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  1. About Legitimate complaints.
  2. I believe this was not handled correctly
  3. Request for violent imagery to be removed.
  4. Undeserved warning
  5. Request for action against other user's racist attitude.
  6. Hatred towards America(ns)
  7. Harsh treatment in IRC
  8. Improper infraction!
  9. Was this poll closed because of it's result?
  10. challenge to warning and movement of post to the jail.
  11. post edit, due to possible misinterpretation
  12. Gutsy gets let out but I go to jail!!
  13. "Last Word" thread closed
  14. [SOLVED] My guide on using dd to transfer your Ubuntu installation
  15. Account user name
  16. [SOLVED] A little clarification
  17. Saying SUCKA is bad, PIRACY is ok on here?
  18. Staff Attitude
  19. Redirected and Locked post.
  20. Thread closed, interesting reason
  21. Inapropriate Thread?
  22. Posting permissions problem in Recurring Discussions (moved here by matthew from RD)
  23. hello Mr.Smith
  24. [SOLVED] Is this thread good enough to be a sticky?
  25. some resolution for this.
  26. inappropriate thread?
  27. User with obscenity in his username
  28. I am finding myself rather upset at this place.
  29. Improper locking of an important thread!
  30. I would appreciate someone looking in to this!!
  31. natehatewindows - Harrassment, direct threats to my life, rude and improper tone
  32. [SOLVED] can not view my own profile
  33. removal of infraction.
  34. infraction received.
  35. I would like to challenge an infraction I have recieved
  36. Can't start new thread or reply to threads
  37. I have no idea why I received an infraction.
  38. Piracy Chat Removal Request
  39. Equal Treatment, Please
  40. Deletion
  41. I would like to have a post removed, or closed and jailed please.
  42. Deletion
  43. Infraction question
  44. warning from hikcaricore
  45. Ever received an infraction from the Ubuntu staff?
  46. Please un-infraction me
  47. Why would this thread get moved
  48. thread removed
  49. I don't get this infraction
  50. limac account banned due to use of racist language
  51. Question Regarding Warning
  52. Disappointed - Bye
  53. Nick change please
  54. Why locked and not removed?
  55. wrongly blamed for a spamming thread
  56. Infraction never expire..
  57. Accusation of mod being unfairly selective, elitist and racist.
  58. Explaining group s*x
  59. Clarification & resolution please?
  60. Why was this thread closed?
  61. Re: Do you want to continue the religion debate?
  62. dereliction of staff responsibility
  63. revocation of infraction points request
  64. [SOLVED] I'm offended by staff
  65. Discussions of the Presidential Debate in the Backyard
  66. my apolgies and question
  67. Complain againt two users
  68. thread closed?
  69. give me a break already.
  70. [SOLVED] Wrong legal advice
  71. Can I red flag a PM? 419 scam.
  72. Points
  73. [SOLVED] username isues
  74. Removing Infractions
  75. Its against the rules to question the legality of something?
  76. [SOLVED] Infraction Challenge
  77. [SOLVED] Now I really don't understand.
  78. Invalid Infraction
  79. Re: Hugely Disappointed in Unix/Ubuntu
  80. Spam on Ubuntu forum
  81. I'm mad at these forum supers
  82. Confused about the smacked bottom
  83. Infraction Points
  84. Ubuntu forum admins deleting posts like communist governments.
  85. Do you log ip's and/or send them to third parties?
  86. Account activation
  87. Re: Is OSS socialism?
  88. Infraction Challenge
  89. I object to the closing of the death and religion thread.
  90. Admin complaint re: "re: ¿Who would win in a fight?"
  91. [SOLVED] Issue with Private Message Box
  92. Which post
  93. 5 point infraction for a joke?
  94. [SOLVED] You know what happens when you assume...
  95. Re: Did having Firefox preinstalled matter to you? -- Issues
  96. [SOLVED] Re: Bill Gates Recommends Ubuntu - Issue
  97. Fuscia has left the forums (I rest my case)
  98. Please *resolve* your innconsistent and negative moderating by deleting my account
  99. Point of order
  100. probably an odd request
  101. [SOLVED] Almost banned - but I don't know why!
  102. This has gotten out of hand!
  103. Infraction for no reason.
  104. Infractions
  105. Warning!
  106. Do away with the Community Cafe and the Backyard
  107. seriously?
  108. get rid of the april fool's colors
  109. Removing infraction points?
  110. Cannot post on forum
  111. [SOLVED] Why was the thread deleted?
  112. My plea to the UF FC to reinstate my account RAV TUX at Ubuntuforums
  113. Banned witout notice unfairly my second current account is also abused imho
  114. How is this an insult?
  115. Alleged threat against a member's bank account
  116. [SOLVED] apologies -swatcash
  117. Resend forum activation
  118. cannot delete my inappropriate thread
  119. I got an infraction I think is a bit harsh
  120. infraction?
