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  1. "NU Ubuntu Team"Northeastern United States(ME,NH,VT,MA,RI,CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,DC,VA,WV)
  2. map of NU Ubuntu Team distribution sites:
  3. NU UbuntuTeam (Northeastern United States Ubuntu Local Community Team)
  4. The NU Ubuntu Team
  5. Active ways NU UBUNTU TEAM members are marketing and distributing Ubuntu ;-)
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  7. Northeastern LoCo Team - US | The NU Ubuntu Team FAQ Thread
  8. How to donate systems to people?
  9. Ubuntu Distribution Think Tank Thread
  10. Welcome macogw (Mackenzie) as NU Ubuntu Team co-Administrator and Forum Moderator
  11. Post your favorite xkcd
  12. NU Ubuntu Team(Northeastern LoCo Team) IRC Channel
  13. NU Ubuntu Team Homesite
  14. Monthly NU Ubuntu Team (DC-Area) meetings planned...join us!
  15. I would like to join the team
  16. Ubuntu LoCo Team HOWTO (HowTo Create a Ubuntu LoCo Team)
  17. where and who to spread the word to?
  18. How is a regional team functional?...I ask how is not essential?
  19. running 2 os
  20. First meet up with Jono,reaffirms importance and essential function of Regional teams
  21. State Teams that still need to be formed in the NU Ubuntu Region(Northeastern US)
  22. Forums for state teams?
  23. Potential changes for the NU Ubuntu Team
  24. NEW: We have a mailing list
  25. I will be busy and away for a bit, but this is exactly why there are 3 admins
  26. Any Vermont-sters! out there?
  27. NU Ubuntu "Regional" LoCo Team edits to the LoCo TeamList
  28. 230 current members of the NU Ubuntu Team (05/03/2007)
  29. NU Ubuntu Team membership is now open!
  30. "NU" - NU Ubuntu Team Branding
  31. NU Ubuntu Team Wiki Updated
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  34. No longer hosting the NU Ubuntu Team webpage
  35. State forums?
  36. Nu Ubuntu Team Map
  37. No sound
  38. Looking for a North Carolina Team