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Thread: Uninstalling Ubuntu 8.04

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    Uninstalling Ubuntu 8.04

    I have low powered machine built to my uninformed specs. I had a lot of issues with Ubuntu 8.04, so much so that I purchased the Dell 530N with Ubuntu 8.04. On this machine, I installed Xubuntu 8.10 which works fine with the limited resources. I fumble fingered my way into Ubuntu 8.04 not working at all. How do I uninstall Ubuntu 8.04, leaving Xubuntu 8.10 as the sole OS? This machine needs all the help it can get. I do not wish to return it for 2 reasons. 1) It was built to me specs. Poor judgement on my part should not haunt the store I bought it from. 2) Xubuntu 8.10 does every thing I need it to.

    Off topic. What are the advantages of using desktop email, such as Thunderbird, over web based email such as gmail?

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    Re: Uninstalling Ubuntu 8.04

    if you have everything working in 8.10 like you want, then you will need to follow directions like these. Granted those were written for removing a windows XP install, but it is going to be the same basic procedure. make sure you have everything off your 8.04 install that you will need, and where the directions above say to edit menu.list before booting into the live CD, i think it may be better to do it after you resize your 8.10 install.

    regarding your side note, i always use webmail, and a great little program i found was prism, it is in the repos (instructions for DLing), it is basically a stripped down browser, that opens to a specific page, it can remember passwords if you want it, but has no address bar or navigation buttons, it opens links in your default browser. i use it to open gmail and gcalender because it is fairly quick, and so minimal that gmail feels like a native and not a webapp.
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