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  1. New games and applications on the horizion for Linux.
  2. Thoughts about Unity to Canonical
  3. GNOME Shell vs Unity
  4. Let see what most of our comunity want from DE
  5. @ Gnome Shell and Unity Haters....
  6. FSF Petition
  7. Debunking the debunking of the 1% stat
  8. It's time that 64-bit was the default option
  9. Worst desktop ever
  10. [SOLVED] Eviction notice
  11. What is so innovative about Apple?
  12. Ubuntu Vs OSX
  13. Almost forgot how much Windows sucks
  14. Admiring Gnome Shell
  15. What a laugh
  16. Installed 11.10. Don't like appearance. Make it look like 10.10!!!
  17. What are you doing, Canonical?
  18. Do you want Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot), Classic Gnome with Compiz?
  19. Gnome 3, Unity. why?
  20. Windows Zealotry
  21. What's the point of 11.10?
  22. Unity vs Gnome3 vs KDE 4.7.1
  23. General Ubuntu 11.10 Rant
  24. 11.10 Big Disappointment
  25. 11.04 11.10
  26. Why Did We Switch To Unity?! + New Distro Idea
  27. In depht Ubuntu 11.10 review
  28. Why has Ubuntu 11.10 become a Mac clone?
  29. Recovery Mode boots to root promt
  30. gubuntu variant
  31. Giving up on Ubuntu, part Duex
  32. Canonical blog: Secure boot and Linux.
  33. Why is companies using windows is secuity not a priority
  34. Ubuntu + Flash + Web Browser = Garbage
  35. Netflix
  36. Where are we going Ubuntu? Poll
  37. Using Unity on a touchscreen tablet/pad ?
  38. Fisher Price meets Windows 95
  39. Unity not ready for Prime time.
  40. Has Ubuntu 11.10 ruined the experience for anyone else? What do you use now?
  41. Yet another comment about the end of Gnome 2
  42. Extreme Instability Of 11.10
  43. Ubuntu Sux...well thats what new users say!!
  44. if your new distro was a car.......
  45. What is that uggly thing to the left?
  46. Upgraded to 11.10 and now annoyed
  47. Which do you like better?
  48. Another Gnome Shell and Unity rant
  49. Ladies and Gentlemen a petition
  50. Ubuntu users all around the place are talking on creating a comunity
  51. Unity
  52. Linus Torvalds: Why Linux Is Not Successful On Desktops
  53. Why are all solutions on command line? Give your opinion.
  54. 11.10?
  55. Window or Linux;
  56. I don't like Unity
  57. I'm Tired
  58. 10.04 still superior to 11.10? I think so.
  59. have i done a wrong decision
  60. Ubuntu 11.10 desktop interface
  61. Bright future for Linux
  62. [SOLVED] Lubuntu Has Breathed New Life Into My Old Machine
  63. Do you think these stats are due to Unity?
  64. Is open source working?
  65. Unitys and GnomeShells ... Let's bow down once again to Idiocracy
  66. Positive things about Unity
  67. why is 386 still the recommended version?
  68. Goodbye!
  69. LinuxMint 12 with Gnome-Shell: is Ubuntu's #1 spot under threat?
  70. 11.04 very near a LTS version of Ubuntu...was talking with
  71. Why I like the taskbar (a.k.a. window switcher)
  72. clean install of 11.10 makes me... tired.
  73. 'Linux people' don't matter
  74. Four points to achieve to solve Bug #1
  75. Did you keep 11.10?
  76. Strongly Recommended Programs. What do I need?
  77. I Utterly Hate Unity
  78. [SOLVED] How about some Roobuntu
  79. Evolution vs Thunderbird
  80. Unity Rocks
  81. What is the difference between 64bit and 32bit? (other than size)
  82. Beginning to dislike windows with a passion.
  83. How is Canonical pronounced?
  84. Son passed his father!
  85. How Many Switched/Shifted from Ubuntu to Lubuntu?
  86. [SOLVED] Logging off Ubuntu for the last time
  87. Status of Steam for Linux from Gabe Newell
  88. does I need antivirus on Ubuntu 11.10 ?
  89. Unity... Discuss
  90. How many known Linux Viruses are there?
  91. Magicjack
  92. Android vs iOS
  93. Will Linux Mint Be the End for Ubuntu?
  94. Difference between various Ubuntus-- Xubuntu, Lubuntu, edubuntu, Kubuntu
  95. Linux vs Windows
  96. Windows More Secure Than Linux And Mac?
  97. [SOLVED] Why has Ubuntu become so "heavy?"
  98. Why does Ubuntu have space problems?
  99. Antivirus + Rootkit hunter
  100. my idiot friends wish to know
  101. Why you left windows
  102. 32bit or 64bit
  103. The problem is more with each new version?!
  104. How Secure is Ubuntu Really?
  105. For any experienced Kubuntu users...
  106. Why people are using expensive Macs .are there any advantages?
  107. What you think ????
  108. Do you realise that most of the PC users are unaware of Linux existence
  109. [SOLVED] Does "Open" mean insecure?
  110. Windows doesn't work well for me.
  111. Favourite music player?
  112. Unity Mega Discussion Thread
  113. Your opinion of C# on Linux
  114. Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 11.10 performance
  115. I love Unity!
  116. Time for Ubuntu to take notice
  117. How do they earn money ???
  118. Interesting article
  119. The Matrix runs on Windows XP
  120. windows 7 is more stable than Ubuntu 11.10 with unity
  121. Ubuntu losing its popularity
  122. Unity is the worst desktop I have ever seen
  123. Is Linux becoming as arrogant as Apple and Microsoft?
  124. Why oh why unity?!?
  125. Windows gets progressively slower over time, why doesn't Ubuntu?
  126. Will there be a Gnubuntu?
  127. can LXDE be the new Gnome2?
