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  1. Web Application Programing and Version Control
  2. driver development: usbhid is blocking custom device driver
  3. Wordpress development
  4. Strange problem with cyrillic symbols in console, mb bug?
  5. orca compatibility
  6. How to join with ubuntu project
  7. Having problems with udev rules
  8. How to start
  9. [SOLVED] BASH script for writing & reading files
  10. libxml
  11. [SOLVED] read -t fails
  12. How to detect Screen Lock
  13. how the linux kernel in the livecd was compiled?
  14. update-initramfs not in /lib/modules/...
  15. C++ Ubuntu library
  16. Netbeans C++ Problems
  17. Using OpenCL in kernel
  18. Netbeans 6.9.0,9.6.1 does not work on ubuntu 10.10
  19. Which Kernel Header Directory Should Be Used
  20. Is there a way to suspend/disconnect/disable PCIe device
  21. error: 'LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE' undeclared(first use in this function)
  22. Can't get menu item going for Tortoise HG?
  23. [SOLVED] "Scheduling while atomic" spamming syslog due to my driver module
  24. Exploded BOM--the right web tools to use?
  25. Portada - An album art screensaver
  26. curses not working
  27. Unable to install gtk2 ruby gem
  28. Where to submit patches?
  29. Ubuntu 11.04 shows nothing after 1st shut down
  30. [SOLVED] Does Prepare system for shipping detete /home/oem/*
  31. [SOLVED] Kernel Configuration
  32. Changing icon of app in messaging menu (python)
  33. DocBook makefile problem or trap?
  34. Altering Indicator Applet Info
  35. [SOLVED] Pseudo low bandwidth for localhost Apach?!
  36. PHP Development
  37. Ubuntu Web IRC Client
  38. Eclipse / Tomcat Setup
  39. get_iplayer GUI Development?
  40. Set Tomcat URL to case INsensitive
  41. Errors
  42. Microsoft and Novel
  43. QT4 designer- Laucnch one window from another
  44. C++ Development Environment and Tool Chain
  45. Missing library for alsa application
  46. Gksudo problem in bash script
  47. GObject bindings for cpufreq?
  48. A clone for Debian/Ubuntu of XANDROS FILE MANAGER?
  49. Pango with the X backend for fonts in an OpenGL-Gtk+2.0-Widget under Ubuntu 11.04
  50. Ubuntu development: Where to start??
  51. C++ on Win 7 and Ubuntu
  52. Kernel/User space on 64 bit Linux implementations
  53. kernel module compile question
  54. chroot in .sh script
  55. Add java program to ubuntu context menu
  56. /usr/include/linux vs /usr/src/linux-headers-.../include/linux
  57. libindicate (indicator-message) in Tcl or Dbus
  58. Monitoring Application
  59. ioctl commands
  60. Running VB 6.0 Projects in Ubuntu
  61. Open GUI app on startup
  62. gEdit split view
  63. Libnewt usage
  64. Adding an icon to the top bar?
  65. Which is the best method to create Daemon on? (As a root user Or as a specific user))
  66. Working with debugging libstdc++
  67. gcc-4.3 on Ubuntu 11.10
  68. launch eclipse cdt debug under 11.10 x64 error
  69. Making a simple fullscreen with python/pygame?
  70. Making Ubuntu even OS(e)X:ier...
  71. Ubuntu source code (web browsable)?
  72. ac3/eac3/dts/mpa/wav delay+cut GUI tool
  73. Programming an algorithm for traffic prediction
  74. Tool chain
  75. Replacing the Ubuntu booting screen
  76. Ubuntu Development Environment help
  77. Kernel Module to change output of ls.
  78. Whats the meaning of set -e inside the script
  79. "SDB notify” problem from SiI3132 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  80. Does ubuntu has kprobes enabled in kernel ?
  81. Battery low event/handling
  82. Python in Apache
  83. Fail to builing deb package with ImageMagick svg to png
  84. latest ubuntu setting up hugetlbfs + 1 GB pages
  85. HUD Questions
  86. How does gnome mount drives
  87. [CMake]Can't link against custom built library
  88. Menu in initial wxSmith program does not show up in 11.10
  89. Unable to boot .probe function
  90. appMobi XDK for Chromium browser under Ubuntu/Unity?
  91. [SOLVED] geany portable for linux?
  92. Ofono/Pulseaudio A2DP vs. HFP (HFGW)
  93. Router failover to internal web server
  94. Sharing an apache setup
  95. [SOLVED] GID matches??
  96. Kubuntu 11.04 Mobile Preview Source
  97. How to access svn over HTTPS in eclipse in Ubuntu
  98. OpenDNS encrypts all i/o me to server
  99. Weird toruble apache2+php5 to many redirects.
  100. Recommendation for first language
  101. folder / file permission /var/www
  102. [SOLVED] UTF8 in Windows strange in python.
