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  1. Network Manager 0.7 Preliminary Testing
  2. Wubi 8.04 testing
  3. Brainstorm new UI: opinions?
  4. Becoming a developer for ubuntu
  5. Remote Update Notifier Applet
  6. Anyone knows a tool to collect system informations?
  7. Missing changelogs in Ubuntu uppdates?!
  8. Need senior design ideas
  9. cannot create brainstorm account
  10. New applet: Desktop Drawers
  11. I want to contribute to linux
  12. Repairing the Ubuntu Linux
  13. Help
  14. Problems with laptop Lifebook s7210
  15. Re-branding ubuntu?
  16. Problem customizing Ubuntu Install CD
  17. Please help test usb-creator
  18. Presenting Ejecter, a quick way to unmount devices right from your system tray
  19. net/if_dl, Raw Sockets
  20. gtk question
  21. Fakeroot/Fakechroot
  22. Iptables config tool
  23. Lazarus 0.9.26 released, when will it be included in the repository?
  24. diagnosis-helper: Our tool to help you help newbies better. [WE NEED YOUR HELP.]
  25. Tool to hack deb dependencies [python script]
  26. Developing a software who starts a new session for an user
  27. /dev/sda change to /dev/uba?
  28. [SOLVED] Including new application in Ubuntu
  29. Searching for an open source java Jabber client
  30. VLC Pulse Audio 5.1 Patch
  31. int64_t streamoff in GCC 4.3.2
  32. man pages for posix timers
  33. Make a bootable USB with virtualization
  34. [SOLVED] Do you use Eclipse under Xubuntu ? I have shotcuts problem
  35. [Eclipse] How to clear the list with workspaces in the "workspace launcher"
  36. OpenJDK and ubuntu-restricted-extras
  37. Run Configure error in KDevelop 3.5.3
  38. rsync -zhhP of umpc jaunty-live-i386.img does not work
  39. [SOLVED] Eclipse ganymede with visual editor
  40. Permission Help
  41. [SOLVED] Telling apache to use tomcat for a certain directory
  42. InstallingApache + Passenger without net access
  43. LAMP : Simple installation
  44. Convert Evolution Inbox data and store into MySQL
  45. 2.6.28.x on 8.10
  46. Cant rename directory in localhost.
  47. Imagination, a simple and lightweight DVD slideshow
  48. HDTV tuner firmware
  49. Launchpadlib python to gather bug lists
  50. [Ubuntu MID] creat an application
  51. ubuntu source code
  52. Kprobe installation on Ubuntu
  53. Commercial user-space applications and the GPL,
  54. Ubuntu Kernel Source Code
  55. C++ Library? (For Idle Time)
  56. gdb 6.8-debian crashes almost all the time?
  57. Where to start with coding gnome panel applets?
  58. configure.ac:428: required file `modules/loadbalancer/Makefile.in' not found
  59. How to use C++ tool suit for Linux support MID
  60. cGmail needs maintainer
  61. Mysql in linux 8.10 64 bit (how to uninstall first)
  62. AMZGet, download music from Amazon
  63. QUfw
  64. _a custom gui bar menu on gnome-terminal?
  65. Synchrorep, a one click folders synchronization
  66. Autorun.inf
  67. a pretty basic question
  68. call to socket() errors
  69. C/C++/Java Development Environment
  70. Vim
  71. xemacs: ezimage not found
  72. Problems with PAM Tester
  73. A small Question concerning Game development
  74. trouble using servlet package
  75. Compiling a single source file from an entire application (Nautilus)
  76. Kubuntu Hardy - KDE 3.5 Lock/Logout Applet changes
  77. Game dev studio for kids?
  78. Recommendations for Flash Software?
  79. undefined reference to ..... errors
  80. http authentication dialog & unicode
  81. QT4, Mysql plugin, and libmysqlclient15 / Memory Leaks
  82. How do you make money from free software?
  83. An RSS reader problem
  84. C++ on Eclipse
  85. Can i minimize a window using a Terminal command ?
  86. library linking?
  87. change ownership on logical volumes using udev
  88. How to add my kernel module to the last
  89. OpenGL Linking
  90. Compiling with libcurl
  91. Including many header files in Geany
  92. Advice on making this less system("") dependent
  93. Weird Ubuntu 9.04 gtkFileChooser dialog bug??
  94. Linux Device Drivers...how do they work/how do you find/edit them? Need it 4 Research
  95. Mouse events with pressed “Alt” key
  96. capture image from webcam with jmf
  97. Latest mono from code...
  98. using the default Terminal font on Windows?
  99. Placing a CD image on a jumpdrive, and using GRUB on said drive to boot it
  100. Beta Testers Wanted
  101. Related to the development of powerPC board
  102. mount smbfs from c code
  103. Open Source ERP Application
  104. Gtk + Cairo + Size Change = Corruption
  105. Trial period in licensing system.
  106. C++ template in KDevelop?
  107. Auto run program on USB device insertion?
  108. Joining mentorship
  109. KDevelop Setup
  110. Using Eclipse C++ toolchain on Linux
  111. Simple Checking Keyboard Input Program in C/C++ but with Strange Behavior!!
  112. Focus on SDL CD error.
  113. QtCreator fonts distortion through X Forwading
  114. Installing Qt/Embedded on Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit
  115. I can get UMPC's driver but....
  116. Desktop doesn't always display new items
  117. Any fix fro remote desktop in 9.10??
  118. any progress for java working properly in rt-kernel???
