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  1. Security of open source?
  2. Steam for Linux coming out
  3. Antivirus or no antivirus?
  4. I see Linux MarketShare is now below 1%
  5. Are you paranoid about Google spying on you? This will feed your paranoia...
  6. KDE sucks. Gnome shell sucks worse.
  7. [SOLVED] ReactOS and LINUX
  8. Firefox 4 Beta 3 is 3 times faster than Firefox 3
  9. Diferences in Linux
  10. Redhat contributes 16 X more than Canonical to Gnome
  11. Forced to Do Things The Hard Way
  12. Dunno where to post this...
  13. Ubuntu more unsafe than Open SUSE because of SUDO password policy?
  14. A highly questionable posting from the ubuntu manual project leader
  15. [SOLVED] Is it feasible to run Ubuntu as a primary O.S. on a desktop?
  16. Why so serious?
  17. Cola
  18. windows 7 or ubuntu
  19. Why do you use Linux?
  20. Zipping Zebra Then What
  21. Where do you draw the line? Piracy vs Fair Use?
  22. Malware question
  23. What's happening in the torrent world?
  24. Best Linux distro for really old PCs?
  25. Mozilaa Firefox vs Internet Explorer
  26. Ubuntu vs. Mint
  27. [SOLVED] Why do people hate Ubuntu's stability?
  28. Is the GPLv3 dead or blacklisted yet?
  29. YACVF - Yet Another Chromium Vs Firefox
  30. is it legal to download songs you already bought?
  31. FireFox or Chromium?
  32. [SOLVED] "Safest OS by default"
  33. What ubuntu can do that windows 7 could not
  34. Why use Ubuntu instead of Debian?
  35. Have I have been hacked?
  36. Anti Virus for Ubuntu 10.04?
  37. 32 vs 64 bit? and Ubuntu vs kubuntu and other virsions of linux
  38. Flash: Windows vs Ubuntu
  39. [SOLVED] Linux Ubuntu vs Linux Mint OSs
  40. [SOLVED] I need help deciding between windows and ubuntu.
  41. I would caution anyone against choosing ext4 when you install ubuntu.
  42. Android 2.2 vs iPhone ios 4
  43. Any intrest in a rolling release version along side LTS & 6-month?
  44. Root access given when fstab not mounted properly
  45. Do you think ubuntu is ready to replace Windows for the average user?
  46. I AM wrong ? linux is slower than widnows Multitasking ?
  47. Got an iPhone 4!
  48. Why do windows users feel the need to bash linux?
  49. Mac to Ubuntu users
  50. Quick question...
  51. Who pays for Ubuntu?
  52. What do you think about the Ubuntu's half-yearly release rate?
  53. Am I the only one who finds windows users approach to security weird?
  54. Whats the main big diffrence with ubuntu and fedora?
  55. Windows Virus
  56. unlocking phones w/ Linux (legal by federal law, please don't close thread)
  57. virus scanner required?
  58. [SOLVED] Is ubuntu all that open source?
  59. (poll) Is Ubuntu doing enough to fix bugs?
  60. Is Linux Application Naming Conventions A Showstopper
  61. Why do you using Ubuntu or any other linux os?
  62. Why so many version of linux and Ubuntu
  63. Ubuntu In The workplace
  64. If ubuntu is Free. VBulletin Owner Why?
  65. Microsoft (back) in the open source business again
  66. No confidence in their 64 bit 10.04 product?
  67. Windows Vs Macs Vs Linux = ?? (Security)
  68. Stop or stimulate the growth of so many Linux distributions?
  69. Linux vs Windows security
  70. Windows; Who's Really At Fault Here?
  71. Ubuntu software store a good idea?
  72. Which Country Makes the Best Food?
  73. What is your favorite beer?
  74. Ubuntu in 5 years?
  75. When will Ubuntu/Linux be absolutely auto sufficient?
  76. 32 or 64 bit?
