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Thread: WEP key convertion differences

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    WEP key convertion differences

    I got a question regarding converting ASCII to WEP key.
    The first way is simply converting ASCII to HEX:
    UBUNTU - 75:62:75:6E:74:75
    Another is making of a 64 bit WEP key of any length of ASCII expression:
    UBUNTU - E69959C009

    The question itself: why there is several ways of converting ASCII to WEP? Could anyone explain the second way of conversion and if it is one-way or E69959C009 key could be recursively converted to UBUNTU?
    Thank you

    P.S. Sorry for double-post, did not know which forum was the right to post.

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    Re: WEP key convertion differences

    The second way is just a way of generating a 64-bit WEP key from an arbitrary string. I'd guess that's mostly because when you ask someone to come up with 8 random bytes, they're likely to do something less secure, like using ASCII characters

    If you use ASCII characters, then attackers only have to look in the range 40-7F instead of 00-FF, which means a search space of 64^8 instead of 256^8.

    Using a generator will typically apply a cryptographic function to the text. These functions are usually not something that can be reversed. However, if you want to be very sure, don't use an online generator - instead, go to a command line and type:

    <enter your secret password here>

    Then take the first 8 bytes from the output as your WEP key.
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