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  1. When is networking going to 'work in Ubuntu ?
  2. Any true benefit in 64 bit?
  3. can programs run sudo ... without password within sudo's 15 minutes?
  4. Why use Ubuntu for Mac? Why not just Mac?
  5. Multiple Desktop Environments, the nightmare that GNU/Linux can't wake up from
  6. Ubuntu = needing anti virus ??
  7. Which Desktop Environment?
  8. "Simplicity" as in Arch is bad.
  9. Just a general question about Linux
  10. How Secure is Ubuntu..?
  11. Gnome vs KDE : For beginners, without the flame war!
  12. What new features would you most like to see in ubuntu?
  13. sudo privilege escalation flaw?
  14. Keeping It Real
  15. Firefox 3 or Opera 9.6--Which do you use?
  16. Can you tell me some antivirus program for Ubuntu?
  17. Stupid things about Ubuntu you think need to be fixed
  18. Desktop Ubuntu - Problem after Problem after Problem
  19. What do you think about the 5 minute sudo window?
  20. Rate your experience with ubuntu on a scale of 1-10
  21. Microsoft/Windows - anti-freedom
  22. Viruses
  23. Pulse Audio: Is it really successful or a disaster?
  24. I'm going back to Windows XP
  25. How to stand up for Linux
  26. Best Browser
  27. Anyone else dissapointed in Ubuntu 8.10?
  28. What are your favourite linux applications?
  29. [SOLVED] Kick a dead horse Pulseaudio thread
  30. OPINIONS NEEDED: Why don't you use KDE?
  31. Windows 7
  32. Anyone else find ubuntu's default look to be horrible?
  33. Microsoft is scared of Ubuntu
  34. Blog: "How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps" (Requires social engineering)
  35. KDE or Gnome?
  36. general security
  37. Challenge for all you Microsoft haters!
  38. C vs C++
  39. Any know of a very simple Disrto?
  40. Once again, 32 vs 64
  41. What do you dislike most about Linux?
  42. Just a question that's been nagging me lately
  43. I do not hate Microsoft!
  44. Ubuntu or Linux Mint?
  45. What do you do with your Ubuntu
  46. Kubuntu or Ubuntu?
  47. How to pernounce Linux. (Gee, this will be fun)
  48. Why is arch linux so..."Good"?
  49. Linux > Microsoft... I THOUGHT SO... Right?... CORRECT!!!
  50. KDE or GNOME?
  51. Neuro Linux
  52. Would you prefer Ubuntu have a version that was a rolling release model?
  53. 64 bit or 32 bit
  54. how safe is the ubuntu distro?
  55. Does Ubuntu/Canonical violate the GPL?
  56. Fix Ubuntu Artwork
  57. How to win a Linux-Windows debate??
  58. 10.04 lonely lobster
  59. Microsoft's patent war over Linux has begun
  60. School Project - What is better for Home use, Windows Vista or Linux Ubuntu?
  61. Ubuntu for someone new to computers
  62. Best "tiny" distro - Crunchbang, TinyMe, Antix...?
  63. Is a Mac worth the money?
  64. What does one mean when they say, "Firefox is more secure than Internet Explorer?
  65. Screw Linux
  66. is there any virus worries in linux ?
  67. Choose your flavour =D
  68. What additional does Linux need...to make the Windows antiquated
  69. Blah! What is so horribly wrong with Ubuntu's color?
  70. Why does everyone say Linux is so complicated?
  71. google chrome linux. What's up?
  72. Trojan Virus Facebook Alert, All Windows Users.
  73. How safe is it to use my fresh Ubuntu?
  74. New Linux convert here wondering about what security programs I should get.
  75. Ubuntu's Usefullness
  76. Windows 7 - Linux Killer?
  77. Shame on ATI
  78. Will Gnome Win The Linux Desktop?
  79. Encrypt login/password so noone except me can login
  80. most popular linux distros
  81. antivirus??
  82. Favorite Desktop Environment, whats yours?
  83. What should i choose ubuntu or windows xp
  84. Stop asking for password
  85. What is better ubuntu / kubuntu /xubuntu
  86. Booted back into Windows
  87. KDE or GNOME?
  88. how did you fist learn about Linux Ubuntu ?
  89. Ubuntu's Tipping Point (When Oh When) ?
  90. Ubuntu Colors
  91. Netflix streaming on Linux?!
  92. Ubuntu is becoming bloated!
  93. Lighter version of Ubuntu
  94. Linux vs. BSD
  95. Best Desktop Environment
  96. Fedora or Ubuntu?
  97. Is Linux really more secure than Windows?
  98. Do you prefer Kubuntu or Ubuntu and why?
  99. good antivirus?
  100. Ubuntu going down instead of up
  101. I need a definite answer to the Linux virus question
  102. What do you think the best Music Player is?
  103. Whats your favorite thing about Ubuntu?
  104. Antivirus on Linux
  105. Yahoo News
  106. Which is better ubuntu or some other one?
  107. Ubuntu and virus ??????
  108. Firewall to use?
  109. Does Open-Source software mean less?
  110. Windows vs. Linux, I don't think so..
  111. Antivirus
  112. Disadvantages of a Ubuntu 64bit?
  113. The Best Operating System
  114. Looking for Linux alternatives to these Windows programs
  115. New background - I hope it's a joke or temporary decision.
  116. Linux needs to change its image
  117. Fragmentation
  118. Does This Site Offers Reviews About Viruses That attacks LINUX OS
  119. Another holy war: Linux or Windows
  120. Anti-virus or not
  121. 1 bad thing about linux being the 'bigger' company
  122. browser wars... opera vs. firefox (minefield)
  123. A coin has two sides!
  124. hosting your own webpage on ubuntu is safer than on windows?
