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  1. Welcome to Ubuntuforums.org
  2. Announcing Ubuntu 4.10 (Release Candidate)
  3. Ubuntu community meeting on artwork: Monday 18 October, 1400
  4. Site maintenance tonight at 7pm EST 10/17
  5. Avatars fixed
  6. Announcing Ubuntu 4.10 "The Warty Warthog Release"
  7. New Look
  8. We got some forum Mod's.. :)
  9. Forum guidelines and rules.
  10. Site Guidelines and Rules
  11. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-5-1] gettext vulnerabilities
  12. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-3-1] GhostScript utility script vulnerabilities
  13. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-6-1] postgresql contributed script vulnerability
  14. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-7-1] imagemagick vulnerability
  15. [SOLVED] [USN-8-1] gaim vulnerabilities
  16. Warty Live CD Released
  17. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-9-1] tetex-bin vulnerabilities
  18. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-4-1] Standard C library script vulnerabilities
  19. [SOLVED] [USN-7-1] imagemagick vulnerability
  20. [SOLVED] [USN-9-1] tetex-bin vulnerabilities
  21. [SOLVED] [USN-4-1] Standard C library script vulnerabilities
  22. [SOLVED] Meet the Hoary Hedgehog
  23. [SOLVED] [USN-12-1] ppp Denial of Service
  24. [USN-11-1] libgd2 vulnerabilities
  25. [SOLVED] [USN-10-1] XML library vulnerabilities
  26. [SOLVED] [USN-13-1] groff utility vulnerability
  27. [USN-14-1] xpdf vulnerabilities
  28. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-15-1] lvm10 vulnerability
  29. [SOLVED] [USN-16-1] perl vulnerabilities
  30. [USN-17-1] passwd vulnerability
  31. [USN-18-1] zip vulnerability
  32. Ubuntu Art Site
  33. [SOLVED] [USN-19-1] squid vulnerabilities
  34. [SOLVED] [USN-20-1] Ruby CGI module vulnerability
  35. Announcing X.Org packages for Hoary
  36. [SOLVED] [USN-21-1] libgd vulnerabilities
  37. [SOLVED] [USN-22-1] samba vulnerability
  38. [SOLVED] [USN-24-1] openssl script vulnerability
  39. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-23-1] apache2 vulnerability
  40. [USN-25-1] libgd2 vulnerability
  41. UF Newsletter #1
  42. [USN-26-1] bogofilter vulnerability
  43. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-27-1] libxpm4 vulnerability
  44. [SOLVED] [USN-28-1] sudo vulnerability
  45. [SOLVED] [USN-29-1] samba vulnerability
  46. [SOLVED] [USN-30-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  47. Forums moved to new server.
  48. [SOLVED] [USN-31-1] cyrus21-imapd vulnerabilities
  49. Forums are now official..
  50. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-32-1] mysql vulnerabilities
  51. [SOLVED] [USN-33-1] libgd vulnerabilities
  52. [SOLVED] [USN-34-1] OpenSSH information leakage
  53. [SOLVED] [USN-35-1] imagemagick vulnerabilities
  54. [SOLVED] [USN-36-1] NFS statd vulnerability
  55. [SOLVED] [USN-37-1] cyrus21-imapd vulnerability
  56. [SOLVED] [USN-38-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  57. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-39-1] Linux amd64 kernel vulnerability
  58. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-40-1] PHP vulnerabilities
  59. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Announcing Rosetta
  60. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-41-1] Samba vulnerability
  61. UF Newsletter #2
  62. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-42-1] Xine library vulnerabilities
  63. [SOLVED] [USN-43-1] groff utility vulnerabilities
  64. [SOLVED] [USN-44-1] perl information leak
  65. [USN-45-1] nasm vulnerability
  66. [SOLVED] [USN-46-1] TIFF library vulnerability
  67. [SOLVED] [USN-47-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  68. [SOLVED] [USN-48-1] xpdf, tetex-bin vulnerabilities
  69. [SOLVED] [USN-49-1] debmake vulnerability
  70. [SOLVED] [USN-50-1] CUPS vulnerabilities
  71. [USN-51-1] teTeX auxiliary script vulnerability
  72. [USN-52-1] vim vulnerability
  73. Happy Holidays
  74. Signature changes
  75. [USN-53-1] imlib vulnerabilities
  76. "Best Community" says arstechnica.com
  77. [SOLVED] [USN-54-1] TIFF library tool vulnerability
  78. [SOLVED] [USN-55-1] imlib2 vulnerabilities
  79. 'Report Post' button: Please use it!
