hello dear community!

i've experienced this problem for some time now but simply didn't find any time to solve it.
i've got a mainboard with an integrated nvidia graphics chipset (nforce 630a) and the correct drivers (v 177.82) installed. the problem is that when gdm is started my tty's run on a resolution/mode that is not supported by my tft-screen. (says 'out if range ...').
as this seems to have been addressed before, i found this thread quite helpful.

so i tried everything just like described and it seems to be in affect at first (during startup, the console resolution is influenced by what i set through vga=771 for 800x600 resolution), but when the x-session has started (and i guess thats when the nvidia-driver is loaded), the tty's can't get displayed no more (monitor gives 'out of range'-message).

to me, it seems as if the nvidia driver kills the vesafb that is correctly loaded (at least lsmod says so).
i also tried to additionally load vga16fb but this didn't help either.

has anybody experienced something similar? how might i solve this? any suggestions are very welcome! thanks...

ps: just to be make sure; i unblacklisted 'vesafb' from '/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer' , added 'fbcon' and 'vesafb' to '/etc/initramfs-tools/modules', ran 'sudo update-initramfs -u' and of course added a 'vga=XXX' (with XXX being a linux video mode number) to the kernel boot parameter.