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Thread: Cannot connect with XDMCP

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    Cannot connect with XDMCP


    I recently installed kubuntu 8.10 and I find it really nice and usable. The only small problem is that I cannot configure a wired network card with knetworkmanager because I need static ip, but I work just fine with:
    ifconfig eth0 netmask up

    I have to computers PC1 and PC2.

    PC1 has one wireless card (ath0) which connect it to internet and another card (eth0) which I use to connect to another linux box PC2 with a crossover ethernet cable. (This one has static IP as explained above).

    I used always XDMCP to connect from PC2 to my kubuntu on PC1 and works just fine. But some days ago, I installed kubuntu 8.10 and XDMCP does not work anymore.

    I edited as it was before (except for kde3 instead of kde4)





    I can see the machine in the chooser of PC2 but if I try to connect to it I just get a black screen with a mouse pointer with a X sign shape.

    Any clue or advise??

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Cannot connect with XDMCP

    Please, any advise?

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    Unhappy Re: Cannot connect with XDMCP

    same problem with ubuntu/Gnome 8.10.

    Cannot connect using remote login or Xnest, just a black window with the X cursor.

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    Re: Cannot connect with XDMCP

    I had the same problem (Xubuntu to Ubuntu, both 8.10). On both machines, XDMCP was enabled, but still no connection. Then just for fun, I decided to check if I had enabled the firewall.
    sudo ufw status
    Nope. The firewall wasn't running. So I decided to run Firestarter. After installing with
    sudo apt-get install firestarter
    I set a policy to enable incoming connections on port 177.

    Now XDMCP works again, although it seems a bit slower. I still cannot start a nested X-session with gdmflexiserver.
    gdmflixiserver -n
    returns "Cannot start new display. Perhaps the X server is not configured correctly," or something similar.
    UPDATE: solved gdmflexiserver problem by installing Xnest, Apparently it is not installed by default. (sudo apt-get install xnest)
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