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  1. Final year/course project for an undergraduate degree in CS, some advice needed
  2. [SOLVED] adding varible on every call to single function
  3. Is there a visual/graphical version of Folding At Home for Ubuntu?
  4. BioBlender
  5. [SOLVED] dealing with large data files in R
  6. hyperresearch on linux?
  7. RGedit in Oneiric
  8. GPS alike with wifi position system project
  9. LaTex section problems
  10. [HELP] LabVIEW 2011 on Ubuntu 11.10
  11. Public Lab Question
  12. [SOLVED] failed to install sage 4.7.1 on ubuntu 11.10
  13. BOINC 6.12.34 wont run on 11.10
  14. [SOLVED] SPICE needed!
  15. Matlab installation
  16. New software for Ubuntu, Mandriva and Fedora
  17. SPSS for Linux or other software supporting ANOVA
  18. Gnumeric - Errorbars won't show the right percentage
  19. utilising multicores
  20. [SOLVED] Klavaro progression
  21. List of whitelisted websites for 4-year old?
  22. presentation on windows vs linux
  23. Suggestions on University Final Year Project title
  24. Algebra Exercise Generator
  25. Can't able to run .m file in OCTAVE 3.2.4
  26. MATLAB R2011b installation error: eval: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
  27. Virtual Orrery on Ubuntu?
  28. Installing Request Tracker via repositories
  29. [SOLVED] CompTIA A+ Essentials (2009)
  30. I'm going to be teaching Community College Linux, want some suggestions
  31. Has anyone experiences with Lifetool-SW (Windows) and Ubuntu?
  32. Academic paper related to mathematics of cryptography
  33. how to install qutemol?
  34. errors of compiling qtiplot
  35. Oxford Style for BIBUS
  36. Linux classes at University
  37. How to solve transcendental equation
  38. Wiki page discuss: Intro to opamps with ngspice/gEDA
  39. Ubuntu problem when try to save and open packet tracer file
  40. Bolt & nut applications in ABAQUS
  41. Is this a good / worthwhile software engineering degree to pursue? (syllabus attached
  42. looking for the latest E20-390
  43. Optimising numpy code
  44. Print pdf comments?
  45. Any verb conjugator of english verbs on ubuntu?
  46. StatPages.org WebPage
  47. PLPLOT - Character height, output in cm on different PCs
  48. Latex tables - how to skip columns
  49. Currently what is the best method to install latex in Ubuntu?
  50. Problem with packages on R-project
  51. Opensource Application for Magazine Collection
  52. Are free mathematical siftwares available for ubuntu 10.04LTS?
  53. Any Linux software to create interactive PDF fields?
  54. a question regarding LaTeX
  55. Auto07p
  56. problem with Auto07p-software for continiation and bifurcation analysis
  57. I need a book that will teach me basic english (fast)
  58. IF conditions in R
  59. Anyone Have Any Recommended Books For Someone Getting Into Web Hosting- Tech Support
  60. New chemical program for UBUNTU !!
  61. Question regarding School Tool School Mnagament System Open Source Software
  62. Looking for a Language program like Rosetta Stone
  63. Statistical Survey Software: LimeSurvey
  64. How to export inkscape0.47-generated picture in .tex format to a LaTeX document?
  65. Machine Vision on Ubuntu?
  66. code.nasa.gov
  67. Problem Using Udev Rule
  68. Error while installing Matlab
  69. overline libreoffice writer
  70. KeepNote + AutoKey
  71. Maxima - Ordinary differential equation problem
  72. FreeCad Tutorials
  73. USB-to-GPIB problem
  74. centering y axis in xmgrace
  75. Turkish chacters problem with Latex fonts on open oficce and inkscape
  76. Ifort Linux License
  77. Symbol font on xmgrace
  78. Is it possible to download and install SAGE from Ubuntu site?
  79. Installing STATA 12 in Ubuntu11.10
  80. LyX templates and Ubuntu
  81. [SOLVED] Maple 14 Classic Worksheet not working
  82. QCAD map/plan orientation
  83. make table from an image of a figure (like pdf)
