I just purchased a cisco aironet mini pci wifi card for my thinkpad t30, P4 1.6ghz 1.25gb ram 80gb hdd, running ubuntu 8.04 with all current updates, the system was working fine while I was at work today, I shut down got home and installed my new card, now I'm having some unusual problems but I'm not sure they are related to the network card. After installing the network card X will no longer start, I cannot use apt-get, and the recovery option does not help, I attempted xfix and I get a message about not being able to access the read only file system or something to that affect, I would just look at it real quick but this is my only pc right now....oh yea I'm also dual booting windows xp for work(I'm an admin for several winxp networks) so in order to post this i had to reboot as none of my wireless cards seem to be working in ubuntu either...Anyone have any idea what might have caused this or how to fix it, I considered re-installing then I remembered its not windows so there may still be hope. Thanks in advance for any help.