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  1. Installing GIZA++
  2. Software package for learning a foreign language (French)
  3. [SOLVED] odfWeave figures issue.
  4. What is Link Building?
  5. svgs library installation for doing computer graphics program using c -lang.
  6. [SOLVED] Any way to import a Mendeley database into JabRef?
  7. Install Gaussian 09 on Ubuntu 10.04
  8. CD-HIT and multithreading
  9. R help
  10. [SOLVED] World Flags
  11. AppArmor blocks Zotero
  12. Embedding movies in pdf file
  13. Bibus: page numbers & ibid
  14. SQLite, R, Flakey
  15. Installing all octave-forge packages in one shot
  16. xmgrace problem
  17. Looking for software
  18. Word Processing Software
  19. Electric Engineering Spare Mini Laptop
  20. Recommend me a book that teaches...
  21. Fluid Dynamics
  22. ggplot2 builder available now through deducer
  23. How do I get lyx (or bibtex) to _not_ print the "note" field of a bibliography item?
  24. Matplotlib 1.0.0 insallation --- How?
  25. italc not functioning with proxy
  26. cantonese learning softwares
  27. Help needed to run xmgls (radware) un ubuntu.
  28. vim-latex
  29. Wimba Voice does not work
  30. corr2.m in MATLAB and Octave
  31. Orange available on Repo ?
  32. Configuring R to use ACML
  33. Latex editor
  34. 3d scatter plot
  35. C programming class
  36. Ph. D. topics.
  37. Update R installation
  38. Need step-by-by procedure on how to install Bruker Topspin 2.1 on ubuntu
  39. An open source replacement for SAS
  40. Best open source competitor to Matlab?
  41. OOo4Kids 1.0 is out ! (7 - 12 y children)
  42. feappv
  43. Guidance on programming assignment
  44. texlive
  45. latex suite \cite{ F9 does not work at all
  46. Interlex alternative for Linux
  47. Getting EPS with embedded TeX converted to PNG
  48. [JAVA] [topspin] CPR:... JAva environment variable not set
  49. Edubuntu Network Cluster Simulation?
  50. Need program to create decision tree
  51. [SOLVED] Off-line English Dictionary
  52. Callan method in Ubuntu
  53. Cartes du Ciel
  54. How do I use jhandles? (or other octave GUI packages)
  55. [SOLVED] Installing & Running PSpice Student 9.1 on Ubuntu Lucid
  56. Wiki page discuss: From PSpice to ngspice-gEDA
  57. line numbering in LaTeX?
  58. [SOLVED] Problem with shortcuts in Kile
  59. So, i've been trying for weeks to get matlab to work. splash screen just flashes
  60. Start running NAMD -- NOT INSTALL
  61. How to open edexcel livetexts in Ubuntu 9.04??
  62. Texmakerx & inverse search using pdflatex
  63. Population genetics software for time series
  64. MatPerlXFOIL: An XFOIL interface with MATLAB
  65. basic256
  66. gcrystal ouput size
  67. octave 3.2.4 upgrade??
