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  1. Auto-raise Terminal Window Upon Activity?
  2. Magnifier-cut 1.3 - Screen magnifier for Ubuntu / Linux (i386)
  3. Configuring LXDE for Low Vision Use.
  4. is there a Read please replasment linux?
  5. A Program like J.A.R.V.I.S. ?
  6. One Step Cloning!
  7. Speech Recognition
  8. Fixing overlapping text in Firefox.
  9. Anounce: eViacam 1.6.0
  10. outlook account, configured in windows for the emails to a website, alternatives ?
  11. How do I configure Thunderbird for getting the emails to my website,
  12. Free Speech Recognition for Console or Online?
  13. Online dictation of wav files with speechapi.com?
  14. Google2Ubuntu: Ubuntu voice recognition. Extending voice macros/scripts to use Google
  15. On screen keyboard for Lubuntu
  16. Mythspeech - mythtv for blind/visually impaired
  17. Bigger text issues
  18. microsoft access xfce xubuntu DonFphrnqTaub Persina
  19. Re:VMG not working on Precise
  20. Onscreen Keyboard with Mouse Controls
  21. Do you use assistive software at work?
  22. High quality text to speech
  23. Hover click turns on at random (Ubuntu 12.04)
  24. Suggestion: Scroll bar visibility in Unity
  25. Ubuntu Speech Recognition enters beta before open-source release: looking for help
  26. Need Some Help Typing
  27. Program that uses Google's voice APIs now called Palaver. G+, videos, Github inside
  28. Is changing the size of the mouse icon/pointer possible ?
  29. A Plea to Ubuntu Developers
  30. Resources for disabled users looking for accessible hardware?
  31. eyeCharm eye-tracker adds OpenKinect support. OpenKinect supports Linux. Ubuntu?
  32. Program List Archiving
  33. Anounce: eViacam 1.7.0
  34. VPAT or GPAT
  35. Disabling the feature in Gnome-Orca that speaks link after reading text from webpages
  36. How to make your own style scheme for gedit
  37. Compiz - can it remain?
  38. High quality text to speech GUI
  39. How To: Make terminal tabs dark to match a dark theme
  40. Disabling discrete gpu in ubuntu 13.04
  41. How to make 6 vlans on linux ubunto with 64 Bit packet tracer?
  42. Linux and Panasonic-Touch-screen and GPS
  43. Mousotron-like Mouse Tracking?
  44. Informative panel, tied to title / to the class of a window
  45. special file manager plus special launch / info panels
  46. google2ubuntu
  47. Google Docs Is Getting Voice Typing
  48. I made a script to add spoken announcements to MP3s files for blind/VI people
  49. Ubuntu and Read & Write Gold 11
  50. Samsung CLP-325 color laser printer
  51. [SOLVED] Low vision: Cursor
  52. Announce: eViacam 1.7.2
  53. Xubuntu and visual impairment users
  54. Run xkbset at login
  55. Configure Mouse Keys
  56. Linux SDK for eye tracking, eye interfaces, eye + speech, eye tracking advantages
  57. Web site design causing problems for Screen Readers?
  58. Mind control devices?
  59. One pipe problem
  60. Ubuntu & dyslexia: up-to-date info?
  61. pocketvox
  62. How to change language to other than English
  63. Adjusting the mouse double-click for gtk apps
  64. E-book readers for Visually Impaired (for Android and linux)
  65. Get your large Cursors here!
  66. Others can hear my pc sounds on Skype
  67. Announce: eViacam 2.0.1
  68. State of dictation?
  69. looking for way to inject synthetic keystrokes into in-focus application
  70. Mouse sensitivity using Mouse Keys option
  71. pointer settings honored only by Firefox
  72. Firefox Screen Reader
  73. Touchscreen Keyboard (OnBoard) issues and touchscreen right click
  74. Are the Ubuntu phones accessible for blinds?
  75. Hover click problem
  76. The hearing tab does not work in 14.04.3 and it does not work in 15.10.
  77. Xubuntu and Orca
  78. [SOLVED] Volume over ssh
  79. Showing Passwords In Terminal (while typing)
  80. Female Voices for Festival
  81. I Need Mini USB Keyboards
  82. Hearing loss EQ - only in right ear?
  83. Liblouis Install. How?
  84. Sticky keys despite turned off
  85. Mouse emulation with numpad - how to perform right click?
  86. Recommendations from blind Linux users
  87. Logitech Comfort K280E: sticky keys and Fn key
  88. Simon speech recognition SW setup fails, won't apply Speech Model
  89. Ubuntu server console font for visually impaired
  90. Text Browsers for Braille