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  1. [ubuntu] Mac Mini Fan running at full speed all the time.
  2. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Access OSX Home folder with Ubuntu Live CD
  3. [ubuntu] Internet with Ubuntu 8.1 on a powerbook G4
  4. [ubuntu] installing linux on Ibook g4
  5. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 7.10 freezes at startup
  6. [ubuntu] No Active Torrents for Ubuntu 7.04 PPC !!
  7. [ubuntu] Ubuntu server on a Macbook Pro
  8. [ubuntu] DVI Out on G4
  9. [ubuntu] Where is the graphic card selection for drivers?
  10. [ubuntu] LTS Question
  11. [xubuntu] App windows won't stay open
  12. [all variants] ubuntu for ppc
  13. [SOLVED] Readable Hard Disk Partitions?
  14. [ubuntu] Dell Running Linux and Mac
  15. [ubuntu] updating from 8.04 to 8.10 is making me want to kill myself.
  16. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] BIG problem with logging in to Ubuntu on Mac Mini!
  17. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Boot Problems Gusty on Powerbook G4
  18. [ubuntu] Mac OS crashed and now I can't use Ubuntu
  19. [ubuntu] Installing ubuntu on an Ibook g4 1.42ghz alternate partition... (total inexperience)
  20. [gnome] Is anyone working hard on a fix for ipod touches and iphones?
  21. [ubuntu] No trackpad after wakeup from suspend
  22. [ubuntu] Ubuntu will not boot from rEFit
  23. [ubuntu] X won't start after 7.10 to 8. upgrade on Powerbook G4
  24. [all variants] Mapping of Ctrl Key for Macs
  25. [ubuntu] Configuration not sticking
  26. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Upgrade from Gusty to Hardy killed my Powerbook G4
  27. [ubuntu] Ubuntu PPC 8.0.4 random shutdowns on my PB G4
  28. [ubuntu] Instillation Error HELP!
  29. [ubuntu] key mapping and mouse emulation on MacBook
  30. [ubuntu] cant boot mac
  31. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Server to Netboot OS X clients
  32. [ubuntu] Bootable Ubuntu CD for a Mac G4 dual?
  33. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Recommend an Ubuntu version for 800 MHz PowerMac G4 "Quicksilver"
  34. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 5,1 - Trouble with Restart
  35. [all variants] iBook Clamshell Airport WPA
  36. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Install after Windows Vista in Bootcamp
  37. [ubuntu] Early 2008 Macbook Pro wireless.
  38. [mythbuntu] Various 8.04->8.10 problems and how I solved them.
  39. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Fn Keys on MBP 4,1 and Ubuntu Intrepid
  40. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Begging for help with mounting an external hd
  41. [ubuntu] Confirm working Fn keys for brightness on MBP 5,1?
  42. [ubuntu] 8.10 on macbook pro apple remote absolutely will not work
  43. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] External Monitor does not work on Macbook Pro 4,1
  44. [ubuntu] PowerMac G4 tower: 8.10 sound problems
  45. [ubuntu] SSH with Mac & Linux
  46. [ubuntu] intrepid won't shut down under Mac's Parallel
  47. [kubuntu] Problems logging in with 8.10 runnung in Paralles VM (Mac OS X)
  48. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Deleted /boot partition on dm-crypt system
  49. [ubuntu] Ethernet Internet Sharing
  50. [ubuntu] Sound is very low
  51. [ubuntu] Playing ogg files on Mac
  52. [ubuntu] Partitions: Leopard / Ubuntu
  53. [ubuntu] Triple booting with two OSX partitions
  54. [all variants] Macbook Default Brightness for Keyboard / Display
  55. [ubuntu] Screen Resolution on B&W G3
  56. [gnome] Blue and White Gnome Blues
  57. [ubuntu] Madwifi
  58. [xubuntu] PPC - Xubuntu 8.04 and updates?
  59. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Macbook Pro wireless problem
  60. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Weird Yaboot issue with G5 single.
