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Thread: Screen size under VBox

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    Cool Screen size under VBox

    I am trying out Ubuntu within VBox running on XP and have a few problems that need a bit of help.

    I have installed Ubuntu into 'my virtual machine',and have installed the 'VirtualBoxGuestLinuxAdditions, but I cannot get a full size screen.. I am running this on a HP NC8000 laptop with 768MB of RAM and 64 MB Graphics.

    If this was a 'windows' install, I would obtatin the relevant video driver and all would be fine.

    Where do I start with this one, becuse afterwards, I want to have an other computer (recently aquired), running only on Linux!!

    Any help and suggestions would be gratefuly recived...

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    Re: Screen size under VBox

    Why are you using Vbox you can install it like a program from within windows then restart and choose to go to either Ubuntu or windows. Virtualizing only wastes ram. Also you could always run live-CD so you can look around without installing... Of course if you have the image but can't burn it i suppose you can still just install it from inside windows. Just be sure to allow at least 5GB i think it was when assigning space to it. I usually do 10 or did when i was testing it out.
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    Talking Re: Screen size under VBox

    I have now abandoned VBox and have installed Ubuntu on several computers and I am very pleased that virtually everything worked straight away!!

    No drivers to download and install like with Windoes, even my WiFi card in an old HP NC8000 (no I didn't give up on the old NC) I am using, worked right away......fantastic!

    Also some of the software that I use under Windoes has been obtained and installed under Ubuntu......even better!

    Hmmmmmm.....I think Linux should be 'Curtains for Windoes'

    Ps the more I use Linux the more I like it and the spelling is on purpose..


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