  119. PulseAudio 0.9.16-test5 uploaded to Karmic
  120. Applications in Ubuntu MID run full-screen?
  121. Feasibility of my final year project?
  122. Developing System Restore in ubuntu!
  123. How do I install Netbeans in Ubuntu?
  124. What are "-dev" files?
  125. How to develop a pipe-friendly Linux program
  126. Flash Media Development Server can't start?
  127. Guys I need your help for guiding us in our project
  128. Need help for a workaround idea for the Kodak 5500 AiO Printer
  129. gtk_file_chooser_set_show_hidden not working
  130. Any tool to convert MS word doc format?
  131. Lexical Markup Framework: ISO-24613:2008
  132. change deluge torrent client installation path
  133. Current coordinates for mouse using uinput
  134. Dev Project Help: reading from wireless card and creating virtual ports
  135. Monitoring shared library use
  136. rbpitch: Rhythmbox Pitch/Tempo Shifting
  137. youtube CLI uploader
  138. study power management source code.can you help me??
  139. [SOLVED] Launchpad and apport
  140. .Net IDE For ubuntu
  141. Modifying the Linux Process Scheduler to be nonpreemptive
  142. Details of readme.diskdefines
  143. OpenGl and SDL problem
  144. Debugging ASP.NET with monodeveloper
  145. Installing Sun Wireless Toolkit
  146. Neon Media Player Alpha 1 (Feedback Appreciated)
  147. Adding a program to apt?
  148. linkin in eclipse problem
  149. Nautilus w/Undo Redo, Testers Needed
  150. Using a Ruby wrapper
  151. NZB client
  152. Menuconfig with Ubuntu Kernel
  153. joining project
  154. howto export functions in *.so libraries
  155. Location to put application icons
  156. How do I send IPv6 packets from kernel source
  157. Squashfs error when customizing live cd
  158. One of Linux's Greatest Weaknesses
  159. Working of apt?
  160. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Developer Week requires high speed Internet?
  161. Few doubts in "apt-get source" usage?
  162. Why system crashes even when apt installs packages after checking dependencies??
  163. Detect all parallel/NIC/USB printers installed
  164. Idea for Rhythmbox plugin: too ambitious?
  165. Vala language as a new way of development
  166. Virtual to Physical Address
  167. .lib to .a reimp.exe
  168. [New App] AutoWifi (auto authent on free hotspots)... looking for testers
  169. magic quotes
  170. dpkg-paranoia
  171. JDK problem after installation
  172. PSNR and SSIM on Linux
  173. Process migration
  174. [SOLVED] Eclipse - Can't view files
  175. Where find source code of the time command?
  176. Base libraries should be installed by default
  177. Building Source
  178. [SOLVED] time command not working
  179. Contributing to Ubuntu - Languages?
  180. Integrating with Nautilus/Archine Manager?
  181. Just an idea- Ubuntu communicator/messenger style application
  182. Help in System()
  183. New Technology, BIOS to EFI, GUID Partition Table
  184. Developing desktop application
  185. externel kernel module compilation
  186. Rsync Issue
  187. Oracle with Ubuntu
  188. configuration file for AC plug in scripts
  189. Add lib to Eclipse C++ project
  190. Eclipse Error!
  191. Home hosting safe enough?
  192. Problem with running a startup script
  193. kernel programming - beginner
  194. Executing a startup script as root?
  195. OS developing
  196. Qt GUI Development of Opensource Project
  197. Looking for good project to get started on
  198. testing Ubiquity
  199. help
  200. How to compress directory through code
  201. Android Application Dev Question
  202. How or where do I install Eclipse plugins ?
  203. JSP editing problem in Eclipse
  204. I'd like to get involved with Ubuntu development. Need some advice! ;)
  205. 10.04 downloaded mismatched eclipse junit libraries
  206. LD_LIBRARY_PATH and 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
  207. how to edit ECC code
  208. Seg fault (missing library?)
  209. idea: new kind of file browser
  210. Configuration script hang on checking whether a statically linked program can ...
  211. Android on Ubuntu 10.04
  212. Umbrello-sequence diagram
  213. Tooltip for Applicationindicator
  214. Photostory: A simple Python program
  215. Theming a Application
  216. java class-path setting
  217. DesktopCouch cross-distro support?
  218. trigger custom scripts on server via http
  219. the gui and the command line in ubuntu,why different?
  220. Problem with sockets
  221. Adding USB Drivers
  222. libTISCH, a multimouse & multitouch development library
  223. kernel source tree for ubuntu 10.04
  224. File Names are not displaying correctly in File Chooser when the language is Telugu
  225. Does anyone have any sort of guide to releasing open source software?
  226. ubuntu specific drivers & kernel mainline
  227. Looking for superstar Ubuntu customizer!
  228. gnome-system-log
  229. shell script to send mail
  230. Any tutorial about iperf/jperf
  231. GNU GPL for Open Source
  232. Programmatically changing gnome proxy config
  233. Check if mouse button is pressed
  234. Player
  235. New Snakes Game
  236. creating child processes in a script
  237. gnome-panel bug
  238. Create RPM with binaries
  239. [C++] Run an external program and read its output
  240. My keyboard doesn't work when I'm programming Python
  241. Access Database Sitting On Ubuntu Server
  242. [SOLVED] Finding a CDROM device (Python, if it matters)
  243. Where to place icons for Indicator Applet?
  244. What would you change in service-discovery-applet?
  245. where to code os modules?
  246. [C] How can a thread exit the main program?
  247. SBUS My Idea can i do it? and have any pointers?
  248. I want to be a developer.
  249. wrote an application ... feedback and comments are welcome
  250. kUbuntu 10.10 : Information what was change in a area ...