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Thread: sis672 resolution problem (cant really fix)

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    Exclamation sis672 resolution problem (cant really fix)'s my first time to use linux and i am now using ubuntu 10.10.
    i am very impressed with it but the problem is that i have a low resolution which is 800x600.
    i should have 1366x768. i have sis672. i read all the thread regarding this problem and did all the solutions offered but when i restart my laptop i am logging in and operating in just a command line. no gui.
    so i have to delete the xorg.conf again and everything is back to normal, i can log in now with a gui but the resolution is still 800x600.

    please help me. do you have the right driver for sis672 and the correct xorg.conf?

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    Re: sis672 resolution problem (cant really fix)

    The solution in this link below, the language is Portuguese of Brazil, use an online translator.

    vesa 1280x768 with 3d effects

    32 bits


    64 bits


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