  77. Ubuntu vs Windows 7
  78. 64 bit running 32 bit apps
  79. What is/are the most important things that Ubuntu have give to Linux/computing?
  80. Microsoft "loves open source"?
  81. The best distro with proprietary drivers support?
  82. avg
  83. What is the most User-Friendly version of Linux?
  84. Ubuntu speed vs *others* (Arch)
  85. Which is the best hard disk manufacturer in the world?
  86. Best Tablet PC for Ubuntu
  87. Shocking / Disturbing / Funny web page
  88. Why Kubuntu, Xubuntu,..?
  89. os suggestions??
  90. Why not expand Ubuntu in the world ?
  91. [SOLVED] Why does Windows slow down your computer?
  92. The consistent failure of Linux to grab even 1% of the desktop OS market
  93. How hypocritical, Microsoft.
  94. Linux Mint "Debian" Edition
  95. "Debunking the 1% Myth"
  96. Linux distro for: 333Mh,64 RAM,8 Gb ???
  97. Lightest & fastest version of Linux?
  98. Why should I use Linux?
  99. [SOLVED] do you hate windows?
  100. What apps are missing in Linux?
  101. Which is the better company or lesser evil?
  102. Poll for a bigger market: Illegal Windows users or Linux users?
  103. Beans
  104. 10.04.1 64-bit - Not recommended for daily desktop usage
  105. What are the key differences between KDE and Gnome display managers?
  106. Kde and Windows 7 look a like?
  107. 64 bit "Not recommended". Why?
  108. Why don't linux computers cost less?
  109. Social Engineering Fail
  110. Troll post:pidgin vs empathy
  111. Ubuntu Choice
  112. How popular is Ubuntu
  113. Canonical to cease Ubuntu development in 3-5 years time.
  114. Windows is more secure than linux...?
  115. Apple new laptop
  116. Ways to improve Linux
  117. anyone who left another linux to come to ubuntu?
  118. Which DE is the lightest?
  119. is NTFS better than ext3 & ext4?
  120. Idea: YaST I would be nice.
  121. This is why I don't use windows at home
  122. On your linux machine, have you ever had a virus?
  123. The website is down!
  124. 32-bit vs 64-bit. Divergent recommendations
  125. Windows 7 Vs. Ubuntu
  126. The biggest problem? The developers mindset.
  127. Why is Google Chromium faster than Firefox?
  128. ubuntu - sell me
  129. Is Chrome a rootkit / keylogger?
  130. Should I use 64-bit version of Ubuntu 10.10?
  131. what firefox add-ons do you use?
  132. Will we see LibreOffice in Ubuntu in the future?
  133. [SOLVED] any advantage to 64bit
  134. Ubuntu Pay?
  135. Emails from Steve Jobs
  136. 32bit or 64bit
  137. [SOLVED] Really???? Aptitude is gone? Why?
  138. [SOLVED] Kubuntu 64 bit or 32 bit?
  139. wishes for 10.10
  140. [SOLVED] Too many linux distro's....???
  141. Comparing: Windows to Linux
  142. Oh good, another IE market share thread!
  143. future of ubuntu
  144. One (big) reason Ubuntu's release cycle is flawed
  145. Browsers
  146. We are more than 1%
  147. Best free antivirus/internet security
  148. Unity MEGA Thread
  149. I hate it when my Ubuntu gets infected...
  150. [SOLVED] Good hackers ?
  151. How much did Microsoft pay for this??
  152. Firefox or Chrome? Which one?
  153. Ubuntu is going backwards
  154. I'm wondering about MS Win 7
  155. Ubuntu is not ready for prime time
  156. is it true
  157. Don't forget to register your Linux computer
  158. Why do so many look down on the "just want it to work" crowd
  159. Three things you like, and one three things you don't like about Ubuntu
  160. The big three are all really good
  161. Linux : Pros and cons?
  162. is ubuntu maverick 10.10 is better than lucid
  163. The "finally good" Seven still can't beat XP
  164. ubuntu user age?
