ubuntu] Can I Install only Ubuntu on a MacBook?
  48. [ubuntu] using banshee to manage ipod nano
  49. [ubuntu] Changing two keys
  50. [ubuntu] Problem installing ubuntu on iBook G3
  51. [ubuntu] CD-R/DvD-R problems...
  52. [ubuntu] Dual Booting Nub needs help
  53. [all variants] USB Drive - Ubuntu
  54. [all variants] USB Drive - Ubuntu
  55. [ubuntu] Getting Trackpad to "Feel" More Like OSX
  56. [ubuntu] Cannot install Ubuntu on Intel Core 2 Duo iMac
  57. [ubuntu] haveing video problems
  58. [all variants] Install on Powerbook G4
  59. [kubuntu] KDE Macbook Documentation
  60. [xubuntu] Trouble removing xubuntu
  61. [ubuntu] Apple LED Cinema Display
  62. [ubuntu] Graphics problem and deleting OSX
  63. [ubuntu] Can I do this?
  64. [ubuntu] package manager on live cd? (linux n00b question
  65. [ubuntu] Trying to access files on a mac hdd
  66. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Applications will not launch
  67. [kubuntu] Kubuntu Sound Problems
  68. [xubuntu] Please tell me: How to install XuBuntu on an iBook G3 600MHz?
  69. [ubuntu] PPC mac problems
  70. [ubuntu] Intrepid MacBook Pro Core2Duo resumes from suspend with quirks
  71. [ubuntu] Disk Utility internal error, need help.
  72. [ubuntu] How to set up ubuntu 8.10 on MBP 4,1 properly?
  73. [ubuntu] thermal sensors not working
  74. [ubuntu] has anything been resolved with the low-quality sound?
  75. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio On MacPro Octo
  76. [ubuntu] isight after osx partition deleted?
  77. [all variants] Where have feisty powerpc binary repositories gone?
  78. [ubuntu] Doc's Possible on PPC Linux?
  79. [all variants] deleting a partition, and resizing ubuntu's partition
  80. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on a stick
  81. [ubuntu] What OS for my ibook G4
  82. [ubuntu] Apple MobileMe (.Mac) in Ubuntu
  83. [ubuntu] I am loosing sound constantly
  84. [xubuntu] install flash on powerbook g3 (firewire)
  85. [ubuntu] trouble dual booting and getting live cd to work on g4
  86. [ubuntu] Intrepid MacBook Pro 2,2 does not resume from suspend with attached firewire disk
  87. [all variants] Open Source Broadcom drivers released
  88. [ubuntu] Screen Brightness
  89. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on an iMac G5 PPC? You betcha!
  90. [all variants] Mac OSX on a Portable Hard Drive
  91. [ubuntu] X11 forwarding problem when connecting to ubuntu from leopard
  92. [ubuntu] libqt-mt
  93. [ubuntu] Getting Ubuntu 8.10 to work on an ibook G3 Clamshell
  94. [ubuntu] netatalk with external usb hard disk
  95. [all variants] How to switch SCIM input on Japanese mac keyboard?
  96. [ubuntu] Trackpad functionality with Macbook Pro 5.1
  97. [ubuntu] help with hardware drivers for PowerPC G4
  98. [ubuntu] PPC ibook G4 blank screen trying to get 8.04 working
  99. [ubuntu] MacMini + 8.10 = no sound when headphones connected?
  100. [ubuntu] uncompressing a zip file problem
  101. [ubuntu] Linux live cd wont boot on imac g4
  102. [ubuntu] Triple Boot Macbook - botched install
  103. [ubuntu] iMac G3 400 Won't Boot Ubuntu
  104. [ubuntu] Accessing OS X user directories from Ubuntu (with a bonus question regarding cd)
  105. [ubuntu] Help Installing ubuntu8.10 PPC 750@700mhz
  106. [ubuntu] Keyboard backlight intrepid macbook pro 3,1
  107. [kubuntu] Cant boot live CD!
  108. [kubuntu] Kubuntu PPC?
  109. [all variants] no output sound from mac
  110. [ubuntu] PPC Games?
