Just saying Hey. Just found the LoCo. I have been using various linux distros for a few years solely as a home desktop user (no fewer frustrations than with windows, but no more, and somehow much more satisfying as the issues seem to be related to my learning rather than others malicious intent). Have stuck with Hardy, dumped my PCLOS install/XP/Feisty install on wired box, and keeping Hardy/Vista on wireless desktop box. I find I rarely need to boot into Vista, usually due to my wife's impatience for me to find a workaround.
I'm interested in participating in the community as much as work and family time allow. I'm in Huntsville (but work in healthcare, not IT at all)

I have signed up at Launchpad, but found the process and multiple access sites for the LoCo somewhat confusing (why a Launchpad account, a wiki, a maillist, a blog, and a forum, plus IRC of course) and as a result have a different launchpad ID than ubuntu forums ID as I didn't realize they would be essentially the same thing.

Looking forward to testing Intrepid, but am waiting until the Kernel bug on the Intel driver's has been squashed