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  26. Whats really the difference between PC and Desktop BSD?
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  28. Why BSD over Linux?
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  30. Lets talk about something a little different, BSD
  31. Ubuntu BSD
  32. FreeBSD vs PC-BSD vs NetBSD vs Other, what are the advantages of each?
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  34. apt -get or aptitude????
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  40. Please help me find a distribution
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  50. Anyone try Debian's kFreeBSD?
  51. Wireless Issue
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  55. OpenBSD Desktop HowTo
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  57. Why OpenBSD sucks...Powerpoint style!
  58. [SOLVED] Are there any package managers?
  59. netboot?
  60. OpenBSD for a laptopp?
  61. Howto create a bootable OpenBSD install CD
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  63. Primary partition for BSD
  64. Reading PCBSD Files While In Ubuntu
  65. Pc-bsd
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  73. FreeNAS is great!
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  75. FreeBSD and LAMP vs Others
  76. DesktopBSD too advanced/different for a newbie?
  77. BSD users, I have some questions!
  78. HOWTO: No-CD FreeBSD/NetBSD Installation From Windows or Linux
  79. I feel sorry ...
  80. Damn Small BSD
  81. [SOLVED] FreeBSD
  82. FreeBSD friendliness
  83. [SOLVED] drivers
  84. Solaris memory consumption
  85. FreeBSD 7.0 Is In The Wild
  86. BSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSX... what's the difference?
  87. Memory usage in PC-BSD?
  88. Laptops and BSD?
  89. [SOLVED] Is it possible to share or mount /Home directory in Ubuntu (ext3) as /Home i
  90. apply command
  91. Tempted to get ZFS
  92. NetBSD?
  93. PC-BSD users.
  94. [SOLVED] I can't get the WM (Gnome or KDE) to launch in FreeBSD 7.0
  95. FreeBSD 6.2 on inspiron 1420n
  96. Am I right?
  97. [SOLVED] FreeBSD Open Office Dependecies?
  98. Solaris 10 on laptops
  99. Time it takes to install Gnome in FreeBSD 6.2
  100. BSD - beyond their "focus"
  101. First Impressions of PC-BSD 1.5 (Da Vinci)
  102. OpenBSD
  103. OpenBSD laptop
  104. FreeBSD is awesome
  105. Spent some time in FreeBSD this weekend
  106. Mounting FreeBSD partitions in Ubuntu
  107. BSD and System V
  108. Best way to share files between Ubuntu and PCBSD on one HD?
  109. Migration from FreeBSD to Ubuntu Server (password issues)
  110. Grub error 17 after installation of FreeBSD
  111. Is *BSD a linux killer?
  112. PC-BSD WUSB54GC (rt73 ralink) Wifi Help
  113. Is FreeBSD for me?
  114. Well I installed FreeBSD
  115. How do the BSDs compare in the desktop environment?
  116. anyone know how to add a sudoer
  117. Strange FreeBSD Issues (USB/Nvidia Drivers)
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  119. zfs gui
  120. [SOLVED] 4.4BSD-Lite2
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  128. Problem installing ANY file manager.
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  130. Interested in trying BSD, but will miss Gnome and apt-get
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  132. NetBSD installation woes
  133. A Beginner's Look at FreeBSD
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  142. Dual boot FreeBSD and Vista
  143. Irritating problem with Gmail
  144. I am thinking about installing bsd
  145. Anybody know of a good tutorial for gnome on freebsd?
  146. I'm stuck
  147. DragonflyBSD
  148. [SOLVED] Dualboot Linux and BSD
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  157. I need help getting into BSD.
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  159. [SOLVED] Bsd
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  161. Caching
  162. Dragonfly BSD
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  165. 64-bit Display Drivers for NVidia
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  169. Open/Free BSD
  170. Official FreeBSD Forums now online!
  171. Compiling Parcellite
  172. BSD on flash drive.
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  181. Advice for new PC: compatibility and software choices.
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  192. Does this mean some error ? How to fix ??
  193. Why are most threads in this part of the forums closed?
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  196. my fresh BSD indstall.
  197. [OtherOS_] Pfsense router not working properly since maintenance ISP.
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