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  1. The name that sucks for an OS is not Linux but Ubuntu!
  2. Choosing between Firefox or Opera web browsers
  3. i love stallman
  4. possible security issue by default in gutsy
  5. Are there too many Ubuntus?
  6. too many ubuntus?
  7. Most customizable
  8. linux compatibility layer
  9. Desktop Environment
  10. Name the next Ubuntu
  11. What Desktop and Window Manager do you use? (Post pic if you're proud of it!)
  12. thing ubuntu must have to be an Windows Alternative (for real)
  13. sudo vs. su
  14. Anti virus software
  15. Attention: Linux Programmers
  16. Let's make Ubuntu number ONE on DistroWatch again
  17. Linux and Virusses
  18. Would you recommend Fluxbox or IceWM to a new-to-Linux user?
  19. KDE 4 whats so special
  20. 64-bit vs 32-bit
  21. Joke
  22. Xfce and KDE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gnome also sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. some say there are no viruses for ubuntu THERE ARE???
  24. What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?
  25. Close to 2010, could Linux made much easier ?
  26. Since Kubuntu 8.04 will not be LTS...
  27. linux still is far behind...
  28. What linux has that windows doesn't
  29. opera 9.5 versus firefox 3.0 (gran paradiso)
  30. Gnome, or KDE; which is your choice?
  31. use KDE instead of gnome
  32. Whats the difference between the boxes?
  33. Do you primarily use a 64-bit or 32-bit CPU?...if 64-bit what Distro do you use?
  34. is Ubuntu too brown?
  35. Linux isnt ready for the desktop, but its not their fault!
  36. new theme in ubuntu instead of horrid orange
  37. Yet another Ubuntu desktopreadiness thread..
  38. KDE vs GNOME
  39. Is it possible to make money off of foss?
  40. what are the disadvantages of xubuntu?
  41. I kinda hate fluxbox what do you think?
  42. viruses, Is linux safer or just ignored?
  43. Software for Malware, Adware and Spyware
  44. Why do we all need to compile software - example: digiKam 0.9.3
  45. Best All Around Audio Player
  46. I'm going back to Vista
  47. Can linux be affected by malware at all?
  48. Firefox or Konqueror
  49. Will Ubuntu End Up Like Windows?
  50. Is it worth trying out Kubuntu also?
  51. linux, vista, leopard lol is this a contest?
  52. what do you recommend?
  53. Why a new version every 6 months?
  54. Can, should, and will the console go away?
  55. Kde
  56. Ubuntu 8.10 Name Discussion
  57. Windows vs Linux (ubuntu)
  58. Mono in Ubuntu (and Microsoft patents )- A reason to not use GNOME ?
  59. why is ubuntu not "sufficiently"user friendly???
  60. [SOLVED] Linux security
  61. Linux isn’t affected by Viruses!!! Why?
  62. How did I become "5 Cups of Ubuntu"???
  63. Should Kubuntu be dropped?
  64. which linux is best?
  65. [SOLVED] Firewall & Security
  66. Is Linux really a garbage?
  67. [SOLVED] I don't need any antivirus?
  68. A few observations about Linux by a friend of mine - how far do you agree?
  69. Linux v Windows
  70. What would it be like if Linux was more popular than Windows?
  71. What makes ubuntu worth using? at all?
  72. Mark Shuttleworth Reveals Definitive List of Ubuntu Code Names
  73. Which is the easiest to start with?
  74. How much of a security risk could the sudo timeout become?
  75. The new Ubuntu
  76. What are the things that you do NOT like about Firefox ?
  77. Is it my imagination or does KDE get better "Looking" apps?
  78. linux has a vulnerability
  79. Linux verses Windows Vista
  80. Kde or Gnome?
  81. What would make Ubuntu win the Desktop War? This.
  82. linux vs windows
  83. Are you sick of Ubuntu/Linux being compared to Windows?
  84. Is ubuntu ready for the world?
  85. KDE Vs GNOME
  86. In order to succeed, there must be criticism.
  87. The poor choices of the GNOME team
  88. Depth versus breadth
  89. Canonical should support Kubuntu more
  90. Most balanced DE/WM
  91. Leopard versus Ubuntu
  92. How does songbird and amarok compare?
  93. With Linux, Antivirus Software is Dead
  94. Kubuntu VS. Ubuntu. Some help? (Not a debate)
  95. KDE4 vs Gnome
  96. [SOLVED] Why (K/X/Ed)Ubuntu?
  97. How in the world is Metacity considered any better than Xfce?
  98. Viruses
  99. Anyone switch from K to Gnome? Why?
  100. What should the next version be called?
  101. Command Line Easier
  102. What is Ubuntu good for?
  103. [SOLVED] OS Poll
  104. Novell & Microsoft Patent Debate
  105. Mandriva or ubuntu?
  106. Split discussion from "Programming" thread in PT.
  107. What truely makes the linux better than XP?
  108. The Brown and Orange Theme
  109. Mint Gnome better than Ubuntu Gnome
  110. Linux is not Windows, never will be....
  111. Kubuntu sucks?
  112. good & bad things of ubuntu
  113. Best/Worst OS Family?
  114. Do you keep the brownish colors?
  115. Apple-The New Microsoft(Continued)
  116. Anyone Like Ubuntu?
  117. Opera VS Swiftweasel
  118. [SOLVED] Browser Wars
  119. Automatix development
  120. Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu
  121. Video Chat In Linux
  122. [SOLVED] Something distasteful in Ubuntu
  123. Kubuntu, why not?
  124. Two weeks in no wonder bill gates is the worlds richest man
  125. the best audio player for ubuntu?
