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  1. Maple Troubles
  2. gEDA and Schmatic Capture
  3. How can I add search paths to octave/qtoctave?
  4. How do I apply the pre-tension option to a solid body in Abaqus FEA software??
  5. Software for Creation of Academic Posters
  6. GraphViz/Dot: Arrow drawn incorrectly
  7. [SOLVED] Libre Office formula help
  8. Maple 13 Graphics problems
  9. MATLAB glitches - Need Serious Help
  10. Tutoriing system
  11. PDF on top of histogram
  12. [SOLVED] Libre Office Restriction in Bibliography Database
  13. How to set up a LyX Server (LyZ/Lyx/Zotero)
  14. Entropy Rate of a source of information with memory
  15. Strange behaviour of Qtiplot
  16. how to open a file with vmd 1.8.7 by double click
  17. Any libs/tools for calculating astronomical data?
  18. Trouble installing ApE (A plasmid Editor) on Ubuntu 10.04
  19. Better Generic Database Front-end
  20. Installing Player/Stage
  21. OneNote is the only thing keeping me from using Linux for desktops
  22. how to bookmark pdf/djvu files
  23. 3D Polyhedrons
  24. Best way to plot simple geometric stuff.
  25. siggen uses non existing /dev/dsp
  26. RStudio
  27. Latex issues on going from Karmic to Lucid
  28. LAMMPS (18Feb11) on Ubuntu 10.10
  29. Learning python
  30. Matlab, License manager trouble
  31. KSEG and Angle Measurements
  32. [SOLVED] Kicad and 10.04
  33. [SOLVED] Respondus Lockdown Browser on Linux (No VM needed)
  34. How do we install TAMSYS ?
  35. Any networking specialists around?
  36. Planetary and oceanic simulation software?
  37. Player/Stage for Ubuntu
  38. Mathematica 8
  39. Lpi 117-199
  40. Maple equivalents (must be compatible with .mw files)
  41. Need some help with gnuplot
  42. Installing a program called "Cluster"
  43. Annotation tool?
  44. Using Python to output LaTeX equations
  45. QTIplot doesn't open OPJ or ORG
  46. Fluid dynamics
  47. paraview split screen problem
  48. Ocsillation in Abaqus
  49. [SOLVED] usetikzlibrary
  50. Alpha Launch of Pygnumeric, the python macro and cell function class
  51. Creating Printed Circuit Boards
  52. help needed with Bambus error..grommit error
  53. What programming features do scientists need?
  54. Zotero-Latex bibtex citekey-only exporter
  55. Problem displaying greek in Latex with babel&inputenc
  56. Student Internet Registration and Inquiry System
  57. Illinois state college of education, Linux users?
  58. Hot Potatoes for ubuntu?
  59. Test taking software?
  60. Kinect Localization and Mapping
  61. Building OpenWind
  62. Math software needed..
  63. Program for graphing linear equations and quadratics?
  64. [SOLVED] HOWTO: Evince + SyncTeX + vim/emacs/scite/lyx/kile/$EDITOR + forward/backward search
  65. Casio 991-ES emulator or something similar?
  66. Preparing for my MCITP exams
  67. [SOLVED] ImageJ smooth function
  68. Errors during installation of ns2
  69. Analytic Template - Revisited
  70. GMT Installation, the next generation
  71. Tutorial for Python
  72. Behaviour of Ctrl key in LyX (Noob question)
  73. Music Player in Dramonline.org?
  74. Help with R, boxplot
  75. How to use curl to translate words?
  76. Command line Project Management
  77. Karmic: Latex margins issues with dvipdf
  78. Text Disappeared in OpenOffice
  79. including movies into presentations made by latex
  80. How can I become an Ubuntu Guru?
  81. Extract build information from configure/make files
  82. [SOLVED] Mathmatical Problem
  83. Can't see 3D graphics on Mathematica
  84. [SOLVED] Issue after Installing OpenFOAM
  85. DraftSight (2d CAD free)
  86. Rgui: how to install it!
  87. python
  88. Red Hat or Linux Certificate?
  89. MATLAB R2010a Launcher problem.
  90. RQ: Spanish-Bulgarian (and reverse) OR Spanish-English (and reverse) dictionary
  91. MathCAD equivalent
  92. Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering
  93. Open source - How do developers get paid?
  94. Kile Autocomplete
  95. Any suggestions about university in UK?
  96. [SOLVED] Labview + FTDI + Ubuntu
  97. Project ideas for GNU/Linux C and BASH development
  98. Installing Modnum with Scicoslab
  99. Extraction of bindingsite in rasmol
  100. Computer Aided Engineering Software (CAELinux)
  101. How to open help files for wxmaxima
  102. Office Curriculum
  103. Matlab - Faenza icon svg
  104. [player/stage] Utilizing SetPose2d for Many Robot
  105. Maple 14 for linux 32bit kernel problems
  106. Labplot missing from Ubuntu Natty Narwhal
  107. Best word processing APP?
  108. program to plot 3d line segments
  109. Review of Open Source CAD Software
  110. How to run Gnuplot script
  111. Matlab R2011a icon not working in the Unity Launcher (11.04 - 64bit)
  112. display octave solution
  113. Networking specialists around?
  114. Kile + Sweave: 1 step compilation
  115. Sage Math now available as a Chrome app
  116. poor font rendering in evince, okular, etc..
  117. What's..
  118. Optima font not working in LaTeX
  119. Latex tables numbering
  120. cuda 3.2 +ubuntu 10.4
  121. matlab shows blank window xmonad+kubuntu
  122. IRAF on Ubuntu 11.04 amd64 (64 bits)
  123. [SOLVED] question about putting images in my tex file in Texmaker
  124. texlive: package simpsons....anyone got it working ?
