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  1. LibreOffice Themes
  2. Scribus is dead - any other DTP programs on linux?
  3. Running a Wacom Bamboo under Ubuntu
  4. SweetHome3D up after JAVA update
  5. kde4 unity dock gnome dock mac dock in one click made!
  6. Unity version of gnome-desktop.org?
  7. Amd Sponsors Further Work On Opencl Support In Gegl
  8. [SOLVED] Pangolin artwork in SVG or ODG
  9. Dark Adwaita?
  10. [SOLVED] Rounded typefaces
  11. Looking for some graphical help
  12. [SOLVED] Recommend me a good Ubuntu 11.10 theme
  13. An Ubuntu Issue or Inkscape Issue
  14. blender problems
  15. How do I make a theme for AMOR?
  16. any free video editing software?
  17. Single image tiling with ImageMagick
  18. How do I get my login screen wallpaper back
  19. Wacoom bamboo
  20. Good alternative to Adobe Flash for Ubuntu
  21. THIS is what Ubuntu's top panel should look like
  22. Blender crashes after opening it
  23. Changing icons and themes - volume splash icon
  24. Changing colors in gtk 3 theme
  25. [photography] focus stacking programs?
  26. [photography] Xara LX vs. Inkscape...
  27. matching chrome to gnome
  28. Text On Photos
  29. [photography] Video from ONE photograph?
  30. How do you guys study art?
  31. Customize my launcher?
  32. photo dater for ubuntu
  33. 40 Wallpaper Designs Featuring the Linux Mascot
  34. [photography] What do you think of my latest work?
  35. GIMP - How do I cut off a specified portion of an image's resolution?
  36. Apollon Linux Artwork Project
  37. Free 3D Horse and Cow Models
  38. Ubuntu.com Background
  39. Creating GTK3 Themes?
  40. Screensaver based on 'Game of life' ??
  41. Simply Human Wallpaper
  42. Can it be done ?
  43. font question -- liberation sans in libre office
  44. jpeg previes with IPTC/XMP metadata
  45. Interactive animation on Website
  46. Unity Concept Mockup - for Ubuntu 12.10
  47. Theme for Unity 11.10
  48. [SOLVED] Modeling software for Linux
  49. Help with Gimp uninstall
  50. We need a better penguin
  51. How to run 3D Studio 7
  52. Seasonal desktop: Desktop wallpapers that changes with the seasons
  53. Free Tibet xmms audacious skin
  54. lockscreen wallpape-Help
  55. Will Ubuntu12.04 will have GIMP2.8
  56. [SOLVED] How to crop a square and make it a circle in GIMP
  57. [SOLVED] Sketch by GIMP from jpg image
  58. nautilus status bar theme
  59. easy ap purely for lettering signs
  60. Gnofract4d issue installing on 11.10
  61. Graphics program for my company logo.
  62. Game Development
  63. qcad trail only?
  64. Dash home like on ubuntu 11.04
  65. Trying a new Inkscape technique. (maybe not that new)
  66. [SOLVED] Gimp 2.6.11
  67. Can a children's book be illustrated and typeset on Ubuntu?
  68. ubuntu logo 3 kids holding hands
  69. Need to connect 5 tiff files into one
  70. Forgot the name of a favorite software
  71. I am looking for an artist who uses Ubuntu.
  72. McLaren MP4-12C Ubuntu Edition
  73. Anime studio under Wine
  74. [photography] This is me. ;)
  75. Plugins/ Software.Saving a series of pictures at once.
  76. Is this allowed? use of ubuntu logo in physical products
  77. Re: how to move a layer in GIMP, for example move it to a corner of the image.
  78. Nice looking GRUB2/burg theme
  79. Help with uploading work to wiki.ubuntu.com
  80. Programming Icon
  81. [SOLVED] Wacom bamboo on ubuntu?