  61. PPC Netbooks?
  62. [ubuntu] External Monitor Resolution MacBook 5.1 Intrepid
  63. [ubuntu] Songbird for PPC
  64. [xubuntu] 8.10 not finding CD-Rom drive on a iBook G4
  65. [xubuntu] Oldworld Wallstreet, Xubuntu 6.06, and stuck.
  66. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10; iMac 7,1óNo Sound
  67. [ubuntu] New wiki for Intrepid on MacBookPro 4,1
  68. [ubuntu] Boosting Audio?
  69. [SOLVED] Mac mini screen blanks 5 minutes after starting TV or mplayer playback
  70. [all variants] Install OS X after installing Ubuntu?
  71. [ubuntu] Can not install Desktop environment -
  72. [ubuntu] terrible, terrible problem
  73. [ubuntu] need macbookpro 2,2 optimized touchpad .fdi
  74. [ubuntu] Parallels Tools Problem
  75. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Whoops.
  76. [ubuntu] Booting Ubuntu 8.10 on a macbook 3,1
  77. [ubuntu] Can't See Ubuntu Partition After Install....Help!
  78. [ubuntu] PPC repositories
  79. [ubuntu] Connect to Shared Mac DVDROM
  80. [ubuntu] Formatting help, asking kindly?
  81. [ubuntu] Upgrading--to what?
  82. [ubuntu] Keyboard backlight brightness not remembered on suspend
  83. [ubuntu] Ubuntu in Parallels: Screen resolution
  84. [other] (Almost) good news for shared filesystems between OSX and Linux
  85. [all variants] All "Low Memory" Threads missing the point
  86. [ubuntu] Dual Boot Ubuntu 8.10 w/h Mac OS X
  87. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on NEW Aluminum Macbook?
  88. [ubuntu] Software question
  89. [ubuntu] SOMEBODY PLEEEEAASSEE HELP!!!!!! problem installing hardware sensors monitor
  90. [xubuntu] Xubuntu on iMac G3
  91. [other] MacWorld with no Apple?
  92. [ubuntu] 2008 White Macbook Wireless issues (Broadcom 4328)
  93. [ubuntu] using syndaemon in intrepid?
  94. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Hardy on eMac
  95. [ubuntu] mac mini server?
  96. [all variants] Linux Equivalent of Sparse Image?
  97. [ubuntu] Computer Shuts Down Without Reason
  98. [all variants] Help
  99. [all variants] (x)ubuntu 9.04 ppc
  100. [ubuntu] Macbook 2.1 install issues
  101. [ubuntu] video encoding
  102. [ubuntu] wired Network card macbook 1.1
  103. [ubuntu] eMac 1.25 Ghz + Radeon 9200: How do I get radeon driver to work? Use ConnectorTable?
  104. [ubuntu] Problem installing FreeNX on G4 Hardy
  105. [ubuntu] Iremote
  106. [ubuntu] where are those instructions for getting Ubuntu to boot faster
  107. [mythbuntu] .lirc config
  108. [ubuntu] Problem after install ubuntu on new MacBook Pro
  109. [ubuntu] conflicting key bindings
  110. [all variants] battery runtime MB4-1
  111. [ubuntu] fglrx issue after kernel upgrade
  112. [ubuntu] Macbok pro 1.1 with Ubuntu 8.10 Just a couple of questions
  113. [ubuntu] No sound on MacBook 3.1 (2.2Ghz) 8.04
  114. [xubuntu] Two Problems with iBook Clamshell Install of Xubuntu, Sleep, and Boot to Busy Box
  115. [ubuntu] Valgrind demands offering of an unstripped glibc
  116. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] SKYPE on Macbook Pro 4,1
  117. [ubuntu] powermac g4 & ubuntu install
  118. [ubuntu] Remove Ubuntu
  119. [ubuntu] Noob in need of help!
  120. [all variants] Macbook Pro: No WiFi after sleep
  121. [ubuntu] boot camp 10.5 and ubuntu
  122. [all variants] Newbie's download and install problems
  123. [ubuntu] Mac Pro G5
  124. [ubuntu] Seeking a solution for a simple problem...
