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Thread: Xorg taking all processing power ;\

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    Xorg taking all processing power ;\

    my specs are laptop - 1.9ghz duo processor/3gb's of ram/2x250gb hard disks/and a gaming graphics card.
    i have compiz-fusion installed with the cube and some animations installed. i use cario-dock. now all the settings i have now were the ones that were installed before but then i had reinstall ubuntu because i screwed up my compiz and it wouldn't reinstall. so my i know the computer can handle all settings but now its seems to drag around when i do any type of multi-tasking. so if you guys could direct me to a thread were i could possibly speed up hardy or any type of program to help speed it up. when i click on my top 10 processes from cario xorg is constantly on the top of the list. also im only using like 10-19% of my total ram.

    Also my internet seems to be running a bit slower =\

    so i'm debating on weather or not to format this partion and start over.

    Thank you for any help,
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