  82. How do I install GIMP 2.7x without breaking 2.6
  83. Help! I Ruined My PDF Fonts - Okular and Evince
  84. Fedora gdm gtk theme for ubuntu
  85. Alchemy install
  86. Typo in Canonical Store
  87. Plastic Animation Paper installation...
  88. Help with Imagemagick convert -strokewidth
  89. gimp keeps messing up
  90. How to make bulletpoint liste in Gimp
  91. Unity dash's fake transparency
  92. Gimp view gets messed up
  93. Need help on changing Bootsplash of Kubuntu
  94. Robust Drawing Tool
  95. [photography] image viewer with multi-folder view?
  96. Any real time video effect creating softwares
  97. Ubuntu Projects out of date ?
  98. A Penguin and a Paper Clip
  99. GIF save as Animation
  100. How to do this in GIMP
  101. Precise Penguin
  102. [SOLVED] How to ubuntu oneiric Compiz ubiquity ADD plug-in ?
  103. A tux Mosaic I did in HighSchool
  104. A hunger games Xbox 360 I painted!
  105. looking for this wallpaper
  106. my new bamboo wont work anymore?
  107. [SOLVED] the gimp: animating a gif with a continuous background layer
  108. [photography] nice wall by me
  109. Making textures
  110. [SOLVED] SlicknesS-black
  111. IRSSI ambiance theme?
  112. Putting a shadow on all panel text (gnome-shell)
  113. Industrial-standard CAD/CAM software for Fashion/Garment
  114. Can't find /usr/share/images/xsplash
  115. How to Breed Two Juggling Tricks in JavaScript (with animations)
  116. [photography] How To Create User Interface Mockup/Concept?
  117. Photoshop in WINE?
  118. Change Icons?
  119. [SOLVED] Dock Color
  120. [photography] Ubuntu 12.04 lightscribe lablel
  121. [photography] AWN Wingpanel
  122. Looking for advice on getting my Ubuntu machine ready for some video editing.
  123. [SOLVED] Ubuntu (edgy) emblem icons
  124. [SOLVED] Gimp install problem
  125. [photography] How close to Irfanview or Fastone Image Viewer can I get w/o Wine
  126. Sparkleshare Mono/Faenza Icons
  127. Documentation on creating/editing unity themes
  128. [photography] new unity mockup
  129. Awoken icon theme
  130. ubuntu lock screen vs. log in screen
  131. Blurry battery indicator icon: Let's fix this!
  132. Ubuntu artwork for use on websites
  133. Ubuntu Art is Not Commercially Audacious Enough
  134. Use KDE Wallpapers in Ubuntu
  135. [photography] an icon for Ubuntu in android (andro-buntu)
  136. Someone needs to make a better one of these, I can't draw
  137. penguin start button
  138. the GIMP 2.8 stable released
  139. InDesign Key Set for Scribus?
  140. dividing video cd into tracks?
  141. How to install and Customise Awoken
  142. Playing with basic textures
  143. Install gimp and gimp paint studio
  144. Symphony - Shell evolved
  145. Photoshop to Gimp
  146. Need help with a gnome shell theme
  147. Drawing Graphics on a JPG
  148. Ubuntu studio CD art
  149. Ubuntu CD design
  150. Can't install Gimp 2.8/ keeps installing 2.6???
  151. converting gtk2 theme to gtk3
  152. Free software replacements for Adobe Suite? Design software must-haves?
  153. [photography] a simple ubuntu wallpaper..
  154. [SOLVED] Linux T-Shirt Contest
  155. Font Used on 12.04 CD Sleeve?
  156. [photography] Great new wallpapers
  157. Widgets for ubuntu
  158. [SOLVED] Submit Your Art Work To Linux
  159. Some extra icons for cairo-dock diamond theme.
  160. [photography] New ubuntu wallpaper 12.10
  161. Gimp + sine/cos wave
  162. Gimp and Unity dont mix well do they?
  163. gtk3 themeing question
  164. GTK handle class
  165. Who has the most awesome Ubuntu desktop?
  166. Elegance Colors and Minty Colors
  167. Advanced Pixel Art program
  168. [SOLVED] What is this filter?
