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Thread: running Hardy on PowerBook G4

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    running Hardy on PowerBook G4

    I've got an old 1.3 GHz PowerBook G4 I've been using for school, but I recently got a new mac and I'm interested in installing Ubuntu on my old one. Is Hardy the best version to start with or are there others that may work better with what I've got?

    Primarily, I'd like to be sure that wireless will work on public and encrypted networks. I know there are problems on some of the PowerPCs because of the Airport Extreme Cards, so could someone work through the process of getting wireless working? I use WPA2 at home and school, I believe, uses WEP.

    Thanks for helping out a linux noob.

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    Re: running Hardy on PowerBook G4

    Give Intrepid a try once it comes out! It will certainly do WPA2 and WEP.

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