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Thread: Hot to set up Mediatomb on Server

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    How to set up Mediatomb on Server

    I have installed mediatomb on my server (sudo apt-get install mediatomb) and now need some help setting the package up.

    I've had a look for how-to's but have not had much success. I am running a headless server which I access over ssh

    Any help would be appreciated

    Edit - still have not been able to find any how-to's which explain how to set up mediatomb on a headless server. It would be great if anyone could help with this?
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    Re: Hot to set up Mediatomb on Server

    If your network is working OK, you should have no troubles running it.

    The docs are quite good.

    I used to run mediatomb for some time until I switched to xbmsd.
    I didn't do anything fancy with it...


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