  125. [ubuntu] MacPro [OS X on one disk Ubuntu on another] (trouble mounting in os x)
  126. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a brand new MacBook: Is it worth it?
  127. [ubuntu] Weird screen on iMacG5 when booting ibex
  128. [all variants] Macbook Pro 4,1 (Early 2008) - Some Issues
  129. [ubuntu] Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac AWOL in E
  130. [ubuntu] ppc & ubuntu help!!!
  131. [ubuntu] Apple Mighty Mouse - thousends of clicks
  132. [ubuntu] Touchpad problem with MacBook Pro 3.1 and Intrepid
  133. [ubuntu] 6.06 vs 8.04 What am I missing?
  134. [ubuntu] Macbook 5-1
  135. [ubuntu] Problems with Macbook (4,1) and 8.10
  136. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 Install not functioning?
  137. [ubuntu] mac mini ram upgrade problems
  138. [ubuntu] Aww shucks i screwed it up again.
  139. [ubuntu] Drivers for visual effects on a virtual machine???...
  140. [ubuntu] how do i access my os x partition in qemu?
  141. [ubuntu] wireless issues in MBP 4,1 - wpa_supplicant
  142. [ubuntu] To the porting gods.
  143. [ubuntu] LIRC on 8.10 PPC
  144. [ubuntu] Macbook5-1 + backlight + nvidia driver
  145. [ubuntu] Ipod virtual box?
  146. [ubuntu] Can ai install Leopard on an OEM?
  147. [ubuntu] Help! i cannot load my external hard drive
  148. [other] Is there any particular version of linux that is more similar to MAC OS X?
  149. [ubuntu] How do I install liimewire or an alternative on my PowerPC machine?
  150. [other] Use Mac with Virtualbox ?
  151. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mac Pro: Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD does not start
  152. [ubuntu] Powerpc g5 imac help with installation
  153. [ubuntu] Mac powerpc 9600
  154. [other] How to make a "Hackintosh"
  155. [all variants] rEFIt and warranty problems on macbook 5,1
  156. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Want to Get Apple HD whole again as best I can
  157. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8 Live CD - Copying from corrupted Mac HDD to USB HDD
  158. [ubuntu] In
  159. [ubuntu] Java Install?
  160. [ubuntu] My new MacBook
  161. [other] Apple hard drive wont boot on a G3 iBook
  162. [ubuntu] Help: isight not working in ubuntu 8.04
  163. [all variants] Who is running Ubuntu on a Mac Pro?
  164. [ubuntu] PowerBook G4 will not shutdown or restart
  165. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Keyboard backlight does not work
  166. [ubuntu] Resume from suspend fails
  167. [ubuntu] Want to Install Stand alone Ubuntu system on Mac Mini
  168. [ubuntu] installing leopard from iso.
  169. [all variants] Getting Xming to work on PowerPC Ubuntu
  170. [ubuntu] iTunes for Ubuntu
  171. [ubuntu] Install Ubuntu on an iMac Intel Core 2 Duo partition
  172. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] I need Help
  173. [other] Shared Epson printer on Mac, printing from Ubuntu
  174. [other] [SOLVED] disk failure
  175. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 7.10 on ibook PowerPC not loading
  176. [ubuntu] alternative to adobe flash
  177. [ubuntu] Wireless connects, disconnects every 7-10 minutes
  178. [ubuntu] Horrible GRUB issue (error 15) - MBP tripleboot. PLEASE help!
  179. [other] can you view your own webcam in mercury messenger?
  180. [ubuntu] Broadcom Wireless drivers not showing up in "Hardware Drivers" ? (MBP 4,1)
  181. [ubuntu] Can you use a non-jailbroken iPod Touch on ubuntu?
  182. [ubuntu] Installed Ubuntu, doesn't work now
  183. [ubuntu] ps3 ubuntu 8.10 ppc 64 need some help!!!
  184. [ubuntu] macbok pro 4.1 ubuntu issue w/ keyboard and mouse
  185. [ubuntu] trouble accessing documents on my PC from my mac
  186. [all variants] get rid of old linux swaps
  187. [ubuntu] Wep cracking
  188. [xubuntu] Computer says no...