  68. qtoctave
  69. Compiling for Player/Stage
  70. [SOLVED] Stellarium Blurry Text
  71. latex generating extra page of output
  72. gEDA Schematics and it's library
  73. A blog about LaTeX and XeLaTeX
  74. problem installing R - lucid on a powerpc ibook
  75. [SOLVED] matlab programming
  76. [SOLVED] Pymol stereo on Zalman monitor
  77. spanish learning programs
  78. Ensembl_database connection problem from wireless
  79. GNUplot output to multiple png
  80. Wiki page discuss: Waveform Viewers - Plotting Large Analog Data
  81. [SOLVED] kile error dsfont.sty
  82. Notify-Send for Matlab/Octave
  83. [SOLVED] Averaging values from a large data file for plotting
  84. Installing Weft-QDA on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid
  85. [SOLVED] plot problems
  86. Matlab requiring gcc version 4.2.3
  87. Access files of hard disc in Matlab
  88. Problem with Matlab in Ubuntu
  89. Problem with *.tex after transferring from Windows
  90. Is Ubuntu a suitable distro to use when studying for the Linux+ exam?
  91. R Commander : no graph for PCA ?
  92. R commander:the model AnovaModel1.1 is no longer available
  93. [SOLVED] Font problem converting real to char in matlab/octave
  94. Packet Tracer and pka.pka files (revisited)
  95. University of Abertay Dundee
  96. Query regarding AHP Software in UBUNTU 10.04
  97. Generic mapping tools in Geology (GMT)
  98. matlab r2010a starting problem
  99. LyX Performance Very Slow
  100. Origami install fails, not sure why.
  101. Linux CAD development help
  102. Converting color EPS to grayscale
  103. [SOLVED] Good text editor for matlab programming with Octave
  104. Is anyone maintaining Referencer?
  105. Flash card program for ubuntu.
  106. MATLAB installer script not working
  107. Best place for ebooks
  108. spim simulator on ubuntu
  109. Alternative to Wired
  110. gnuplot pdf
  111. A problem installing FreeUSP
  112. [help] about spss 19
  113. Help Finding an App please
  114. Guide to installing CTAN-fonts in LaTeX?
  115. A ton of Latex/Kile questions
  116. Data processing and visualization
  117. Economics of Open Source Development Survey
  118. Succesfully installed Ubuntu in our school laboratory
  119. Looking for a Ccna Network Visualizer
  120. Smartboard Software for Linux Help Please!
  121. Stubborn palettes in Mathematica
  122. maxima evaluate sin(pi)
  123. what ubuntu/linux financial application would assist in debt recovery
  124. Installing Matlab - some kind of Java error
  125. Madeline2 Pedigree software
  126. [SOLVED] R and Emacs org.mode
  127. [SOLVED] SilverfrostFTN77.........Something similar and FREE???
  128. [SOLVED] Can't compile tex files
  129. Changing default graph drawing app
  130. Labplot scipting in ubuntu--"Sorry. Your system has no scripting support!"
  131. Another thread on installing matlab, please help!
  132. [HELP] VMD 1.8.6 Installation on Lucid
  133. [SOLVED] LaTeX tables of contents for individual document sections
  134. Sage error while using dot_product
  135. a CHM viewer
  136. Edubuntu 10.10 VMware VM ready for download
  137. Deliious Users?
  138. Invalid cross-device link
  139. Removing Google Earth
  140. Software recommendation
  141. Preparing presentation with Latex and Animation
  142. Robot's not moving in Player/Stage
  143. Creating a tricky CFG
  144. Animal/habitat conservation education with each distro release
  145. Multiplot on Octave
  146. OOF2_Tutorial Issue
  147. How to display output values with ngspice?
  148. Edubuntu 10.10 Virtualbox VM ready for download
  149. AutoCAD 2008 and Ubuntu 10.10
  150. problem while running gazebo on ubuntu
  151. Read email out of pdf-file and then send to given address.
  152. rst2pdf not working in 10.04
  153. Octave 3.2 installation errors
  154. Problems Installing Matlab 2010a on 10.04 LTS 64-bit
  155. Ancient civilisations & astronomy?
  156. Errors with Pymol 1.3
  157. cannot type circumflex in Tex editors
  158. [Ubuntu] How to search across 50000 files for matches with any of 200 strings?