  125. firewall & antivirus for my computer
  126. ichthux
  127. Which Internet Browser do you prefer?
  128. Linux style?
  129. My experiences with KDE vs. GNOME
  130. Can a virus 'live' in ubuntu ?
  131. Whats so good about Ubuntu?
  132. noobs vs n00bs, some advise to the ubuntu/linux community
  133. Help for antivirus
  134. Gnome or KDE
  135. No viruses or spyware since windows..
  136. Vista is Terrible... is switching to Ubuntu worth it?
  137. Ubuntu - ready for 80 year old Grandma to use?
  138. question about this new virus threat
  139. SPEED Ubuntu Vs. Vista ??
  140. Ubuntu and Linux Derivatives
  141. Ubuntu 64
  142. Linux is save, Gnome isn't.
  143. new computer worm
  144. Ubuntu gurus: fix these first (please)
  145. Why Linux Will Never Be Mainstream
  146. Ubuntu's dilemma: root access
  147. Moved from programming talk
  148. Benefits Of Ubuntu Over Windows/Mac
  149. A bit of a KDE 4 rant.
  150. KDE or GNOME? No flames please
  151. Why Ubutu?
  152. Gnome vs. KDE
  153. why use linux if you have to depend on ms?
  154. Thank you for providing me such a wonderful opportunity.
  155. Mac users: is ubuntu better than mac OS
  156. Is Windows 7 faster than Ubuntu on your computer?
  157. for the newbie windows 2 linux converts/paranoid joes...
  158. Firefox or Opera
  159. Vista users touchy
  160. Is virus detection/protection needed?
  161. anyone try the bitdefender?
  162. How did you learn Ubuntu?
  163. Reminder: Social engineering still works on Linux
  164. For the love of Vishnu, MS is a business, stop crying about "misleading ads".
  165. Why Switch?
  166. viruses?
  167. Why does firefox in linux suck so much?
  168. Still missing the human touch in Linux for Installing software
  169. Linux Viruses?
  170. Gnome, KDE and Xfce Oh My!
  171. What Do You Hate About Windows So Much?
  172. Why use another system?
  173. A recurrent question: Your Favorite Window Manager
  174. Good Starting Language?
  175. Why no virus in ubuntu
  176. Seriously?
  177. Dropbox Referrals thread
  178. Frustrated with OSS/free extremists?
  179. Anti-Virus and Linux
  180. "Has Linux just lost the best chance it had to break into the mainstream desktop"?
  181. A switch to a open-sourced forum software?
  182. Does ubuntu have viruses
  183. virus!
  184. 64 and 32 bit
  185. Do you have to learn to use Windows?
  186. Your Favorite Desktop Enviroment
  187. Do you care if Ubuntu gains market share?
  188. hacking
  189. On which release of Ubuntu did you get started?
  190. why did you switch to linux?
  191. new project: spread Ubuntu!
  192. What's the best language to start with these days?
  193. Brasero Vs K3B witch is best and why?
  194. Why are Ubuntu ridiculous names ? Jaunty Jackalope?
  195. Opera browser, the ultimate paradox ?
  196. Microsoft profits are down
  197. There should be application rolling releases!
  198. Which Distro is Best?
  199. Ubuntu 9.04 Requirements....
  200. Pros and Cons between Python, C++, VALA, C#
  201. Does Ubuntu need a Safe Mode?
  202. Does Ubuntu Suck or does Ubuntu Rock - I was about to rant when..
  203. Haved you mooed today?
  204. wicd or gnome Network Manager? In 9.04
  205. Almost embarassed to say but "I wouldn't update to Jaunty 9.04 if I were you!"
  206. VMware, VirtualBox, Xen, KVM... which is best?
  207. Who is going to test the Windows 7 RC?
  208. Desktop Environments: KDE 4.X > VISTA > GNOME > XP
  209. Ubuntu compared to OSX and Windows 7
  210. Top Linux Distro to Stay Away From!
  211. A Room Without Windows, the Linux experiment for Windows Users
  212. Linux as religion
  213. Top 7 reasons people quit Linux - PC World
  214. Virus, malware and spyware scanners?
  215. Should free software discriminate?
  216. Windows 7 sucks
  217. Apple laptops vs. PC laptops
  218. Assembly inside Python
  219. Is Linux actually completely virus free?
  220. best web browser for ubuntu?
  221. Ubuntu Vs. Other Distros
  222. anti virus for ubuntu
  223. What's the difference between Fedora and Ubuntu?
  224. Is Linux Right for you
  225. What's the difference between Slackware and Ubuntu?
  226. An open letter to the linux community
  227. Not to start a war, but...
  228. Off topic
  229. KDE vs. Gnome
  230. Debain vs. Ubuntu: megathread
  231. Where do you think linux is going?
  232. When Windows 7 comes out what are you going to do about it?
  233. All Gui Interface
  234. What should I do with W7?
  235. ubuntu or kubuntu??
  236. How bad do you want netflix in Linux?
  237. Linux & commercial software companies
  238. First linux distro
  239. Gnome or KDE
  240. Should Linux users cut the self-righteousness?
  241. Are Linux Users OCD?
  242. Should apple make iTunes for Linux?
  243. Should I go back to linux?.
  244. Besides Development, How Do You Use Linux?
  245. Not for everyone
  246. Should Ubuntu Make a FreeBSD release?
  247. Ubuntu Vs Windows - Security
  248. Computers don't suck.
  249. 8.04 vs. 9.04-- Advice for a Linux newbie?
  250. Anti-virus software?