  103. Netbeans wont open java project
  104. AGV Communication Issues
  105. Symlinks to 32 bit libraries
  106. Help using Terminal and how to use a for/do-while loop
  107. [SOLVED] Problem linking with curl since Pangolin (12.04)
  108. [SOLVED] libssl-dev unmet dependency
  109. Stripping down ubuntu for robot
  110. [SOLVED] Storing Environment Variables Permanently
  111. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 12.04 libudev-dev_175-0ubuntu9 multiarch support
  112. Major/breaking changes from 10.04 LTS to 12.04 LTS
  113. [SOLVED] How to update packages from a Network Repository
  114. [SOLVED] Can't fetch Release file from my repository
  115. [SOLVED] ShellScript: Not able to run the command using Variable
  116. technique to query server files from client and allow download of outputted results
  117. Splitting FLAC files in different sub-directories
  118. [SOLVED] Rhythmbox GTK3 RadioBrowser port
  119. Help decrypting mix of b64/bz2 block.
  120. Where and how must I start if I were to develop an Ubuntu fork?
  121. RxTxcomm API installation and JavaProgram to List All SerialPorts
  122. Roll Back Compiler or Distro?
  123. [Python] Qt4 based program in System tray and Unity
  124. building java jni library missing symbol
  125. gconftool
  126. [SOLVED] How to test new touchpad driver
  127. Linking against glibc2.13 on ubuntu 12.04
  128. HELP! GNOME libsoup
  129. Shredder-new file deletion application.
  130. [SOLVED] Shared lib exists but not found by linker
  131. 12.04 and gcc 4.1.x
  132. Ubuntu 12.10 ARM Rootfs for Tablet
  133. Read a File of /dev/*
  134. Any tool available on ubuntu equivalent to "JouleMeter" on windows
  135. Linux on Symbol / Motorola MC75A6
  136. Native Google Music Player
  137. How to get RAW pixel data of screen to text file.
  138. Kernel .config file overwritten
  139. dmatest.ko - how use it?
  140. Porting a Driver from 2.6 to 3.2
  141. Java - Downgrade to 1.6.0_35
  142. USB Flash drive backup - www-data and access to /media
  143. vi terminal bindings
  144. Ubuntu developer packet ?
  145. How to check i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 is enabled in Ubuntu 12.10
  146. Sendmail configuration
  147. How to read values/counters for the PERF architecture from my own program
  148. Adding TCP Illinois to the kernel
  149. Add functionalities to login screen
  150. source of history command
  151. Raring kernel 3.8.0-rc6 won't compile
  152. make workspaces independent or non-clones
  153. unity webapps icons
  154. How to build apps using PyQt?
  155. My paid App is listed on the App Store : how to contact Canonical about it ?
  156. Launchpad SSH
  157. Virtual mouse linux module and problem with Xorg on ubuntu 12.04
  158. BASH Shell Functions
  159. how to build language in custom rom for htc phone
  160. Help with pam_script
  161. How to reverse-engineer My Ubuntu Package
  162. getchar with c++
  163. Making a custom Ubuntu for SAT a good idea? Pls do read the intro!
  164. filesystems for pagedaemon and swapper
  165. Opengem for Linux !!
  166. Ubuntu 12 in Vmware View Client retaining virual desktop on regular logoff
  167. Removing KDE 4 Kickoff Kubuntu.org Link
  168. Creating dev node for sound
  169. any valid ODBC capable DB software ?
  170. Implementing a new real time I/O disk scheduler
  171. Bluez 4.101 cannot use Wiimote Inside Plus since Ubuntu 13.04 and others
  172. Developing a new skype user interface
  173. g++4.8 Compiler Error: Expected identifier before * token in Bluez bluetooth.h
  174. [SOLVED] Nevermind, please just delete this thread
  175. "kill" user if more than 3
  176. why strcat failed and sucked in device driver module?
  177. what is the maximum character can write into /proc/file_name
  178. can not rmmod kernel module after snull_tx some data
  179. how to realloc in device driver module
  180. which header have eth.c
  181. blocked at dev_get_by_name(snull_devs[0], "eth0");
  182. how to parallel programming in device driver module
  183. Is installer of Lubuntu open source?
  184. PCI Driver for Lubuntu
  185. gtk_entry_get_text: assertion 'GTK_IS_ENTRY (entry)' failed
  186. [help] libssl-dev unmet dependency
  187. How i can change the System Name in Systemsettings -> Details ?
  188. Ubuntu 14.04 and legacy php/apache versions
  189. SSH error when trying to connect to launchpad
  190. Making a Script Run on Boot
  191. running a script at boot to update /etc/init.d
  192. Dir-File-Tree System Manager & gzip
  193. Issues with Cups on Ubuntu 14.04
  194. Tuned and Ktune
  195. Linux source tree in Vivid Vervet
  196. Is uinput loaded per default?
  197. compile curl, static executable
  198. Hex Editor help
  199. Utility for getting date of scritpt execution
  200. EE Osprey 2 Mini Exploration
  201. Unable to install php5-ffmpeg package
  202. How to edit the ncurses colors and style that is running at server installation time?
  203. Where to set XDG_DATA_DIRS c.s. early enough
  204. ALSA and a 64 Channel RME card
  205. Libudev doesnt return device name
  206. [bash] Zenity loop
  207. Need to rebuild glibc for SCTP support?