  159. Origami on a dual core Intel Atom
  160. any biologist here?gromacs and xmgace
  161. Newbler installation
  162. Edubuntu 10.04 VMware virtual machine is updated
  163. Missing console in R
  164. Deleting lines with sed
  165. Do anyone know any substitute for Mathematica free of charge?
  166. SYMS not defined in SciLab
  167. ODBC Connection R and OpenOffice DB
  168. Maple 3D
  169. [announce] GSL shell 1.0-beta2 released
  170. Screen Caliper
  171. QtOctave Packages do not install
  172. Zorin OS 3 Educational VMware virtual machine is updated
  173. [SOLVED] Meerkat killed my Matlab? (Matlab doesn't work after the LL>MM upgrade)
  174. abaqus tennis racket tutorial error
  175. Matlab 7.9.0 R2009: Adding script to runtime Library ?
  176. Linear Equations graphing program
  177. Any ideas for High School projects?
  178. Installing llsubmit command for Astrological studies
  179. Project Template for R
  180. Installing Kile : Do I need all 766MB of packages?
  181. GNU/Linux courses
  182. Cross-Platform Collaboration Software, preferably lightweight?
  183. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 32 or 64 bit: What is the difference?
  184. Matlab java standalone app problem
  185. [SOLVED] How I installed Mathematica 8 in Linux (Ubuntu 10.10)
  186. Matlab adding toolbox manually
  187. common assessment software
  188. unknown number of nested loops in C
  189. XServer opens a socket?
  190. How to graph two functions with respect to each other?
  191. Statistics and Matrices
  192. Has anyone implemented new generation genome sequence analysis pipeline in Ubuntu?
  193. EndnoteX4
  194. kile and changing of line
  195. Trying to learn better code for R
  196. Understanding Source
  197. Chemical solution prep software
  198. Org-Mode not including R results in pdf's
  199. Text mining in R - installing tm package
  200. Problems installing Bioconductor on ver. 10.04
  201. [SOLVED] Mendeley and Maverick repository error
  202. invert a matrix (containing variable names, not numbers) in R ?
  203. [SOLVED] GRTensor Installation in Maple
  204. Mendeley Desktop
  205. Math & Science Education Software
  206. building web page for high school mathematics
  207. Interactive 3D plots
  208. CD ROM material for Virtual Machine Design and Implementation in C & C++
  209. Export Presentation with animations to PDF
  210. octave csvread
  211. Pyreport not producing pdf output file
  212. Which is Best Stock Discussion Or Community Site?
  213. How to educate kids about the practical use of Ubuntu.
  214. Org-Mode R and Windows 7
  215. [SOLVED] OpenOffice.org and math formula problem
  216. Include Images in a lyx layout for presentations
  217. Zorin OS 4 Educational VMware virtual machine is released
  218. Zorin OS 4 Educational VirtualBox virtual machine is released
  219. Error on install numpy, pygooglechart, matplotlib
  220. Latest Labview with Ubuntu
  221. Graph with R : I can't modify the police of y axis ?
  222. R : labels of y axis are cut by the graph window ?
  223. OS development
  224. anyone able to instal Arcgis 9.2/9.3.1/or other version ???
  225. Ubuntu and Linux-GPIB
  226. Photogrammetry / RS / stereo viewing of images?
  227. SPSS v17.0 for Linux - any experience?
  228. [SOLVED] MSC Patran Installation trouble
  229. Minimising Chi-Squared in Gnumeric
  230. How to find irc channels about science and education?
  231. R cran : problem to save with SINK
  232. VariCad viewer fails to open files in 10.04
  233. Parsing Arguments Problem
  234. scilab, draw contour for z=0
  235. Comment and Markup toolbar in acroread
  236. Low Frame Rate in Stellarium under Linux
  237. Open Source Rosetta Stone
  238. In search of Oregano library editor or additional libraries
  239. Why linux can run exe file
  240. xemacs+ispell
  241. pyRadar V2
  242. PDF OCR and Annotations
  243. Autosketch in Ubuntu 10.10
  244. Problem exporting data into spreadsheet from MatLab
  245. Screen caliper
  246. Number of loops using Combinatorics?
  247. Why is the quality of science education declining in America?
  248. Geoserver or another mapserver?
  249. Ubuntu in your School District
  250. Topography, creating contour lines