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Thread: Firefox keyword search doesnt work

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    Firefox keyword search doesnt work

    I've been using keyword searches with Firefox for a long time now, but on Ubuntu 8.04 they don't work for me!!

    I've added a bookmark for a Google search:

    Keyword: g

    But when I type:

    g ubuntu

    I get taken to the OpenDNS search page. Firefox is not interpreting the keyword correctly.

    I'm using Firefox 3.0.3, with keyword.enable = true in about:config.

    Any ideas? This works perfectly on my Mac and PC.


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    Re: Firefox keyword search doesnt work

    I'm afraid I can only tell you that it DOES work for me in hardy and intrepid.

    There is the occasional website on which keyword searches don't work properly without shenanigans. (tm)
    I'm assuming you're SURE it is ALL keyword searches that don't work.

    You might get some better responses if you posted to firefox's support sites here
    or here
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