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  1. the gimp brushes
  2. new wallpaper
  3. Need easy-to-learn basic 3d modeler QUICK
  4. CSS Question - Rotation?
  5. How to smooth out Elementary-Theme?
  6. icons on right side
  7. Photoshop on linux: Bibble5 a viable alternative?
  8. [SOLVED] caricatures
  9. [SOLVED] photography
  10. [SOLVED] Gimp - How to gather multiple Alphas to selection?
  11. Photoshop Brush Viewer
  12. Quick GIMP Background
  13. [photography] my first lucid wallpaper
  14. Help finding a GIMP effects bundle
  15. Help please with my wallpaper
  16. I also made my first wallpaper
  17. Transparency issue with background image to GtkEventBox.
  18. Ubuntu 9.04: How do I run multiple versions of Blender?
  19. [SOLVED] Insert background via batch?
  20. [photography] seeking advice on exposure blending
  21. Ambiance - Theme Editing. Help?
  22. Removing Ubuntu theme in Firefox
  23. [photography] Font identifier
  24. [photography] is this compatable in linux
  25. Open Source Project Icon: OpenBoggle
  26. [SOLVED] How to Install Tahoma TTF
  27. Help with a Theme
  28. Any good Openoffice.org templates?
  29. xrecar's stuff
  30. [photography] need some help with font
  31. Single color ubuntu logo stickers
  32. Refining the battery status menu
  33. Gimp 2.6.8 no progress bars?
  34. Theme Engine Similar to Rezlooks
  35. New Color Scheme?
  36. Rezlooks Scrollbar Hover
  37. gnome-panel resize problem
  38. Good source for wallpapers?
  39. [SOLVED] I need help installing CAPS plugins for Audacity
  40. Dying to Install Rezlooks Theme Engine
  41. [photography] Unified theme for Chrome
  42. Building my first Website. What do ya'll think?
  43. Looking for Ubuntu 10.04 Case Cover Art
  44. [SOLVED] GIMPshop
  45. [SOLVED] 8-bit art on Ubuntu
  46. Lucid design discussion
  47. Layout change on website
  48. Yahoo Sitebuilder alternative for ubuntu
  49. Gnome Theme: Ambiance_R (Ambiance Right Side)
  50. Gnome Theme: Radiance_R (Radiance Right Side)
  51. Open Source Art Forum
  52. default font size
  53. Thunderbird on GNOME and Selected Item Colors
  54. Apple Style DVD Case for Ubuntu 10.04
  55. cannot remember name of screensaver
  56. Fix the Sound Menu
  57. Sliclean Theme by Danny Michel
  58. Green-Orange Wallpaper
  59. "font god" where ya at
  60. [SOLVED] F-Spot
  61. HD wallpapers 4 lucid lynx
  62. Trying to find this wallpaper
  63. 3D Lucid Lynx DVD Case
  64. Graphic Design prices
  65. Fan Art Logo
  66. Tux the Penguin Pics
  67. Ambiance Theme Question.
  68. Looking for a Wallpaper
  69. Mule Variations: Second Attempt
  70. Wanted: Front end designer
  71. fontmatrix help
  72. Ubuntu Wallpaper.
  73. Making firefox bookmarks toolbar "fit in"
  74. Name related Wallpaper (eg. Hardy Heron)
  75. Ubuntu 10.04 CD cover?
  76. ubuntu logo rip off
  77. Icon theme creation
  78. Looking for program to draw computer/network diagrams
  79. New Ubuntu Font
  80. [SOLVED] Lucid style Gnome-Do icon
  81. How to change gtwitter status icon?
  82. Cube Backgrounds/4 Desktop Backgrounds
  83. Can I get a high quality default background?
  84. Request: Fruit with teeth gimp guide.
  85. Ambiance theme progressbars weirdness
  86. PNG Icons - How and/or where
  87. [photography] desktop background
  88. Having trouble getting my icon theme to behave 100% with lucid's version of Gnome
  89. how to fit gnome-terminal background image to actual window size
  90. [SOLVED] GIMP 2.7 and slicing.
  91. [photography] New software for Linux RAW photo workflow, Darktable
  92. Plastic Animation Paper
  93. problem with emerald
  94. Making an empathy theme for brit
  95. Changing the Menu Bar Text Color
  96. Typography (moving)
  97. Spicifying Font Name, Type and DPI in GTKRC
  98. Ambiance controls tied to ubuntu-mono icons
  99. Unity Theme (Desktop)
  100. Do you know where I can find this.....
  101. Best tablet?
  102. 1950's educucational movies music.
  103. Music video from my band, done with Openshot
  104. ubuntu/kubuntu/gnome/kde design problems
  105. [SOLVED] Using Feh to set background
  106. Simple Theme
  107. svg file naar pdf converteren probleem
  108. Wide format printers
  109. Emerald Developement
  110. Recommendations for a good CD/DVD label printer app
  111. Change Human Indicator Applet Session Icon
  112. What does ccsm do with sexy-python??
  113. Window title for touchscreens?
  114. [photography] The end as we know it!
  115. GNOME Getting Bigger: Ummm, Hello?
  116. png to vector what programs
  117. I know there has to be something out there better than.......
  118. Blue MatrixRain?
  119. Music video from my band, done with Kdenlive this time
  120. [SOLVED] How to drae small arrows in Gimp?
  121. Ubuntu Commercial Contest Anyone?
  122. [SOLVED] looking for a skydome
  123. Designer for front cover needed
  124. Help on a sticker design
  125. [SOLVED] blender doesn't play sound in ubuntu 10.04
  126. [SOLVED] looking for a compiz fetaure
  127. Adjusting and rethinking GUI UX
  128. [SOLVED] Question about Web Design pricing.