  126. Firefox 3 way ahead of other browsers
  127. Ubuntu's security
  128. Struggles drive people away
  129. Automatix is dead
  130. ubuntu vs suse
  131. KDE vs. Gnome
  132. Now that AUTOMATIX is dead...
  133. Alternative to automatix2
  134. Deluge VS Transmission
  135. KDE 4 - The Debate, What do you think to it?
  136. Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 11.10
  137. What is the best PDF Editor for Linux?
  138. Clarification on the Mono and MS .NET issue
  139. Intel Vs. AMD
  140. Automatrix is finaly gone!
  141. How far has Linux desktop-readiness gotten
  142. windows viruses in ubuntu?
  143. is Ubuntu bettern the Mac OSX?
  144. Devolopers need to read this
  145. Your must haves!
  146. I can not stop Laughing.
  147. WTF error
  148. Oh yeah, Opera's REAL light on the system resources!!
  149. Ubuntu: more doomed than ever
  150. Please install CNR in ubuntu by default
  151. Windows vs Linux
  152. Canonical does not use FOSS software?
  153. Any Linux Malware/Virus experiences?
  154. Virus Alert
  155. ubuntu, its just not ready
  156. more secure?
  157. [SOLVED] Fedora, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu... are we all reinventing the wheel?
  158. Why is there a defrag in Windows but not in Linux
  159. Why use the command line when you don't need to?
  160. Why use the GUI when you don't have to?
  161. How does Ubuntu handle 64 bit?
  162. Why is 64bit software support bad on Ubuntu?
  163. [Poll] What should the Developers be working on?
  164. what's the best internet browser?
  165. Why doesn't anyone use a root account?
  166. x32 vs x64
  167. Kubuntu 8.04 w/KDE 4 = Vista
  168. Do you think Ubuntu shouldn't force itself to have release every six month?
  169. Future Ubuntu names...
  170. What do you think of the sudo timeout / grace period?
  171. Breaking news: Linux to exceed shipments of Macs sooner than we think
  172. Thunderbird vs Evolution
  173. FireFox3
  174. Why the Freaking STINK does Ubuntu require passwords?????
  175. Will Linux destroy Microsoft?
  176. [SOLVED] Which processor specific variant should I use?
  177. Hardy: 32 or 64?
  178. 64bit vs 32 bit ??
  179. Intrepid Ibex....and then what?
  180. Evolution's way or the highway (still) ...
  181. Recognizing why OLPC is swithing to Windows
  182. Ubuntu 8.04...what the?!
  183. 32 bit or 64 bit??
  184. when will the desktop be snazzier?
  185. Best Working Internet Browser Overall??
  186. [SOLVED] Viruses on Linux Myth or truth?
  187. 64 bit vs. 32 bit version of Ubuntu - any advantages
  188. The Great Ubuntu-Girlfriend Experiment
  189. Xubuntu WOW!
  190. Color change plzzz
  191. Photoshop vs. GIMP
  192. How do you like KDE 4?
  193. Ubuntu 8.04 will wait for 8.10 final ;)
  194. Small Review of Ubuntu
  195. 32 vs 64 bit
  196. Linux better than Windows?
  197. Antivirus for Ubuntu (computer at work - may share files with Windows users)
  198. Firefox, I'm putting out your flame. Hello Konqueror
  199. My KDE Experience
  200. KDE is from the basement in hell
  201. What OS for really old computer?
  202. Do I have to worry about spyware?
  203. Poll: What Looks Best to You?
  204. I think the forum community stands in the way of Ubuntu's improvement
  205. (RANT!) "Windows Is The Best Because Everyone Knows It "
  206. what will the next release be called?
  207. OGG or MP3?
  208. is ubuntu the most user friendy
  209. dreamweaver?
  210. KDE as first class citizen
  211. Firefox 3 Beta 5 Very Unstable in Hardy
  212. Will Linux ever be a mainstream O/S (my take)
  213. Here is a easy one....x86 or AMD64
  214. Why are so many using Ubuntu codenames?
  215. is vista a virus??
  216. C++ IDE for Gnome...
  217. virus
  218. My C/C++ IDE
  219. Thoughts on comparing OS X and Ubuntu?
  220. Aniti Virus what to install and how to install
  221. Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu: which is better for converting Windows users?
  222. Jiggy Jaguar and other funny names
  223. if Linux had Big marketshare (+30%) what potential problems you foresee ??
  224. Automatix Gone - What is its Replacement?
  225. Easy compiler/ide
  226. Ubuntu vs Xubuntu
  227. 64-bit "revolution" only a sputter
  228. Why is it that almost everyone here does things the hard way?
  229. Windows v. Ubuntu (stability)
  230. Letīs face it: some stuff that MUST change to Linux (Ubuntu in special) reach the sky
  231. The only way Linux will ever conquer windows on the desktop.
  232. Which language to learn?
  233. Feel tired? linsux.org will cheer you up!
  234. Rant About Vi$ta and Micro$oft
  235. why do gnome apps look so plain?
  236. Things that you dislike in Ubuntu
  237. Apt-Get vs. Aptitude
  238. Hardy Heron is doing weird things! Video Included
  239. Website Builder
  240. Knowing what you know now, what would you tell Mark to call 8.04?
  241. Antivirus is recommended or not
  242. Linus, I don't think the OS market will really change.
  243. Who here is a member of Linsux.org?
  244. Best DE/WM for productivity?
  245. Linux as a viable commercial platform
  246. Ubuntu is not ready for average users
  247. Which is better? Pidgin or Kopete?
  248. Home Directories readable to other users
  249. Perl or Python?
  250. Programming in Linux