  111. [ubuntu] Broadcom STA w/ 2.6.28
  112. [ubuntu] Mac Mini Issues
  113. [xubuntu] Powerbook G3 Gutsy
  114. [ubuntu] how to install 8.10 on a dual quad core mac pro
  115. [other] Sabayon
  116. [ubuntu] 800*600, 60hz Max on AGP ATi Rage 128 Pro
  117. [ubuntu] Can't get sound to work on Macbook Pro 4.1
  118. [ubuntu] MacPro Mulit Discs Multi OS's
  119. [ubuntu] iBook G3 - Getting correct video modes
  120. [ubuntu] Glxgears makes my ibook G3 freeze
  121. [all variants] Macbook Load_Cycle_Count
  122. [ubuntu] aircrack ng on macbook 1,1
  123. [ubuntu] HELP i give up help
  124. [xubuntu] What should I do? Xubuntu won't open windows & CD Drive?
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  129. [ubuntu] Installation problems iBook G4
  130. [ubuntu] My iMac M5521 don't boot after install
  131. [ubuntu] Cant find CDROM
  132. [other] Triple Boot Help
  133. [ubuntu] Reinstall Tiger Partition on dual-booted Macbook
  134. [ubuntu] Powerpc 8.10 upgrade
  135. [other] Intel Mac (Mactel) FAQ
  136. [ubuntu] boot from disk problem
  137. [ubuntu] Hardy Server Install on iMac G3 500 MHz Won't Reboot After Upgrade
  138. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Duel Boot Using External! - Help
  139. [ubuntu] Help after install
  140. [ubuntu] MacBook Unibody and touchpad
  141. [ubuntu] Is there an easier way to Duel-Boot using External?!
  142. [ubuntu] ye olde black screen of "linux hates you"
  143. [ubuntu] What should i do after instaling Ubuntu 810
  144. [ubuntu] Wireless on MacBook 3,1 + Ubuntu 8.04
  145. [ubuntu] Migrating mailbox from Entourage to Evolution
  146. [ubuntu] cannot force numlock on Targus 10-key touchpad / MacBook Pro 4,1
  147. [ubuntu] Macbook 1,1 running 8.10 No sound
  148. [ubuntu] Wireless trouble with latest Mini
  149. [ubuntu] working with overhead lcd projectors
  150. [ubuntu] After the install
  151. [ubuntu] Mount old Mac CD-ROM on Ubuntu 8.04
  152. [ubuntu] Boot Troubles: writable locations & Trackpad troubles
  153. [ubuntu] Exaile 2.14 for ppc
  154. [ubuntu] Imac g3 500mhz slotloading 1gb ram kernel panic on hdd formating
  155. [ubuntu] Temperature - Macbook 4,1
  156. [ubuntu] What would you do?
  157. [ubuntu] Need help - screen brightness 13" MacBook 5.1
  158. [other] Mediatomb Media Server
  159. [ubuntu] Apple wired keyboard Print Scr key
  160. [ubuntu] I think I skipped installing the extra (non-core) stuff...is there a way to go back?
  161. [ubuntu] How can I get extra fonts like mistral?
  162. [ubuntu] Successful Partition Edit on G4 Mini
  163. [ubuntu] iSight on Intrepid
  164. [ubuntu] straight to the point.
  165. [ubuntu] Intrepid on Macbook 2,1
  166. [all variants] No shutdown even if battery at 0%
  167. [all variants] Nvidia graphics adapter, display backlight, part II
  168. [ubuntu] White screen after 8.04 update
  169. [ubuntu] isight macbook 4-1 santarosa Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid
  170. [ubuntu] G3 Question
  171. [ubuntu] Macbook2,1 wiki with ubuntu 8.10 (iSight)
  172. [ubuntu] installing 8.10 on ibook g4
  173. [ubuntu] Skype installs, runs, but can't use it
  174. [ubuntu] OpenOffice On Ubuntu 7.10 PPC
  175. [ubuntu] VNC Server Not Working
  176. [ubuntu] Mac OSX Cross compiler
  177. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on Powerbook G4
  178. [ubuntu] Pulling my hair out Macbook 8.04
  179. [ubuntu] Macbook PRO 5,1, touchpad
  180. [ubuntu] Trying to install Ubuntu onto External Hard Drive
  181. [ubuntu] Filesharing between Ubuntu and OS X
  182. [ubuntu] Strange wireless problems on Macbook 5.1 (Aluminum)
  183. [ubuntu] partitioning problems imac G5 ubunu 8.0.4
  184. [ubuntu] How to partition during installation??
