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Thread: HP 2133 Netbook and Kubuntu 9.04

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    HP 2133 Netbook and Kubuntu 9.04

    I was running Kubuntu 8.10 on my 2133 for a while and it worked fine. I ran the disto upgrade wizard to 9.04 and once it was done things were done it broke virtually everything. Every action lagged tremendously, networking was broken, video was quirky, and many other issues.

    I just figured it was the same bad luck many people report having with the distro upgrade wizard, so I wiped the hard drive and installed Kubuntu 9.04 directly from a USB stick. It worked better this time, but networking was still not working, and my resolution was messed up (despite showing the correct 1280x768 in the display manager, everything was large and clunky as if it were 800x600 or something).

    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 and it works perfectly out of the box, even better than 8.10 did.

    This is by no means conclusive testing, I'd just like to know if anyone had similar experiences.

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    Re: HP 2133 Netbook and Kubuntu 9.04

    I love Kubuntu on my Dell laptop. There is now a Kubuntu Netbook Edition available.


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