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Thread: Ubuntu 8.10 beta 64-bit on Asus p5q3 [solved]

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    Ubuntu 8.10 beta 64-bit on Asus p5q3 [solved]

    Well, it was a long ride but I finally got Intrepid Beta installed on my Asus p5Q3 Deluxe/Wifi-AP. The following is how I did it. I played with many things and unfortunately didn't do it systematically. So some of the steps may not be necessary. With that said:

    1) I have a dual boot with Vista. First, in Vista I switched the registry from SATA - IDE to AHCI according to this:

    2) Reboot, and in the BIOS. Configure SATA from IDE to AHCI. Under advanced USB, change BIOS EHCI Hand-off to disabled. Also, change ACPI 2.0 to enable.

    3) Boot Hardy 8.04 64-bit LiveCD.

    4) Choose F6 and add acpi=off at the end of the text.

    5) Install Ubuntu.

    6) sudo update-manager -d in a terminal.

    7) upgrade to 8.10

    8) Some error messages came up during installation regarding the networking manager, disregard.

    9) Boot into 8.10. Networking doesn't work. Network manager says device is unmanaged. Open a terminal.

    10) sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf

    11) under [ifupdown], change managed=true

    12) reboot, it worked for me!!

    If you have any trouble let me know, I may not be able to help but you will get lots of sympathy. If I dedicated half the amount of time I wasted getting this working to doing actual work ....

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    Re: Ubuntu 8.10 beta 64-bit on Asus p5q3 [solved]

    Also, see this thread for some others who have been successful.

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