  129. Ubuntu Design Suit
  130. compiz fusion question
  131. Ion Murrine Theme Combopack theme for Gnome/GTK
  132. Creating kinetic typography in Linux?
  133. How to rotate an SVG?
  134. Business card software
  135. Problem with installing new Themes on 10.04
  136. Stopmotion picky with pictures
  137. sea ray font?
  138. Video Editor
  139. Tablet PC with a pen?
  140. Alternative for After Effects, animating a Flourish
  141. Compiz - Gaussian blur under transparent icons
  142. Trouble with GIFs
  143. Gimp viewing large images
  144. Video (AC/DC-bootleg) done with Kdenlive and Nokia N900-phone
  145. Program for animation 2D
  146. Linux Graphics users :D
  147. Apple's non-standard HTML 5 standards demo
  148. 2d cad/drawing software?
  149. Need help changing Tweetdeck icon.
  150. Help with Macromedia Flash
  151. Ubuntu Superman Pic
  152. good gimp sig tutorials?
  153. Electric Icons
  154. Simplifying the UI with windicators
  155. Ubuntu should probably just follow Windows 7's lead...
  156. [SOLVED] Eraser in gthumb
  157. web devs - border-radius in webkit-gtk
  158. Conky Theme
  159. Icon spacing in PCManFM 2
  160. Clip Art and Trademarks
  161. XFCE boot splash screen. How can I make one?
  162. Modifying BURG Themes
  163. Breadcrumbs in file chooser dialogues
  164. Bulk resize/resample
  165. Ubuntu Plymouth Themes
  166. My Tux Linux T-shirt Artwork
  167. [photography] My Ubuntu DVD cover art collection
  168. [SOLVED] FONTS differences between GIMP and OPEN OFFICE
  169. [photography] ufraw won't load Olympus raw files (.ORF)
  170. Bluefish: Set focus for external browser
  171. Blender menus unresponsive on 10.04
  172. Looking for a webserver to host .xspf
  173. looking for a nice thumbnail generator in linux
  174. Web-Handling Videos without Flash or Html5?
  175. Inkscape manual!
  176. Print Artist or similar program
  177. Ubuntu Theme Mockup - WIP
  178. [SOLVED] Ben Alex's theme from Google I/O keynote
  179. Mashup Logo w/All Ubuntu-related OSes
  180. [SOLVED] How would I do this? (How to achieve this in Gimp)
  181. Free 2D CAD Software from Dassault
  182. Zero Cool / Hackers Theme/Enviornment
  183. [photography] Firefox desing concept
  184. ubuntu 10.04 (superslim) dvd cover
  185. font help please
  186. Website design software
  187. Printing colors wrongly in Brother DCP-115C
  188. Terrestrial Photogrammetry
  189. How To Make The GIMP's Layout Like Photoshop's
  190. Visual programming languages and friends
  191. Ubuntu Redesign
  192. Letter spacing (Lbearing, Rbearing?) in Fontforge
  193. Looking for a Pirate Ship image
  194. Looking software to visual effects
  195. Full Circle Magazine logo
  196. Free Fonts
  197. Transparent panel menus with opaque text
  198. Downsizing Bulk Images
  199. [SOLVED] Any idea how to fix this?
  200. [photography] I want to make a Slideshow
  201. Questions about movie editing
  202. ANDREW WYETH: The Transmission of Emotion
  203. Help Creating a GIMP Plugin
  204. Gtkrc base element borders
  205. [SOLVED] A good MS Paint-like program?
  206. Newspaper Uses F/OSS For a Day
  207. Search the Conky
  208. The GIMP - Text That looks like Clouds
  209. [photography] View and print .dwg CAD drawings
  210. Does Ubuntu recognize icon images?
  211. Dia: can't make line visible inside a circle
  212. Webcam not functioning at full capacity
  213. Help Needed To Port Xfwm Theme Albatross to PekWM
  214. Which slideshow uses Ubuntu in the new main web page?
  215. Ordering "fabric labels" to put on clothes?
  216. Launch GIMP Without Loading Brushes?
  217. [SOLVED] How to make Slide show using GIMP in a few clicks
  218. Ubuntu Logo Foor Laptop?
  219. Vector Graphics Editor
  220. [SOLVED] ThinIce modification
  221. Luxrender doesn't strat ubuntu 10.04
  222. OMG! Ubuntu!
  223. [photography] How are your cube?
  224. Ambiance theme custom message indicator (purple)
  225. 2D non animated cartoon software
  226. A little theming help please?
  227. How to system wide update new Indian Currency Symbol instead of Rs.
  228. Question about GIMP
  229. Dia toolbox doesn't display icons
  230. Ubuntu Logo Rebranding: Why?
  231. Unable to use Airlines theme on Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04
  232. Art
  233. Drawing Tablet Recommendations?
  234. [photography] Original photos for wallpaper etc.
  235. Wacom pen tablet help?!
  236. Anyone know of any good gif animator programs?
  237. Monochrome Icon Theme Recomendations?
  238. Changing the Nautilus ugly thick white border for thumbnails
  239. How do i change the colour of the side panel in Nautilus?
  240. 1600x900 and 1366x768 wallpapers
  241. ALL Ubuntu and most Fedora Wallpapers
  242. some of my stuff
  243. qtvr creator
  244. [SOLVED] getting gimp to use real inches
  245. Little theme I stuck together
  246. Do you see caricatures as art?
  247. can i get Ubuntu sans Cannonical?
  248. GIMP 2.7.1 for windows.
  249. Just a fake Screen of a Posible theme of Ubuntu Studio :)
  250. Ambiance & Radiance skins for Opera 10.60+ in progress..