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  1. Myth or reality : Linux community is harsh towards women
  2. So does Ubuntu and debian have 80+% of the linux marketshare?
  3. Linux breaks 2%
  4. Good God, I hate Windows...
  5. How many linux distros have you tried, adn what do you like the best?
  6. Think of a Linux user without internet connection
  7. When Linux developers will create single standard
  8. How do you see other free & open source OSes
  9. Do you use Linux because it is free of cost..??
  10. 64 bit or 32 bit?
  11. When Linux will have enough advertisement
  12. Linux Distro differences?
  13. [SOLVED] No firewall or antivirus needed??
  14. How do you see Apple/Mac hardware and software
  15. Ubuntu vs. Mac OS X
  16. Evolution down graded Thunderbird
  17. The best office suite for Linux regardless of price.
  18. What will I be missing if I make the switch from a Mac to Ubuntu?
  19. what is the role of Canonical in development of Linux
  20. A apparent Apple rip-off to come
  21. Why not Ubuntu?
  22. Diffrence between 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu, on a 64-bit computer
  23. The Music Thread
  24. Is Guayadeque the best media player on ubuntu? I think it might be.
  25. Wine
  26. why is Ubuntu plagued with bugs and problems?
  27. 5 reasons to try Zorin Linux OS
  28. Linux is gaining popularity faster than OSX or Windows!
  29. Favorite Linux Live Rescue disks
  30. The Forum Correctionists
  31. Google Chrome vs. chromium
  32. Suggest a distro?
  33. Why people still use Windows
  34. login as root
  35. Microsoft, to the UK Government, Bashing Linux
  36. This guy has some "serious" concerns over Linux
  37. what do you guys think is the best bittorrent client for ubuntu?
  38. Windows 7, not that impressed
  39. Are there any estimates for linux's full market share including servers?
  40. My new Ubuntu tattoo
  41. What is the Benfit of using 64-bit OS?
  42. What is difference between all Linux Distributions
  43. 64 vs 32-bit
  44. Copyright complaint regarding ubuntu
  45. Why no Politics?
  46. Best linux OS for a 6+ year old Laptop
  47. An abbreviation for "GNU/Linux" ?
  48. what are the difference and similarities between Linux and Mac OS
  49. [SOLVED] Why is Linux secure?
  50. Welcome to the darkside my young Meerkat
  51. Linux needs a more user friendly installation method.
  52. GUI vs Terminal: your opinions?
  53. Linux Newbie Point Of View
  54. Being free is against Linux IMO
  55. Why most people on microsoft forums don't like ubuntu or mac
  56. IBM and Lenovo - Old News
  57. Need advice for a linux distro
  58. Firefox 4 to run slower on Linux :(
  59. which linux
  60. My Gnome vs. My KDE
  61. Steam For Linux!!
  62. Flash?
  63. why ubuntu???
  64. To upgrade or not to upgrade...
  65. I want to know if I can do something.
  66. [SOLVED] Firefox takes too long to load FIXED!
  67. Easter Eggs In Ubuntu/Lubuntu?
  68. Why Ubuntu?
  69. What's the significance of the upcoming changes for LTS users(10.04, in particular)?
  70. the lightest distro available
  71. Why no Linux vs OS X threads?
  72. If no one has thought of a quirky name for a new ubuntu distro
  73. Why does Ubuntu not play commercial movie DVD's?
  74. Just out of curiosity....
  75. Ubuntu alternatives?
  76. Zune vs iPod
  77. ubu10 64 vs win7 64
  78. When is Ubuntu going to get wirless figured out?
  79. Alternatives to Ubuntu
  80. Is Canonical copying Microsoft?
  81. Just wondering...
  82. why do you hate windows?
  83. Question: Motives on Switching to Libreoffice?
  84. Kde vs. Gnome
  85. I could not believe this when I read this on the Microsoft site!
  86. question about the basic technical difference between window and linux?
  87. What is your impressions of Bill Gates?
  88. So how do lightweight distributions work?
  89. Windows works but Ubuntu doesn't
  90. Apple, pot, kettle, black
  91. windows fail pics thread
  92. No offense, but is the "full Ubuntu entreprise" really viable?
  93. Viruses on linux?
  94. Why is Linux free?
  95. Gnome 3 Love?
  96. vim vs. emacs
  97. Antivirus
  98. All Web Browsers Are Rubbish
  99. Seriously Windows XP Im done
  100. Why doesn't Linux have .exe or similar standard?
  101. 64 bit not recommended?
  102. Never forget - be mindful of your freedom
  103. What is Linux? No, really?
  104. I think Ubuntu contradicts "free software" in the truest sense
  105. CrunchBang vs Damn Small Linux vs Puppy
  106. Ubuntu and the Hardware Incompatibility Problem
  107. Is it easier yet?
  108. Do Linux supercomputers need an antivirus?
  109. Gaining access as root in ubuntu 10.10
  110. What percent of Linux users are female?
  111. Antivirus for the Maverick Meerkat
  112. Can't decide what distro to try next
  113. What are the differences between Ubuntu and Debian?
  114. What is ubuntu
  115. Shockwave
  116. gEdit vs. Kate ..?
  117. What's your favorite Browser?
  118. Ubuntu is really getting fat..
  119. Legallity libdvdcss / w32codecs
  120. No Linux Viruses?Huh!
  121. An open letter to Linux community
  122. should I buy a mac?
  123. Security Issue
  124. If not Ubuntu what distro would you run and why?
  125. Chromium or Midori?
  126. is unity supposed to be mac os?