  125. Looking for a crystal structure viewer/creator
  126. Matlab and memory usage
  127. Finding two lowest values in a range in open office calc
  128. Recommendations for ham radio logging software for Field Day?
  129. Launchpad Repository for Maths in Natty
  130. How can i solve linear problem in either matlab or c/java?
  131. Matlab on Ubuntu 10.04
  132. Matlab figure fonts in 11.04
  133. math problem, can't seem to figure out the right answer
  134. hovmuller diagrams
  135. Trying to install Matlab 2009b
  136. Trying To Learn Network Security and Pentesting
  137. MATLAB R2011a - running problem - only start page shows up
  138. Lammps 7may11 on ubuntu 11.04
  139. How to enable Xelatex @Lyx
  140. Need help with Octave/Matlab programming
  141. Best way to get into information security question
  142. open office calc exporting chart
  143. [calc]: using only selected cells for SLOPE and INTERCEPT
  144. [SOLVED] MATLAB 2011a Student installation issues on 11.04
  145. How break infiniti loop
  146. octave not running in Lubuntu
  147. Device Drivers and Kernel Development
  148. How to put your product in ubuntu live CD
  149. Scilab Draw
  150. CAD Help!
  151. Vector Field Histgram
  152. GNUPlot not so FAQ
  153. I nned help in english/
  154. FindFit in Maxima
  155. Ubuntu: Make Plugin (Applet)
  156. Problems installing NetCDF 4.1.2 on Ubuntu
  157. [SOLVED] Emacs: rebinding key
  158. make operating system without floppy
  159. Auctex -- parse on save not working
  160. [SOLVED] Slow Xilinx System Generator
  161. Problems installing matlab 2008b from dvd in ubuntu
  162. LaTeX "nomencl" package with Vim
  163. 3D volume rendering Packages
  164. Libsvm: scale data using python
  165. netcdf4-python install
  166. How can I gain the level of knowledge and skill as a true hacker (as far as books go)
  167. [SOLVED] setting latex equation width
  168. Bibtex linewidth
  169. [SOLVED] Latex package question
  170. Getting vocabulary from Ubuntu language packs
  171. Matlab vs Octave
  172. Maxima and the Greek alphabet
  173. Running Simile
  174. Styling the bibliography in LibreOffice Writer
  175. Streamlining Journal article downloads/joining
  176. Installing and making Live Moveable Type 5
  177. [SOLVED] How to install and run Google Refine
  178. Sagemath 3d graphes. Jmol or java problem?
  179. can't install Matlab (Mathworks Matlab R2011a (7.12))
  180. Anatomy 3D software/websites
  181. ABAQUS problem
  182. Installing NI-DAQmx
  183. Computer Science
  184. Matlab: Out of Memory
  185. Latex citation - math symbol in paper title
  186. Ubuntu Program development book?
  187. problem with ABAQUS displacement/rotation boundary conditions
  188. Help to test new I, Librarian
  189. Who can help me to remove password protect from pdf
  190. Helping Ubuntu Grow
  191. MEX and unsupported gcc version
  192. Finding Linux university training, help!
  193. How do I install revtex 4-1 in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS?
  194. Fortran Compiler?
  195. HELP:Chemical Engineering for process simulation
  196. MCA with ME (Computer Science and Engineering) Degree Holders
  197. openFoam help needed!!!
  198. Programming basics games
  199. Gnuplot missing data
  200. Open Source Classroom
  201. Alternative to GraphPad Prism 5.0?
  202. Factors affecting open source ERP adoption
  203. histograms in gnuplot
  204. LTSpice for Linux
  205. Looking for Math software for commercial website...any ideas?
  206. Pharmacy stock management software
  207. A.i
  208. installing vmd in ubuntu....
  209. Using bash to send strings via USB?
  210. Ubuntu for computer-illiterates ( like me)
  211. nVidia CUDA and PyCUDA for 11.04?
  212. running egs5 in ubuntu
  213. 3D Physics Simulator
  214. Script that installs Openfoam and lots of popular quantum chemistry software
  215. [SOLVED] PAW does not communicate with X11
  216. Kile Getting Hung Up
  217. Quotations/Citations database manager
  218. Converting an old DOS computer to Ubuntu
  219. Child care administration software
  220. Kerrighed on lucid
  221. Gnu Data Language (GDL) : 3-D Plot
  222. [SOLVED] VESTA wont show menubar
  223. OOoLatex - BASIC Runtime: File Not Found
  224. problem setting up octave to use .ods and .xls files through java
  225. Database report creation
  226. Matlab interface for a QP solver
  227. Need a software's Calculator for Measuring Electronics
  228. [SOLVED] GDL Can't Locate Programs
  229. Latex: beamer and bibliography
  230. ZDOCK, RDOCK, FFTW installation
  231. Couple ubuntu questions..(for class!)
  232. [SOLVED] Easy installation of FlowDesigner?
  233. gretl on Ubuntu 11.04
  234. Any experience with Paperpile beta?
  235. QtOctave keyboard shortcuts
  236. Marvinbeans
  237. problem with software paraview
  238. HTK error +5010 while using HVite
  239. [SOLVED] Program to easily draw bohr-rutherford diagram?
  240. Postscript code <==> Math expressions/functions
  241. lewis.sty file doesn't work with LyX
  242. [SOLVED] Add .eps files to Latex (Texmaker)
  243. error in c++ code in ubuntu
  244. Book Advice - Philosophy of Computer Science
  245. [SOLVED] Where could I learn about Linux
  246. New chemical calculation software for ubuntu...I am looking for beta testers
  247. Trouble installing R on Ubuntu
  248. AWR Microwave Office on Ubuntu
  249. Edubuntu in a Red Cross Refugee Camp
  250. @Home / BOINC on Ubuntu