  121. The premature closure of a thread
  122. Post blocked
  123. Delete old account
  124. removal of infractions
  125. Infraction over profanity in Cafe
  126. WHy was this closed?
  127. request to have PQualres contained
  128. what's Up with This?
  129. Ok, p_quarles, I'm questioning you here
  130. infraction.....again?
  131. over zealous rules
  132. duplicate post please delete one
  133. mod can you delete my thread?
  134. Misunderstood
  135. Surely I should be getting an Infraction for something technical?
  136. received an infraction, I don't think it's justified.
  137. Please Do what frodon started but lacks intestinal fortitude to finish.
  138. Accounts keep getting disabled
  139. Can I Have my Privileges Back?
  140. This thread should not have been closed
  141. sharkey77 banned
  142. Umuntu Forum Member Spamming
  143. Clarification of Avatar Policy Requested
  144. Um.... what the hell?
  145. Lost info/Vocab Stalkers
  146. Account activation
  147. Is it against the rules the resurrect old threads now?
  148. Activate
  149. Apologies
  150. Free speech or censorship
  151. can my past sins ever be forgiven?
  152. Moderator posted inaproprate PM
  153. [SOLVED] I was unaware, Plz consider lifting my infraction. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee:(
  154. Moderators should use more moderation
  155. Infection received
  156. activation mail
  157. Thread incorrectly moved (IMHO)
  158. Stop Counterfeit Code of Coduct from spreading
  159. Can we open this one again please?
  160. Please open this thread.
  161. Ubuntuforums doesn't send password recovery email
  162. [SOLVED] Lost posting privledges
  163. My brother got banned because they though he was a dup...
  164. i got an infraction
  165. [SOLVED] Piracy and Stereotyping?
  166. Please reopen this thread
  167. Username
  168. Report, but no response
  169. Foxconn thread closed by UbuntuForums admins
  170. [SOLVED] Foxcon thread closed
  171. Contesting an infraction
  172. [SOLVED] Questionable Infraction and poor follow up.
  173. I am being censored byt the forum moderators
  174. TheAlmightyCthulhu
  175. Contest this infraction
  176. Code of conduct
  177. contest this unnessery infraction
  178. pink ponies forum font color is offensive to me
  179. OMG Pink/Orange Ponies font colour and usability.
  180. Challenging A Post
  181. Moderation of my posts
  182. "Necroed" Topics
  183. Foxconn Representative Reply
  184. Now isn't that convenient.
  185. Contest jailing and infraction
  186. warning : dont use "rtfm"
  187. Old Account... delete or merge possible?
  188. Spammer PM'ed me
  189. My post (A How-To) is now read-only, why?
  190. Purple Ponies colour...
  191. Biased moderation
  192. Infraction Appeal
  193. [SOLVED] PM Spam report
  194. Freedom of Expression
  195. Please review thread for Minority Bashing
  196. [SOLVED] PM Spam
  197. Re: What do you think about the forum staff ?
  198. Ubuntu Staff
  199. [SOLVED] PM Spam
  200. Threads getting closed for no reason
  201. Please review infraction
  202. Infraction/Warning length
  203. [SOLVED] users joining to send spam in PMs
  204. Another Insulting Post
  205. microsoft
  206. delete my account
  207. please reopen this thread
  208. User pikseli@work
  209. Thread on Ned Kelly and other outlaws closed
  210. The dissability thread...
  211. Removing A Reversed Infraction
  212. Shouldn't this thread be closed?
  213. Is Discussion of LimeWire, Bittorrent, etc. illegal in the forum?
  214. What happened to my how to?
  215. To make the gods aware
  216. Confusion with Thread not having permison.
  217. Please Change My Username
  218. Request to re-open thread
  219. Was closing this thread an appropriate action?
  220. Contesting Yet Another Warning
  221. Please Disable My Account
  222. Infractions for "Use this app instead"
  223. I am sorry.
  224. Um.....what?
  225. 43 posts
  226. i would like to contest my infraction
  227. Thread closure and infraction
  228. Kansas Evolution Thread
  229. Google Chrome threads moved to windows discussions?
  230. Regarding a thread in OPP, about being told one is going to hell.
  231. moderating quotas ?
  232. Re: Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution
  233. Infraction? By what authority?
  234. Moderator disagrees with by closing thread
  235. Re: List of Bible Study Software
  236. obvious and blatant abuse of priviledge by a mod
  237. that's exactly what i meant
  238. A Question about 'conflict of interest'
  239. how about reopening under probation?
  240. Talk about madness ...
  241. Activation Mail
  242. infraction from root issue
  243. Clash #3046
  244. Unwarranted Thread Closure
  245. It's not "everone's right to know" on these forums:
  246. Unwarranted public dressing-down.
  247. I was not spamming...
  248. Why was my thread jailed?
  249. Demote my bean title?
  250. why my thread was closed i just asked few hard questions