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Thread: brasero crashes out

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    brasero crashes out

    I've got on very well with brasero but it suddenly doesn't work. I have always just selected folders I want to back up in nautilus and dragged them into the brasero project area from nautilus. The last time I created a file called backup and when I wanted to backup the same folders yesterday opened this when I selected burn the program crashed. If I repeated the operation or used my previous method the program stated it couldn't burn since it was in the process of burning. I have tried reinstalling, it no joy, although I don't know where its configuration files are. It blanks the cdrw fine. Can anyone help I don't particularly want to go back to gnomebaker.

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    Re: brasero crashes out

    Quote Originally Posted by hollowhead View Post
    ... I don't particularly want to go back to gnomebaker.
    Then go forward. Use k3b .
    Try to start brasero from terminal in order to see the error message. It is probably a bug.
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