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Thread: no password popup with WPA wifi (atheros)

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    no password popup with WPA wifi (atheros)

    Maybe i don't understand the kde network manager...?

    i finally got the Atheros wifi (ath5k) working on an acer aspire a150.

    i did so by installing the backports package and disabling the hardware driver for the old ath_pci module leaving the new ath5k one active.

    next i
    - click the network manager icon
    - click new connection
    - choose my wifi router from the detected networks list
    - click next
    - check "use wireless security"
    - choose WPA personal
    - leave 'shared key' empty
    - click "save and connect"

    nothing happens... no password popup or anything
    after like 10 seconds the icon goes gray again..

    what's suppost to happen? am i doing something wrong or is the driver still not installed correctly??

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    Re: no password popup with WPA wifi (atheros)

    hmmz... if i fill in the password in the plaintext area 'shared key' i get a connection.

    after like an hour or so the wifi connection failed.
    also i can't get any available access points listing anymore..
    also a reboot won't help..

    seems like my wifi chip died on me... but i find that hard to believe since the laptop is brandnew..

    any idea how to get wifi working again?

    i read somewhere it supposedly should also work with the ndiswrapper but this solution always gets mentioned as a last resort.. why is this?
    anything really bad with ndis wrappers? will it result inarmageddon or cows giving sour milk while wearing silly hats?


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