  84. Problems installing image package for Octave in Ubuntu
  85. cpu lodgic
  86. human computer interface
  87. ImageJ for isolating user input?
  88. PyMOL symmetry operations/axes?
  89. use Matlab methods in java
  90. Revolution R in Ubuntu 11.10
  91. What advantage does Tcl/Tk offer for sage-4.8 program?
  92. Sharing Storage with Ubuntu Cluster
  93. Lammps 30Sep2011 on ununtu 11.04
  94. Installing Octave
  95. Refrop software for fluids database - Engineering Physics
  96. Periodic solutions obtained from auto 2000 bifurcation and continuation software
  97. UGS NX8 - Ubuntu 64bits 10.04LTS
  98. Change horizontal spacing between equation and number in LaTeX?
  99. How should I use texhash command to update natbib?
  100. Does an openoffice presentation file open with windows powerpoint?
  101. Abaqus CAE window is transparent/translucent
  102. Need help building optimised ATLAS
  103. Python question
  104. [SOLVED] gnuplot polar grids - disable circular grids alone
  105. superscript/subscript in the labels read from data file
  106. Installing new programming language, Julia
  107. Emacs-AUCTeX-Okular
  108. HotEqn help
  109. Documentation How-to Project for School
  110. gpib in Ubuntu 10.04 and C++ programming
  111. Missing/depreciated Octave paths after source build
  112. Is reading videos in Logger Pro using linux possible?
  113. Sakai & Red5 Development
  114. Free .dwg viewer in Ubuntu
  115. graphing x^x
  116. ternary plots with adjustable gridlines in R
  117. Installing and Running Gadget-2
  118. Gnuplot on ubuntu 64
  119. Help with (bio)simulation cluster using 11.1 server (64bit)
  120. How can I find out what happened to Dennis Ritchie's body
  121. Azeotrope, Chemical program now on PPA
  122. Crane simulations
  123. Online, Open-Access Journals and Related Resources
  124. edison
  125. Cannot get Gedit LateX plugin to work
  126. Thesaurus in Terminal
  127. Superscript, subscript and HTML
  128. Folding@Home can't change team
  129. Populating the Contents panel in Okular with Latex from Kile
  130. What upper division electives should I take?
  131. I need programs help me in toefl
  132. Native PDF highlighting in Linux
  133. Great preparing computer science books for University
  134. I want to start learning data mining
  135. Qualitative text analysis
  136. [SOLVED] Compiling Delft3D and mpich2
  137. Process 16 Images using ImageJ
  138. Latex Help
  139. problem install texlive
  140. LaTeX Makefile
  141. New File Browser Wanted
  142. Question about production Systems
  143. pc keep shutting down
  144. Sage 5.0 in Ubuntu 12.04
  145. How to step back python script?
  146. [SOLVED] Good Oscilloscope for Ubuntu?
  147. redirecting input/output of program
  148. [SOLVED] Maths: Probability and Stats
  149. from DWG to EPS
  150. Kickstarter project taking Octave to android
  151. open document format in academia
  152. Mathematica 7.0.1 Graphics surface In black
  153. Chemists: Question about MestreNova
  154. simulator for 80386
  155. QtOctave is dead, almost a year ago
  156. Softwares for Linear Algebra / Calculus courses
  157. Need a working GPS program
  158. R cran
  159. Gedit latex error saving bibtex
  160. Converting strings to csv in R
  161. compilation in ubuntu
  162. Toefl paper based exams
  163. Question about scholarships ?
  164. compiation of sqrt funtion in C
  165. Cellulose-Builder
  166. Create Relative Link
  167. Korean learning Software
  168. Toefl pbt book request
  169. working with RSA Enc/Dec
  170. creating a book index in a pdf file
  171. Ubuntu Users at Liberty University? (Virginia, USA)
  172. Ubuntu Certified Professional Exam
  173. How to upgrade pgfplots
  174. [SOLVED] Sines Cosines Lessons and software for studying trig
  175. Data reading/processing issue; not an permissions problem
  176. seeking trig software and cache of exercises
  177. Makefile
  178. Offline Software Analysis, libtermcap.so.2: cannot open
  179. Book about the boot and shutdown process of the OS
  180. [SOLVED] KILE: Auto line break not possible
  181. Problems with QtiPlot on Ubuntu 12.04
  182. kile re-editing tables
  183. Octave hex2dec help!
  184. More biology software wanted?
  185. mp3 and pdf american accent 6 min
  186. TOEFL pbt previous complete test
  187. Help me with some topics and activities for a seminar mentoring women in tech
  188. longman preperation course for the TOEFL test paper base pdf
  189. spreadsheet for use with Latex
  190. Engrade
  191. free LabView equivalent?
  192. Text to Speech
  193. Software for NMR Processing
  194. Geogebra 4.2 Ubuntu support
  195. Logic Gate Simulation Tools
  196. How to correlate paired, non-normal and GROUPED data?
  197. Fortran
  198. [SOLVED] R plotting: ggplot output differing from plot output for same dataset
  199. Need a Pi Calculator
  200. Matlab in 12.04
  201. CCNA certification/simulation software?
  202. Mouse Problem in Matlab Product Help Window
  203. Scilab JVM/libjava error
  204. Error installing Matlab 2009b on Ubuntu 12.04
  205. Installing NumPy for Python 3, when Python 3 is installed in home directory
  206. saving a file in scilab
  207. Importing the AVCHD files from Sony NEX-5N
  208. How can I compare multiple images using GuiOctave?
  209. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS problems with Kstars
  210. How to remove right rbrace in libreoffice math
  211. Easy publishing software for students
  212. [SOLVED] TeXmaker -- startup window disappears
  213. How to set up GRIB API on Ubuntu 12.04
  214. Problem with installing mathematica for linux
  215. The Nova Scale For Computer Errors
  216. Smart Notebook 10.3 Install
  217. Help needed for ABAQUS
  218. Help! University Project
  219. Setting up access to ubuntu from a windows network
  220. Mixed logit models software
  221. Learning Matlab
  222. Extended bachelor vs master
  223. ARM assembler for ubuntu GUI
  224. [SOLVED] Instlling Scilab 4.1.2
  225. Graphing Software
  226. Installing slffea 1.5 ubuntu 12.04
  227. [SOLVED] Graphs and Functions
  228. FLDigi - Ubuntu - Kenwood TS-590S
  229. [SOLVED] latex change size of fonts in captions
  230. Linux Cluster
  231. Scilab big question about saving files
  232. Difficulties with media9 package
  233. GL_POINT_SMOOTH having no effect with Ivy Bridge (Nvidia working fine)
  234. Problem installing Matlab - can't find executable
  235. Smart Notebook - Layers
  236. Solve equations with Julia language
  237. science package for high school
  238. Qucs for Ubuntu 12.10
  239. CIsco Packet Tracer for Ubuntu
  240. Calculating mean from multiple tables in R
  241. vim R plugin installation problem on Ubuntu in android phone
  242. Simulating faster system time in terminal execution.
  243. Belgian open source project surveys schools' use of ICT in teaching
  244. Parley support ...
  245. Ubuntu 12.04 ltsp server for education
  246. LaTeX + FreeMind 0.9 : How to install
  247. Making individual value charts
  248. Rcmdr DoE plugin problems
  249. help in learning matlab
  250. [SOLVED] Is there any Linux Software Equivalent to Microsoft Mathematics ??