  80. [SOLVED] [USN-56-1] exim4 vulnerabilities
  81. [SOLVED] [USN-57-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  82. [SOLVED] [USN-58-1] MIT Kerberos server vulnerability
  83. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-59-1] mailman vulnerabilities
  84. [SOLVED] [USN-60-0] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  85. Ubuntu Forum Newsletter #3
  86. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Ubuntu Website Look'n'Feel Contest
  87. [SOLVED] [USN-62-1] imagemagick vulnerability
  88. [SOLVED] [USN-61-1] vim vulnerabilities
  89. [USN-63-1] MySQL client vulnerability
  90. [SOLVED] [USN-64-1] xpdf, CUPS vulnerabilities
  91. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-65-1] Apache utility script vulnerability
  92. [USN-66-1] PHP vulnerabilities
  93. [SOLVED] [USN-67-1] Squid vulnerabilities
  94. [SOLVED] [USN-68-1] enscript vulnerabilities
  95. [USN-69-1] Evolution vulnerability
  96. [USN-70-1] Perl DBI module vulnerability
  97. [SOLVED] Announcing Ubuntu LoCo Teams
  98. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Announcing Ubuntu Live CD Milestone Release
  99. [SOLVED] Announcing Ubuntu Live CD Milestone Release
  100. [SOLVED] Announcing Ubuntu Kernel Team
  101. [SOLVED] [USN-71-1] PostgreSQL vulnerability
  102. [SOLVED] [USN-72-1] Perl vulnerabilities
  103. [SOLVED] [USN-73-1] Python vulnerability
  104. [SOLVED] [USN-74-1] Postfix vulnerability
  105. [USN-75-1] cpio vulnerability
  106. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-74-2] Fixed Postfix packages for USN-74-1
  107. [SOLVED] [USN-76-1] Emacs vulnerability
  108. [SOLVED] [USN-77-1] Squid vulnerabilities
  109. [SOLVED] [USN-78-1] Mailman vulnerability
  110. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-79-1] PostgreSQL vulnerabilities
  111. [USN-80-1] mod_python vulnerability
  112. [USN-81-1] iptables vulnerability
  113. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Ubuntu Love Day!
  114. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-82-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  115. Ubuntu Forum Newsletter #4
  116. [SOLVED] [USN-83-1] LessTif 2 vulnerabilities
  117. [SOLVED] [USN-78-2] Fixed mailman packages for USN-78-1
  118. [SOLVED] [USN-66-2] PHP vulnerability
  119. [USN-84-1] Squid vulnerabilities
  120. No Reporting From Mailing Lists, Please
  121. [USN-85-1] Gaim vulnerabilities
  122. [SOLVED] Announcing Ubuntu Down Under Conference
  123. [SOLVED] [USN-86-1] cURL vulnerability
  124. [SOLVED] [USN-87-1] Cyrus IMAP server vulnerability
  125. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-88-1] reportbug information disclosure
  126. [USN-89-1] XML library vulnerabilities
  127. [SOLVED] [USN-90-1] Imagemagick vulnerability
  128. [SOLVED] Website Look'n'Feel Competition Winners
  129. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-91-1] EXIF library vulnerability
  130. [SOLVED] [USN-92-1] LessTif vulnerabilities
  131. [USN-93-1] Squid vulnerability
  132. [SOLVED] [USN-94-1] Perl vulnerability
  133. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Announcing the Ubuntu 5.04 Preview
  134. [SOLVED] [USN-95-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  135. [USN-96-1] mySQL vulnerabilities
  136. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-97-1] libxpm vulnerability
  137. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Next Release Codename + Mascot Competition
  138. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-98-1] OpenSLP vulnerabilities
  139. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Kubuntu Preview Released
  140. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-99-1] PHP4 vulnerabilities
  141. Whoa! Where is the normal layout?
  142. Hoary Sections Live
  143. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-99-2] Fixed php4 packages for USN-99-1
  144. [SOLVED] [USN-100-1] cdrecord vulnerability
  145. Ubuntu Forum Newsletter #5
  146. Permission issues fixed..
  147. [USN-101-1] telnet vulnerabilities
  148. [SOLVED] [USN-102-1] shar vulnerabilities
  149. Ubuntu 5.04 release candidate available
  150. [SOLVED] [USN-103-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  151. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-104-1] unshar vulnerability
  152. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-105-1] PHP4 vulnerabilities
  153. [SOLVED] [USN-106-1] Gaim vulnerabilities
  154. [SOLVED] [USN-107-1] racoon vulnerability
  155. [USN-108-1] GDK vulnerability
  156. [SOLVED] [USN-109-1] MySQL vulnerability
  157. New Forum Style
  158. [SOLVED] Announcing: Ubuntu 5.04 &am p;a mp;a m
  159. Announcing Kubuntu 5.04
  160. New Forum Features!!
  161. [SOLVED] [USN-110-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  162. Forum Server Issues
  163. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-111-1] Squid vulnerability
  164. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-112-1] PHP4 vulnerabilities