  169. Gimp 2.8 has some performance issues
  170. [SOLVED] VJ software recommendations?
  171. Change gtk3 css theme options
  172. Royalty Free Icon
  173. Please recreate this beautiful KDE theme
  174. How to remove white frame for thumbnails in Nautilus 3.x ?
  175. [SOLVED] How to color a new layer in GIMP
  176. Ubuntu 12.04 Media Cover Suite
  177. [SOLVED] Edge effect
  178. What theme is this? Please help!
  179. Problem with assigning XnView MP 0.5 to open jpg
  180. Xubuntu Icons?
  181. [SOLVED] What website for paintings
  182. [photography] Looking for batch image processing to flip scanned images
  183. [SOLVED] Adobe Illustrator Logo
  184. [SOLVED] New Painting
  185. Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin PaperCraft
  186. Need Art Program
  187. Glass GTK3 Theme
  188. Gnome Shell Applications Categories
  189. Using the Ubuntu font for personal website
  190. Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch - Ubuntu 12.04
  191. help with xfce-smooth gtk3 change
  192. design a tablet for ubuntu
  193. [photography] Win a book on photography in a tutorials contest
  194. Disable Cintiq rub strips?
  195. Ubuntu Wallpaper
  196. Ubuntu (not exclusively for human beings)
  197. [SOLVED] Run 3d Studio Max 2012 with Wine
  198. "SpaceScapes"
  199. [SOLVED] Weird GIMP Problems with window refresh
  200. LMMS VeSTige
  201. Blender off PPA not executing
  202. GIMP Tutorial
  203. My Desktop Designs
  204. [SOLVED] GIMP and Transparency with Alpha layers
  205. Gimp 2.8 GIMP paint single dock problem
  206. Dock skins for Cairo-dock and other docks
  207. Ubuntu cd/dvd packaging
  208. Document package (PDF) compiler / desktop publisher type software?
  209. Finding duplicate photos
  210. [photography] Broken Video Camera..?
  211. Nux future - right-to-left mirorring support?
  212. LibreOffice templates and clip art
  213. Cheap printing at home..
  214. Aiptek drawingtable.
  215. [SOLVED] gimp transparency layer not working?
  216. GIMP - Make your car a Transformer
  217. No animated dashed lines when making a selection
  218. I would like to refresh the Ubuntu aesthetic, where do I begin?
  219. [SOLVED] Blender tutorial
  220. Compiling GIMP so no decimal numbers are used
  221. [photography] music making sofware recommendations?
  222. web designing software for linux
  223. SVG Editor with Paint Bucket tool
  224. [SOLVED] Windows shadowing
  225. [SOLVED] Check and radio buttons displaying off-kilter
  226. [SOLVED] I just noticed that GIMP 2.8 doesn't have a scan menu option...
  227. how to start with opencl acceleration enabled
  228. Chromium.rc file not working
  229. my first ubuntu wallpaper
  230. Tool to resize,compress file size from 100kb to 50 kb.
  231. [SOLVED] Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch with Ubuntu 12.04 Just Works!
  232. Can someone help me with my blogger template?
  233. [SOLVED] What is a "flat" style?
  234. GIMP multiple layer select
  235. Is Wacom Bamboo tablet works with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit?
  236. GIMP 2.8 in Ubuntu 12.04: yes or no?
  237. [SOLVED] Looking for a Photo Editor
  238. Ubuntu walls by mmesantos1
  239. [SOLVED] List of system icon names?
  240. [SOLVED] Advice on Graphics Tablet?
  241. Featured Interview wtih Kevin Russell 3D Artist
  242. Wacom Intuos 5 causes HID to freeze?
  243. Change blues to greens in metacity png files?
  244. Humanity Style Icons for Gnome Commander
  245. Tears of Steel Out Today!
  246. [SOLVED] Calling all artists/graphic designers!
  247. Quantal artwork and posters
  248. Ubuntu Font
  249. GTK3 color around text in themes
  250. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as a graphics tablet for Ubuntu