  127. What is the first thing that comes to mind when ?
  128. one powerful linux
  129. Ubuntu 11.10 will not ship with a classic GNOME Desktop
  130. Ubuntu or Kubuntu
  131. Gnome vs KDE?
  132. Boycott!
  133. Off topic
  134. gnome or unity poll
  135. Best Text Editor in Ubuntu
  136. The battle bewteen MS & Linux is over. And the winner is...
  137. Don't Touch This
  138. Open source - Do you agree?
  139. How about an actual solution like this ...
  140. Would you recommend using 11.04 for use right now?
  141. Ubuntu 11.04 May Default To Classic GNOME Desktop ?
  142. Which ubuntu do you people like best??
  143. THE antivirus debate...
  144. I love Linux, but it's making me bald...
  145. Don't let this happen, Ubuntu users!
  146. Decline of Ubuntu?
  147. What is your favorite dock?
  148. Opinions on GNOME 3 from those who've tried it
  149. Ubuntu slowness?!
  150. Why an Ubuntu desktop is just as insecure as a Windows desktop
  151. I hate Windows because.....
  152. Do you prefer Ubuntu or Fedora?
  153. Francesco Vianello
  154. Ubuntu is for noobs WHAT?!?!?!
  155. On the fence with distros... help?
  156. Stagnating Market Share
  157. Do we have to put up with Unity to get Ubuntu?
  158. why should i replace my current OS.....???
  159. Will Ubuntu EVER move away from the purply/orange theme?
  160. I hate Unity so far...
  161. Windows' latest headline
  162. Gnome 3 Vs Unity???
  163. What are the first programs you download?
  164. 32 vs 64bits?
  165. Should I?
  166. [SOLVED] Why Unity?
  167. 32 bit addressing limit - need more clarity on this in the installation guide.
  168. Best Distro for Geriatric PC
  169. OpenOffice or LibreOffice
  170. Gnome 3 vs Unity
  171. Opinions on Ubuntu vs OS X
  172. another "unity vs gnome" thread
  173. The future of Gnome?
  174. Whats your favorite linux distro?
  175. Why not make Ubuntu a Rolling Release ?
  176. I'm going to miss Gnome2!
  177. i almost dont want Linux to go mainstream...
  178. gnome-shell vs unity
  179. Why is ubuntu faster than windows??
  180. Getting ready to jump ship?
  181. If more people start using Linux, would that make Linux more unsafe to use?
  182. How to remove Mono from Ubuntu 11.04
  183. What will you guys do when gnome 2 is gone?
  184. Ubuntu 10.10 vs Linux Mint 10
  185. Ubuntu, Virus Protection Comes as Standard
  186. ubuntu devs, please fix the bugs
  187. Unity
  188. Netflix (streaming) on Ubuntu Desktop 10.10?
  189. Was 11.04 a mistake?
  190. How to crash ubuntu 11.04 within a minute of upgrading
  191. Windows 7
  192. Canonical's Usability Testing of Unity
  193. Ubuntu 11.04 natty is still very unstable
  194. GNOME vs KDE
  195. browser compare
  196. Stop a second... 11.10 should have this.
  197. What would it take to make the world love Ubuntu/Linux/Open Source
  198. What is your favourite desktop environment?
  199. A GLARING roadblock
  200. 11.04 is the vista of Ubuntu...
  201. Too many people badmouthing Ubuntu and Unity
  202. I'm "sorry" I tried really Hard to like 11.04
  203. Button Layout, left or right?
  204. Gnome says I am the biggest Idoit.[Help Please]
  205. Poll: Unity, Gnome, KDE or Other?
  206. Scareware
  207. [SOLVED] Is anyone else thinking of switching to another distro
  208. Ubuntu Aiming for 200 Million Users
  209. Mint Vs Ubuntu. which do you like? and for what?
  210. Best Linux for beginners.
  211. [SOLVED] 11.04 or earlier critics
  212. how do I log on as root ?
  213. Why is it a good idea to advise people to use sudo?
  214. Cosmonaut Shuttleworth
  215. MPlayer vs VLC
  216. 32 or 64?
  217. So what is your choice?
  218. Suggestion's Beta and LTS Forums
  219. Open letter to Mark Shuttleworth
  220. If you have changed from Ubuntu...
  221. What is wrong with Unity?
  222. I hate the sidebar in 11.04
  223. Proposed name for next version of Ubuntu
  224. Transmission vs uTorrent
  225. Unity desktop is a disgrace
  226. 32bit vs 64bit
  227. Windows vs Linux security - after gaining administrative rights
  228. [SOLVED] ubuntu 10.04 vs 10.10 vs 11.04
  229. [SOLVED] Open Office VS Libre Office
  230. Browser of Choice?
  231. debunking 1% myth
  232. [SOLVED] Can I upgrade to 64-Bit from 32-Bit
  233. In your Opinion which is better, Gnome 3 + Gnome Shell, or Unity?
  234. I still depend on Windows to...
  235. Gnome 2 to Gnome 3- more or less hatred than kde 3 to 4?
  236. One week with Fedora. A test against Unity.
  237. What is difference between Kubuntu ,Xubuntu and Ubuntu?
  238. Ubuntu vs Ubuntu Studio
  239. Firefox or Chrome?
  240. Ubuntu 11.04 vs windows 7
  241. Favorite Ubuntu browser?
  242. What Virus Scanner do you use on Ubuntu?
  243. Your favourite Linux distro?
  244. switching distro
  245. Ubuntu vs Windows
  246. What Internet Browser Should I Choose?
  247. Do you think the use of Unity by Ubuntu is harmful to the Linux community?
  248. Linux Mint vs Ubuntu?
  249. Gnome 3 too Mac like?
  250. Gnome 3 vs Gnome 2 vs Unity vs Kde