  165. New Forums Server..
  166. Gallery Uploads Fixed
  167. OK.. I am done breaking things.
  168. More forum upgrades
  169. Want a Blog at UbuntuForums?
  170. [SOLVED] [USN-113-1] libnet-ssleay-perl vulnerability
  171. [SOLVED] [USN-114-1] kimgio vulnerability
  172. [SOLVED] [USN-115-1] Kommander vulnerability
  173. [SOLVED] [USN-116-1] gzip vulnerabilities
  174. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-117-1] cvs vulnerability
  175. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-118-1] PostgreSQL vulnerabilities
  176. Ubuntu Certification Poll
  177. [SOLVED] [USN-119-1] tcpdump vulnerabilities
  178. [USN-120-1] Apache 2 vulnerability
  179. [USN-121-1] OpenOffice.org vulnerability
  180. [SOLVED] [USN-122-1] Squid vulnerability
  181. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-123-1] Xine library vulnerabilities
  182. [SOLVED] [USN-124-1] Mozilla and Firefox vulnerabilities
  183. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-124-2] Fixed packages for USN-124-1
  184. [USN-125-1] Gaim vulnerabilities
  185. [SOLVED] [USN-126-1] GNU TLS library vulnerability
  186. New backports Mirror
  187. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-127-1] bzip2 vulnerabilities
  188. [SOLVED] [USN-128-1] nasm vulnerability
  189. [SOLVED] [USN-129-1] Squid vulnerability
  190. [SOLVED] [USN-130-1] TIFF library vulnerability
  191. Please use Backports mirrors!
  192. New Women's Section
  193. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-131-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  194. [USN-132-1] ImageMagick vulnerabilities
  195. [SOLVED] [USN-133-1] Apache utility vulnerability
  196. [SOLVED] [USN-134-1] Firefox vulnerabilities
  197. [USN-114-2] Fixed packages for USN-114-1
  198. [SOLVED] [USN-135-1] gdb vulnerabilities
  199. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-136-1] binutils vulnerability
  200. [SOLVED] [USN-136-2] Fixed packages for USN-136-1
  201. Gallery Permissions Fixed
  202. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-137-1] Linux kernel vulnerabilities
  203. [SOLVED] [USN-138-1] gedit vulnerability
  204. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-139-1] Gaim vulnerability
  205. [SOLVED] [USN-140-1] Gaim vulnerability
  206. Forum Changes **PLEASE READ**
  207. Forum Maintenance 6/16/2005 - 8pm EST
  208. Updated FAQ, please read!
  209. [USN-141-1] tcpdump vulnerability
  210. [SOLVED] [USN-142-1] sudo vulnerability
  211. [USN-143-1] Linux amd64 kernel vulnerabilities
  212. [SOLVED] [USN-144-1] dbus vulnerability
  213. [SOLVED] [USN-145-1] wget vulnerabilities
  214. [SOLVED] [USN-146-1] Ruby vulnerability
  215. [USN-147-1] PHP XMLRPC vulnerability
  216. [SOLVED] [USN-148-1] zlib vulnerability
  217. [SOLVED] [USN-147-2] Fixed php4-pear packages for USN-147-1
  218. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Announcing Launch of ($10m) Ubuntu Foundation
  219. Recent Outage
  220. [SOLVED] New Ubuntu Artwork Team
  221. Planed outage 7/18/2005 8pm EST
  222. Binary Packages, Use At Your Own Risk!
  223. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-149-1] Firefox vulnerabilities
  224. [USN-150-1] KDE library vulnerability
  225. [SOLVED] [USN-151-1] zlib vulnerability
  226. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-152-1] PAM/NSS LDAP vulnerabilitiy
  227. New forum style contest...
  228. [SOLVED] Problems with recent Firefox security update
  229. [SOLVED] [USN-151-2] zlib vulnerabilities
  230. [SOLVED] [USN-149-2] Fixed Firefox packages for USN-149-1
  231. [SOLVED] [USN-153-1] fetchmail vulnerability
  232. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-154-1] vim vulnerability
  233. Forum Upgrades
  234. [SOLVED] [USN-149-3] Ubuntu 4.10 update for Firefox vulnerabilities
  235. [SOLVED] [USN-155-2] Updated Epiphany packages to match Mozilla securityupdate
  236. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-155-1] Mozilla vulnerabilities
  237. [SOLVED] [USN-156-1] TIFF vulnerability
  238. [SOLVED] [USN-157-1] Mozilla Thunderbird vulnerabilities
  239. [SOLVED] [USN-158-1] gzip utility vulnerability
  240. [SOLVED] [USN-159-1] unzip vulnerability
  241. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-157-2] Updated Mozilla Thunderbird Enigmail plugin for Ubuntu4.10
  242. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-160-1] Apache 2 vulnerabilities
  243. [SOLVED] [USN-161-1] bzip2 utility vulnerability
  244. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-162-1] ekg and Gadu library vulnerabilities
  245. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-162-1] ekg and Gadu library vulnerabilities
  246. Upgrades Complete
  247. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] [USN-163-1] xpdf vulnerability
  248. [SOLVED] [USN-164-1] netpbm vulnerability
  249. [SOLVED] [USN-166-1] Evolution vulnerabilities
  250. [SOLVED] [USN-165-1] heartbeat vulnerability