  189. [ubuntu] Need helping setting up MacBook Triple boot with Shared Data partition
  190. [ubuntu] Dapper Drake Live CD on iBook G3 install problem
  191. [ubuntu] New installation; couple minor issues
  192. [ubuntu] Installing MAC OS and Ubuntu on G4 desktop
  193. [all variants] PPC - anyone running usb-wireless instead of airport?
  194. [all variants] File System support for OS X and Ubuntu
  195. [ubuntu] iPod Classic 2008 120 GB
  196. [ubuntu] Partition hell
  197. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 Powerpc Myspace Flash problems
  198. [ubuntu] GRUB and blinking cursor after refit
  199. [all variants] Mount encrypted OS X home in ubuntu
  200. [ubuntu] Problems with "click and drag"
  201. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Help an old newbie
  202. [ubuntu] iPod Nano mk4 flash firmware?
  203. [ubuntu] mapping a key as fn - possible??
  204. [ubuntu] UBUNTU using MS windows programs < Apple using A Mule ?
  205. [ubuntu] Do I need Swap?
  206. [ubuntu] Help 2 issues cannot update
  207. [ubuntu] Ubuntu won't boot from fresh install on Mac Mini
  208. [ubuntu] Sound is cracking in MBP 4,1
  209. [all variants] rEFIt says Missing Operating System when I choose Linux...
  210. [ubuntu] What do i use to get Ubuntu on my mac but sitll keep osx?
  211. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Stuck with old Swap
  212. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Blank Screen After Successful (?) Install
  213. [xubuntu] help can't get my install cd to start installing
  214. [other] Tiger OSX
  215. [ubuntu] Ubuntu + iTunes or songbird = no podcast downloads
  216. [ubuntu] Wireless dropping/reconnecting
  217. [kubuntu] ALL Linux distributions run on the MAC ?
  218. [ubuntu] Can't get started
  219. [ubuntu] Can get ubuntu to boot from usb thumb drive.
  220. [all variants] Mount HFS+ partition read-write
  221. [SOLVED] Not able to install Xubuntu 8.10 Alternate on my Imac G3
  222. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Imac G3 No-CD install
  223. [ubuntu] Can't get partitioning to work out
  224. [xubuntu] Can't see shared folder
  225. [ubuntu] Bad sound quality in Hardy with AlsaMixer
  226. [ubuntu] Firist-time linux user, generic/specific help
  227. [gnome] agh, please help!
  228. [ubuntu] MacBook: Ubuntu LiveCD does not display on external monitor
  229. [ubuntu] Partitioning question. Help please!!!
  230. [ubuntu] Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse on Macbook 5,1 (Scroll Ball Doesnt Work)
  231. [ubuntu] installation for macbook pro( 4.1)?
  232. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 + Macbook (5,1) Getting nvidia drivers to work...
  233. [ubuntu] Suspend on iBook G4 Again
  234. [ubuntu] Booting osx from a pendrive
  235. [ubuntu] Are any of my partitions suitable for access?
  236. [xubuntu] Network Manager - wireless
  237. [ubuntu] Suspend stopped working
  238. [ubuntu] ibook boots to a blank screen
  239. [xubuntu] Booting Problems
  240. [ubuntu] Multitouch in firefox 3.1?
  241. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Intrepid. iBook G4. Gnash. No YouTube?
  242. [ubuntu] Bootcamp partitioning limited to 50% of hard drive?
  243. [ubuntu] Can't stream MP3s to iBook Ubuntu PPC from Ubuntu Samba Desktop??
  244. [ubuntu] Ubuntu installation on external drive via Fusion on a MacBook
  245. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Newbie went overboard with GParted... help
  246. [ubuntu] Imac g3 netinstalled...reboot stuck at initramfs
  247. [ubuntu] Doing a Data Backup Using Ubuntu
  248. [ubuntu] Attempting triple booting on a macbook with no success, need help
  249. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Need help with OpenGL
  250. I really am confused please help me!!!