  165. We are more than 1%
  166. Lets start a campaign
  167. Best. Video. Ever.
  168. Linux Desktop is Dead?
  169. su or sudo-which is more secure?
  170. Spending cuts?
  171. Re: Wine should be installed by default
  172. How many of you are on Mac/Windows still?
  173. Problems with linux
  174. why would one want to use debian over ubuntu?
  175. The Great Ubuntu Let Down
  176. What will be the future?
  177. How come some default Ubuntu apps suck?
  178. Your first Linux OS?
  179. Will the Command Line and GUI become obsolete? I say yes.
  180. Where do you have the titlebar buttons?
  181. Bored with Ubuntu. Which distro should I try next?
  182. Best pocket web-browser device?
  183. The best video player for ubuntu
  184. I want to learn Linux
  185. virus in ubuntu
  186. POLL: Which Desktop Environment?
  187. Linux "ubuntu vs mint" question
  188. OpenOffice is dead - long live LibreOffice??
  189. The Absolute Sexiest Theme?
  190. GIMP Or Photoshop?
  191. Dislike of Microsoft by Linux users
  192. Ubuntu moving to Wayland
  193. [SOLVED] Ubuntu or Kubuntu?
  194. poll which OS is better
  195. Linux way of the future.
  196. Why not?
  197. Fedora v Ubuntu
  198. Rolling distribution like Debian VS. 6 month release like Ubuntu in Linux
  199. pitivi is GARBAGE
  200. How many ubuntu users are there?
  201. GNOME or KDE?
  202. Richard Stallman picking at his foot then eating it
  203. Openoffice problems
  204. I think Windows 7 is more reliable than Ubuntu
  205. Windows XP rant
  206. What's your avatar?
  207. [SOLVED] Negativity towards Ubuntu growing exponentially
  208. the Linux desktop is surely DEAD
  209. 11.10 code name
  210. What OS is the best?
  211. Interesting thread about Photoshop on linux on Adobe forum
  212. Is Ubuntu better than Debian?
  213. Has ubuntu changed its mind about Banshee/Mono?
  214. Ubuntu 10.10 vs Linux Mint 10
  215. Ubuntu vs. Windows XP
  216. 64bit or 32bit????
  217. Firefox 4 -- Faster but no HW Accel. for Linux
  218. Mac Or PC?
  219. Need help in selecting 32bit / 64bit
  220. Microsoft potentially hijacking Linux/OpenSource?
  221. Ubuntu the best?
  222. What is Ubuntu based on?
  223. [SOLVED] cannot update clamav
  224. Gnome kde xfce
  225. Ubuntu is not interested in opinion. Want marketable feedback only
  226. Ubuntu Apps for Windows Users
  227. The Main Reasons More People are not Using Linux
  228. which distro - ubuntu or other - 10 yr old laptop ?
  229. What's the Best HTML Editor
  230. Microsoft is forcing people to convert to Ubuntu
  231. Jolicloud or Kubuntu Netbook?
  232. Why bother with ubuntu if IPODs are not even supported?
  233. Open Source Softwares That Wipe the Floor with Their Popular Commercial Counterparts
  234. What is your favorite music player?
  235. What if Linux had a 90% market share
  236. Things that suck on Ubuntu. Things that suck on Windows. Things that Suck on Mac.
  237. Why Do You Hate Linux or Ubuntu or...
  238. poll : top desktop
  239. So why no linux virus yet?
  240. Linux Hater made me laugh so loud ..you are oing to like it too
  241. why are the buttons on the left?
  242. what are the chances of getting a linuxs virus?
  243. What would your answer be if..
  244. Chrome O/S vs Ubuntu
  245. what are common misconceptions about Linux
  246. those damn viruses
  247. Firefox or Chromium?
  248. Alt-F2 + gksudo = evil combination?
  249. ubuntu -vs- windows
  250. Why???