  128. Help those who hate Unity!
  129. Maybe I'm dense, but what's so bad about Gnome3?
  130. Linux market share
  131. No quality graphic editors for Linux
  132. Antivirus programs
  133. what are 32 and 64 bit systems?
  134. Mac/Linux
  135. Linux Mint switch anybody?
  136. Can you use Oneiric and Unity productively?
  137. Why don't all the makers come together in one effort?
  138. Recommendations for Software?
  139. Multiple Monitors
  140. How does Ubuntu do it?
  141. [SOLVED] An Apology to KDE...
  142. What do you like better: Ubuntu 11.10 or Windows 7?
  143. How did you switch to Linux?
  144. Mint VS. Ubuntu?
  145. Another meaningless distrowatch measurement thread/rant
  146. is anti virus necessary?
  147. Ubuntu advocates have lost the right to criticize Vista
  148. Ubuntu 4th popular distribution? Really?
  149. someone sell me on ubuntu..
  150. Linux ahead of Windows in some markets?
  151. What Linux Distro is your main os?
  152. Is ubuntu ready for average pc users?
  153. [SOLVED] Does this condition still exists ???
  154. The future of Ubuntu
  155. What is difference between different Linux distros
  156. Where to go when 10.04 support dies?
  157. Best distro for KDE?
  158. How to get over Windows?
  159. ubuntu vs. windows 7
  160. Was 10.04 Ubuntu's peak?
  161. vim or emacs? (i know that this is a recurring issue, but now it is mine).
  162. What is your favorite Video Editor for Ubuntu?
  163. 64 Bit vs 32 Ubuntu
  164. 64 or 32 bit?
  165. My thoughts on microsoft and why I may never return to windows
  166. Any new on a native Steam client?
  167. "Big" Strategy Observations/Questions OR Why Ubuntu won't increase market share
  168. I've not found anything as excellent as Gnome 2 desktop on Ubuntu 10.04
  169. This is my request after use and test unity!
  170. Why is 32-bit install recommended over 64-bit?
  171. Why doesn't Ubuntu forums have Tapatalk support?
  172. Who is apples target market?
  173. I got a call from an overseas number...
  174. some question on my mind
  175. Scientific Linux any good when put up against Lubuntu, Fedora, RHEL, or Crunchbang?
  176. Help!!!
  177. Who names the Ubuntu release versions?
  178. Unity - what do you think?
  179. Linux vs. BSD vs. OSX vs. Solaris vs. Windows
  180. Leagacy of Steve Jobs
  181. [SOLVED] Firefox 10 versus Chromium
  182. What exactly is Unity's target market?
  183. People Who dislike Unity and Multimonitor Support in ubuntu.
  184. What is the difference between Ubuntu/Debian packages and Redhat/Fedora packages?
  185. "User Friendliness"
  186. Wayland Live CD
  187. Windows getting more scared?
  188. Windows 7 is pretty good OS IMO
  189. Why Ubuntu when you don't like the design?
  190. ubuntu needs advertisement..
  191. Can Ubuntu 11.10 use Netflix normally?
  192. 64 or 32?
  193. 32vs64bit
  194. Ubuntu 11.10 quicky question ...
  195. Ubuntu versus Arch
  196. Firefox or Chromium
  197. Ubuntu's Evolvement
  198. Lubuntu rules ok?
  199. why does ununtu keep breaking stuff that used to work?
  200. 32 or 64 bit
  201. Some things which ubuntu must do...
  202. 5 months and still infection free!
  203. Netflix
  204. Why use Ubuntu?
  205. What do you like about Gnome 3 ?
  206. Netflix
  207. [SOLVED] Unity Desktop slowdown
  208. Unity 5 - no one heard us ...
  209. Unity Desktop
  210. Why Keep an Ubuntu with Mac?
  211. Can ubuntu get viruses
  212. what are your "most-used" linux programs ?
  213. Are you using a different nix?
  214. What are the differences between Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific Linux etc Operating Sys
  215. what browser and OS do you use?
  216. Are Unity and Cinnamon good for Linux?
  217. Is Fedore better than Ubuntu
  218. Ubuntu Politics
  219. Ubuntu in mainstream -
  220. [SOLVED] The best music player in your opinion?
  221. I hate unity, but....
  222. Ubuntu 11.04 is the last good distro in my opinion.
  223. Is Banshee really this unstable?
  224. Does Canonical share stats on ...
  225. Patent Updates, Details at Midnight.
  226. What other distros have you tried? Why do you like Ubuntu best?
  227. Banning Unity / Gnome-shell bashers
  228. [SOLVED] How secure is Ubuntu compared to other operating systems?
  229. Like Ubuntu, Dislike Unity. What are my options?
  230. Does anyone else think the default folder structure is a bit messy?
  231. linux market problem
  232. Does anyone like unity
  233. Two things that are lacking in FOSS community.
  234. Precise Priority: Utility or Uniqueness?
  235. Ubuntu why not be as simple as Windows?
  236. cinnamon.linuxmint.com
  237. 32bit vs 64bit
  238. Question about when people sell linux-based products...
  239. Thoughtless OPs discourage responses
  240. do you upgrade every LTS release or every release? what is your reasoning?
  241. Why there is so much negativity about Apple products on Linux related forums
  242. If you didn't use Ubuntu, what would be your non-debian-based distro?
  243. Ubuntu vs Debian
  244. I upgraded to 12.04 and HATE the Desktop.
  245. Now I regret once I was a Unity hater
  246. Linux and microsoft office
  247. Evince xp vs linux
  248. 99 percent?
  249. Your Opinion on Google?
  250. Linux OS' are immune to over 80% of viruses. Whats Microsoft's excuse?