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Thread: Booting from a live CD copied to the hard drive

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    Exclamation Booting from a live CD copied to the hard drive

    Hello, I've been attempting to get Ubuntu running on my laptop for a while now. I had more or less given up a while ago, but I felt like giving it a shot again. Previously I found that no matter what I do, my computer will simply not boot from the cd. I should mention here that I am installing on an old titanium powerbook, that has had both the hard drive and disk drive replaced. I think that the disk drive is the reason that I cannot boot from the disk (though for whatever reason, it'll boot the Mac OS X DVD just fine).

    I thought that i had found a way around this lack of CD boot though. I partitioned my hard drive and copied the .iso file to the new partition (using Disk Utility's restore feature, so I know that I did it properly). When I restart the computer, I am prompted with a screen asking me where I want to boot from. There are two options, one is a harddrive with a blue X on it, the other is a hard drive with a penguin. I select the penguin partition, and try to boot it, however, it simply reloads the screen and asks me where I want to boot from again. This time however, nothing that I select to boot will load and I am stuck at the choose partition screen forever (until I turn it off).

    My question is: am I doing something wrong copying the cd to the harddrive? By all logic it seems like it should work, yet it doesn't. Could this be a problem with my computer? This is the same thing that happens to me when I try to boot it from the CD, so it seems to rule out the possibility of my disk drive being the only problem. What do other people think? At this point I'll be happy if I can find out one way or the other if I'll ever be able to install Linux on here.

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    Re: Booting from a live CD copied to the hard drive

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