(I tried to post this earlier, and got never ending database errors, so I gave up and went to bed. I'm posting it anyway in case someone else needs this help. Glad you were able to get another drive!)

Read it through, and ask questions here, if you got any

Yeah, if you used a torrent, it checks for integrity, so it should be fine.

Here's some ideas:
* Are you posting on the forums from the liveCD? Another OS on your computer?
* Boot from CD and run fsck on a terminal. Type fsck --help for more options. If your harddrive is /dev/hda, do fsck /dev/hda.
* Use gParted on the live CD to make the partitions as you wish.
* Download the ubuntu ISO to your net share partition
* Follow the instructions on the link I posted.

Again, make sure to ask here if you don't understand something on the guide!