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Thread: How much the size of Kubuntu Upgrade

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    How much the size of Kubuntu Upgrade

    I have Kubuntu Hardy Heron. Now I want to upgrade to Intrepid Ibex through Konsole(terminal). Can anyone tell me what's the size of that package?

    I am asking this because I have very crappy speed. So I want know how much time it takes in 7Kbps download speed.

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    Re: How much the size of Kubuntu Upgrade

    Sorry I do not know any details, however I think it would be a reasonable guess to think it will be something like - half of an install CD - say 300MB. Which is a big download on a slow line. Have you considered getting an install CD - maybe via 'shipit'?

    It maybe possible to upgrade by using such a CD, I am not sure?


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