  185. [xubuntu] Help ibook g4
  186. [ubuntu] rEFIt Problem with External! - HELP!
  187. [ubuntu] how to install ubuntu on ibook 366 clamshell G3 ?
  188. [ubuntu] Permission problems on mac
  189. [ubuntu] Upgrade Ubuntu 6.06 PPC to 7.10 PPC via SSH
  190. [ubuntu] JeOS on VMWare Fusion 2.0
  191. [xubuntu] Tiny fonts in Xubuntu 8.10 i38 VMware Fusion VM
  192. [ubuntu] problem booting up ubuntu can not find YABOOT
  193. [ubuntu] Will installing Mac conflict with the boot manager?
  194. [ubuntu] ibook g4 wifi
  195. [xubuntu] iMac PowerPC 750 Problems
  196. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro Suspend Mode
  197. [ubuntu] iMac G5 Dual boot ubuntu, and Osx many problems (nub)
  198. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Upgrade
  199. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on MBP 4.1
  200. [all variants] Anybody using ZFS for shared partition?
  201. [all variants] Just bought a Power Mac G4 and need to run test.
  202. [ubuntu] Caller-ID Serving Over Growl?
  203. [ubuntu] ibook g4 hardy heron boot problems
  204. [ubuntu] Can Ubuntu boot from a CD?
  205. [ubuntu] Using filed from OS X partition
  206. [kubuntu] Serious Problems... Really....
  207. [ubuntu] Tips for buying a new MacBook wanted
  208. [ubuntu] iMac Aluminum - Install Ubuntu 8.10
  209. [ubuntu] Post Install issues - 8.04 on PowerMac G5
  210. [ubuntu] Found Imac G3 Video resolutions
  211. [all variants] Make flash bootable
  212. [ubuntu] What should i do after installing?
  213. [ubuntu] Transfering data from Mac HDD to External HDD in Ubuntu 8.04 LIVE Disc
  214. [ubuntu] iMac G5 iSight wifi worked then stopped
  215. [ubuntu] does the multi-touch work in windows for MBP 5,1??
  216. [other] Keyboard not working 2.6.27-11 (20" Alu iMac)
  217. [ubuntu] Unable to update after installing 8.10 on G4 iBook
  218. [ubuntu] Repositories dapper error
  219. [other] Nvidia: Won´t compile anymore on macbook 5.1 (180.22)
  220. [ubuntu] Mac Pro boot OSX Linux Winxp
  221. [ubuntu] File share in vmware fusion
  222. [ubuntu] Linux OS "missing" after resizing partition
  223. [all variants] Synaptics Multitouch Touchpad Driver on other Laptops
  224. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Mac Mini PPC
  225. [ubuntu] Install Linux on a FireWire HD and boot it with a MacBook2,1
  226. [ubuntu] Gnome-Do on VMWare Fusion
  227. [ubuntu] gnome does load on PPC g4 12"
  228. [ubuntu] haunted trackpad
  229. [all variants] Compile Vanilla PPC kernel, Cross compiling and other misc help please.
  230. [ubuntu] Can I upgrade Ubuntu to 8.10 ?
  231. [ubuntu] Boot from CD?
  232. [ubuntu] dual boot ubuntu and mac ibook g4 powerpc
  233. [kubuntu] MacBook special function keys aren't working
  234. [xubuntu] looking for a working xorg.conf for imac g3
  235. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 12" 867MHz - 8.04.1 Live CD results
  236. [ubuntu] Unable to reboot or power down Mac mini G4
  237. [ubuntu] 8.04 Mac Mini PPC no video after install
  238. [other] Osx on an external hd
  239. [other] I'm on a G3 Kick
  240. [ubuntu] set LD_LIBRARY_PATH permanently
  241. [all variants] Grub2 Boot CD for Intel Macs.
  242. [all variants] Music in KDE but not in Gnome
  243. [other] debian netinst.iso on g3 ibook
  244. [ubuntu] PowerPC - Ubuntu 8.10 - Only black screen after succesful install
  245. [ubuntu] Usplash Theme won't run - code is all I see
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  248. [ubuntu] Cannot install "build-essential" on PPC 8.04
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  250. [all variants] Screwed Up and I know it